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This, was my 2014.

I started off this year on a high. I felt 2013 ended well as I talked about “Being the Better Man” and I felt like I entered 2014 all charged up, all ready to take on the year! Then my birthday came, my 21st birthday. Family planned a surprise, uni friends planned another surprise, and with loads of gifts and wishes, it was really one birthday I could not forget. You could read it all here! But if anything at all, coming to a close, I just wanted to say I’m truly sorry if somewhere along the year, I have offended you, or in whatever way become someone I shouldn’t have been. This feeling or thought came even as I was reorganizing the stuff in my room, and coming across this book filled with birthday wishes this year, and those who wrote more than just “Happy Birthday”, wrote words of thanks, gratitude and appreciation for who I was. Then as I looked back, I could only think of all the events that I wasn’t who they seem to say I was, and for that, I am truly sorry.

The other high note was being awarded the Dean’s Award! Its not an academic award, it was an award by voting. I am truly grateful for what my class did for me. You can read how I felt here. But this also brings me to my earlier part, where though at the start of the year being given an award for “Most Outstanding Contribution to Student Life”, I felt like somehow along the way throughout the year, I didn’t perform as well, didn’t do as much, didn’t produce enough/satisfactory results. All of which again, I am truly sorry for.

My 2nd year 2nd semester wasn’t particularly too tough, though didn’t exactly get the results I was hoping for, nonetheless, survived. Nuff said. Haha

But one of the things that happened even in that period, was the passing of one of my lecturers, Prof Hemantha (or we call him, Prof H). If there was anything I would remember of him (aside from the way he says ‘Sarawak’, always gives us a laugh each time he says it), would be his passion for the speciality in public health. It was definitely a module that most students didn’t enjoy taking, but when you talk to him about what he does, or what he did in the past, it just gets you so excited. What was also really beautiful was after his passing, someone started a Facebook page dedicated to him and for people all around the world, to share stories of their experiences with him. I tell you, just reading some of these stories can make you cry. One I remember clearly was a story of how they woke him out of bed, then he quickly ran to the guy who was choking, opened his mouth, saw the fishbone, put his fingers in and pulled it out! Quite literally, saved a man’s life. He was really, such an amazing figure. You can read some of these stories here.

Of course then, one of the greatest journeys I have had in my life, was what I called, Wander 2014. I was granted the opportunity to conduct a research in Dublin, Ireland, but since I was already at that side of the world, I got to visit parts of the UK and Ireland! It was always my dream to travel overseas and study and this came real close to it. I thank God for the amazing friends and relatives I have and made along the way, who really helped me out throughout my time there and shown me life as it is in that part of the world. What was interesting was that I found a postcard from my brother, 9 years ago, telling me how nice London is, and at the end he said, “come here next time!“. Who’d knew, 9 years later, I did!


Postcard from Wai Nyan, 9 years ago.

You can read the many accounts of my travels and see some pictures in the links below :)
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And then there were the smaller experiences, like being a part of the Student Representative Council (you can read my struggle here), how John Hopkins broke ties with my university and the response from the students were amazing (you can read it here), and how for the first time in my life, I actually made use of the number, 112 (you can read that here), of course not to mention CF! Earlier half of this year, my committee stepped up and started doing the sharing (which I’m totally proud of them for) and then the second half of the year we did ALPHA, and we had a nice time of fellowship, and food.

But among all these, nationwide news of bibles raids, and people saying really stupid stuff, and then up to today, 3 aviation disasters, and massive devastating floods, has really shaken Malaysia. As for each plane incident, the degree of separation of someone I knew got closer each time. First it was my brother’s friend’s friend. Then it was my friend’s friend, and then it was my friend’s father. Its sad yet at the same time very awakening, to realize how many (and sometimes even us) become desensitized towards devastating news. On an international scene, ISIS going rampant and its viral violent video of beheading, and ebola killing thousands, are just the few major saddest events that has occurred throughout the year. This really is a wake up call for most of us, and I pray that 2015 will get better, and if it doesn’t, that hopefully we will already be woken up, to put our hands and feet to work.

3rd year 1st semester. Toughest I have been through by far. And all I can pray for now is that my results come out good. But this is a checkpoint for me. 2 and a half years have passed since I started med school, this is my halfway mark! This checkpoint also marks the separation of my ‘pre-clinical’ and ‘clinical’ years, meaning that from next semester onwards, I’ll start to be based in the hospitals and its going to be a whole lot more practical based teaching. I’ve looked forward to med school all my life, and I’m looking forward to having patient contact, the very reason why I chose medicine.

I want to end this post on a high note. Again, I found this RM1 note among all the things I was looking through while rearranging my room. And I wrote on it, “like this guy (an arrow to a picture), its like he’s at a crossroad. That’s me. I have peace and rested-ness, but I still have decisions to make. I NEED GOD’s WISDOM… … DESPERATELY“.

I found this old RM1 note!

I found this old RM1 note!

It was one of the things we did in my lifegroup, and this was all before I started med school. 2.5 years down the line, I thank God, I truly, really, thank God, because He really gave me a lot of peace, and a lot of rest, to make decision I’ve made, to bring me to where I am today. I could only have done it with God’s wisdom, and many times, I was pretty desperate! But it all worked out, somehow. Its something I’ve learnt throughout these years, and its something I’ll rely on as I move into 2015, and even for the rest of my life. At the end of the day,  I’ll always be at a crossroad, I’ll always have to make decisions, but to continue to have that relationship with God, to continue to chase after Him and what He has in stored for me, I believe I won’t go wrong.

This Is It, 2014.

2015, I’m ready.

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