Jan 01

Even as we all part ways with 2014, the “This Is It” series are all about the things I’ve had to let go. You can read about my letting go of 2014 here.

But another one thing that I have had to let go, is my Perdana University Christian Fellowship. You can read my first post about it here, and how it was all illegal and how we still kept pressing on, and being a blessing to my university.

I thank God, I truly truly thank God for how He has guided my team and I through the past 1.5 years. Always providing resources, and the right people at the right time, despite weird schedules, somehow everything ends up falling into place, and my prayer was that people grew more in the Lord, that people fostered a better relationship with one another. Most importantly, to be able to let go, and how God led us to select out the next leader, was to me, amazing enough, and I trust that God will lead them every step just as He had led me.

But what I’m going to share here is just something simple, something that comforted me more than I could have imagined.

When we were choosing the next leader, we came to a conclusion (with various facts and as God led) to choose a guy named Solomon to be the next leader. So when decided, the next day, I went to approach him and asked whether he’d be willing to take up the offer. As expected, there was no immediate yes, and he had serious legit concerns about taking up such a leadership. So like with any other situation, we both agreed to go back and to continue to pray about it. Thankfully, 2/3 days later, he agreed and I started passing down things to him and imparting what my vision was for CF.

But on his end, it was quite interesting. He just happened to start reading Joshua, and days before I asked him Joshua 1:5 popped out to him. It reads, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.“. At first it stood out but didn’t make much sense, but then after I asked him to take leadership, this verse came back to him, and he held on to it even as he made that decision.

But funny enough, it didn’t just speak to him, it spoke to me too. The verse¬†gave him strength and courage to make that decision, but for me, it gave me peace, and assurance and a whole lot of comfort, that whatever I did, God was really with me. *phew* In leadership, there are good and bad days, and good days you can just somehow know that God is working. But bad days and uncertain times, though knowledge wise you know God is there, but with the choices and decisions and hindrances that come your way, it can be tough to know whether God was the one leading, or was it all out of my own strength. This verse, assured me of all that. And Jesus, thank You, thank You so so so much.

Its not that I didn’t make any mistakes, its not that everything went perfectly, but to just know that God was there throughout the whole time, that every ¬†mistake had a reason or maybe could have been worse, and every good thing was hopefully to its best, that I’m sure lives were impacted and touched, and hopefully changed, that was to me, God being with me the whole time. Prepared me for things that were to come and to deal with issues that came up, it was also God’s plan for the start.

And at the end, the last revelation I just suddenly realized as I was conversing with a friend, was that Moses never saw the promised land. Moses never fought certain battles that took control of the promised land, and to be rested in the promises of God, yet, he could only see it from a distance, a glimpse of what is to come. This semester, 2 things that kept ringing in my mind is this: Salvations and Miracles. I was so eager to see people come to know the Lord and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour, and secondly miracles happening right in university, especially supernatural healings. Why should it be impossible? And I still feel till today, that it will happen. But if it doesn’t happen in my time, just like Moses, I pray that Solomon (Joshua), will see what God implanted to me (if it was from God), and move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and if so, trust me, mark my words, Perdana University will be the MOST sought after medical university Malaysia has seen. Not because of the programs and the fantastic teachers that are there, but because of the power of God at work in the lives of every student, faculty and staff.

I have let go of responsibility, but my passion for CF and the work of God through it, has never died, rather it burns even more, even as I write this.

Thank you Jesus, for guiding my team and I, for those amazing 1.5 years, please, guide the next team too.

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