Aug 29

Typical me, its been 9 months since my last post and haven’t written one bit! But think about it, its already 8 months into 2015. 4 more to go, and what has happened so far?

Basically things just went crazy lah, but exciting.


1. I began doing my hospital attachments
ABSOLUTELY not used to it, but ABSOLUTELY more exciting than sitting in class. I have this fear of beginning conversations with patients, but once I do, and if they’re nice, I get along quite well, though my history taking and examination skills definitely have much to work on. I think what was even more exciting was the opportunity to pray for some of them. I remember clearly this one lady, shared about her illness, then began to share about her husband’s cancer and how both their illnesses were affecting their children. I knew I just had to pray for her, and when I did, she just crying and crying and crying.

Whether you like it or not, there is more than physical illnesses in the hospitals. Brokenness all around in people’s lives, sometimes even in the doctors, whether you see it or not. But this is fertile ground to build boldness for me, and I want to press in, pray for more people, touch their lives with the love of Jesus. So so.. EXCITING!

2. Street Evangelism
In 2014, we watched a film called Father of Lights. It basically just showed people being used by God to reach out to what people may think are the unreachable. I mean, we’re talking about devout Hindu priests, big time gangsters who have done jail times, and even simply random people they meet on the streets. Would we do it? Yeah! Maybe one day, one day in the not-so-near future.

But God had other plans. We were connected with an amazing man of God, John dip Silas. And we found out that actually have been going out on the streets for 2-3 years already, just simply praying for people, talking to them, and by the power of God, healing their sicknesses! These kind of things are so much easier to do with a bunch of people, thank God for them. So we thought we should just “check it out” and see what or how they do it. My first time joining them and when this guy had pain leave his body, I felt God just said to me, “this is your new normal“. Bam! What was supposed to be a one time event, became an every week thing, and for many of us, we try to make it a daily lifestyle. From their usual 5-10 people, we now have about 80-90 people coming and joining every week, all from different churches, backgrounds and what not, with just one goal in mind, bring the love and power of Christ to people.

So what have I seen? Countless of people’s pain leaving, and when you ask them the week after, they’d tell you their pain never came back! I’ve personally seen a guy with a right-sided blind eye open! And have heard many many other testimonies of healings, such as broken/crooked arms made straight, legs straightening out and lengthening. What more? Many lives invaded with the light of Christ, that people cannot help but to cry, to accept Jesus as their Saviour. For me, its beginning to be countless, and I’m asking God for moreĀ amazing, creative miracles! I pray that I will never lose the wonder of how great God is!


So basically with these 2, plus my ongoing church small group responsibilities, I was swamped.

But what else happened?


3. Nepal!
I’ve always wanted to join my dad on one of his mission trips, and finally I did! Amazing time of learning and exposing myself to new things, new cultures. So much to say but don’t know how to, so you just got to ask me.


God has been so so good. Revealing more of Himself, pouring out His love and presence in my everyday, and transforming me from the inside out. I know its God when I just reflect on how good He is, and I can just began to cry. When I realize darkness in my life and when His light suddenly reveals it to me, bam! I’m undone, I cannot help but just cry knowing that despite all that, He loves me, He is still drawing me closer to Him. This love is powerful, its more than I can ever ask for, but whether you like it or not, you and I need it. If you have not known Him personally, I urge that you do! And if already have accepted Him as your Lord, don’t stop there, you and I can never have enough of Him.

Here’s to the rest of the year, to a very extremely powerful ending to this year.

And Bersih4 is happening in about 2 hours, pray for Malaysia!

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