Mar 05

I literally stand at the threshold of all that I’ve been waiting for, for 16 years.

I was just 9 yet I knew something supernatural had occurred in me. When asked to fill up the 3 empty spaces of what I’ll want to become when I grow older, I could only write Doctor for all 3 spaces. There was just nothing else, nothing that I could think of. Perhaps I was still too young then and unexposed to the world, so for the next 8 years I searched out, tried out, explored and experienced a wide variety of things but nothing fit more than to study medicine and to practice as a doctor.

After many ups and downs, after God’s gift to me to study medicine under a scholarship, after 5 gruelling years of medical studies, now comes the moment, now comes the time of all I’ve been waiting for.

I am in tears of joy, yet stand trembling. Joy because this is truly a dream come true, something I’ve been chasing for so long, yet trembling because its no small task or responsibility, the hours and expectations that are demanded of you, and because the next 2 years to come and even the many years after that have too many uncertainties.

Yet I hold on to my God, my Lord Jesus Christ. If He has lead me this far, He will take me further. If He has sustained me thus far, He will sustain me continuously. If He has been merciful and gracious to me all these while, I know His mercy and grace will never end. If He always reminds me how much He loves me when life is at its worst, I know He won’t stop. That’s my anchor, that’s my sustenance.

And because of Jesus I realise that becoming a doctor was just a small plan, in His much bigger, unfathomable plan. Becoming a doctor was really just a means to an end, just a tool, an avenue, an opportunity. Becoming a doctor was never the goal, never the destination He intended, it was just part of the journey, never the end in itself.

His will, His plans are just way bigger than we can think or imagine. I’m totally looking forward to work and to work those crazy hours as a houseman, but looking forward even more to what He wants to do through me, with the opportunities and avenues to meet 100s of different people, for them to also experience His love.

It started as a 9 year old dream, a dream like no other, supernaturally inspired you could say. And after 16 years chasing that dream I realised that there is a bigger dream that is more worth it to chase after, that that 9 year old dream was meant for something greater than myself, meant for the Glory of God.

So I will commit to do the best of my abilities for my hospital and my patients and to learn to be the best doctor I can ever be, but ultimately to keep my eyes on the greater goal behind it all.

The Time Is Now.

This. Is. It.

So help me God.

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