When he was 13 years old or so, his seal was fated.

One day, at a church camp over lunch time, he spent too much time telling lame jokes and being the lamest he could ever be, then his pastor asked, “Wai Leem, WHY you so LAME today? wait, WHY LAME!” And everyone at the table nodded in agreement, his fate was forever sealed as, WHY LAME.

Born in the land of Sarawak, Kuching, spent 2 years in USA when he was 2 and 3 years old and then settled back in Kuching. Studied in a chinese primary school, being his parent’s guinea pig and testing agent. Surprisingly, he survived the test when never quit.

At 10 years old, his dad decided to come back to KL. Being too young to feel any sort of deep emotions, he followed gladly to this new “land”. Fortunately he is a skilled friend maker and communicator, he quickly was able to settle down.

Throughout his life till now, made amazing friends, learned amazing things, suffered a great deal with studying chinese, was in amazing leadership positions, and at the same time learned what it takes to be an amazing servant of God.

Always joyful and rarely angry, but can be stressed easily, he has finished studying A Levels at HELP University College, pursuing the area of science and having the ever so passion and determination to study medicine, the same since he was 9 years old. [Update] And dreams come true! He managed to clinch also his dream scholarship and is now studying at Perdana University. Aims to be a paediatrician!

He always loves hanging out with his friends whether its playing sports or having “yum cha” sessions.

He also believes that whoever invented the hair shaver is a total genius and pays tribute to him/her because now with the shaver The Whylame can enjoy an amazing hair style, one that he will NEVER let go off. Okay since Sept 2012, something happened, and no, it wasn’t a girl, but he decided to keep his hair! Ever since, reports has said that he does look better. But he doesn’t care Oh yes he does care that’s probably why he kept it. :O

And to make things more vain for him, he has been on at least 4 different TV channels(3 live, 1 recorded), now waiting for an opportunity to go on radio and youtube( oh wait! I AM on youtube. :P). hehehe…


You’ll hardly ever find him free from Thursday night all the way till Sunday afternoon, and appointments can be made on the rest of the other days and time. 😛













You can easily find him on:
FACEBOOK – http://www.facebook.com/whylame
TWITTER – http://twitter.com/#!/Whylame
EMAIL – waileem@gmail.com