Aug 21

I refer you back to an earlier post of mine, back in March 2011, when I was still studying A Levels at HELP University. Read it here!

After you’ve read it, and those who know that I have now taken up a position in my university student council as Vice President, I have just shot myself in the foot. OUCHHHHH

But that’s just it. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to push myself to do more for the place God graciously gave me and led me to be in. I wanted to leave a mark.

The real question and challenge here is, in this kind of body/society, how can one make use of my current position to be an impact, to love, to care, to advance the kingdom of God, when there is so much mindsets and paradigms that needs to be broken, systems that need changing?

Just recently I was pretty agitated by a small issue. I pushed for my ideas because I had valid reasons for it, but people supposedly in charge didn’t like the idea because it was not “part of the system”. I would have left the matter as it is, except for the fact that now I know that they are not flexible. Worse still when at the beginning, we were elected to improve and to change the atmosphere in the way student activities are run and now telling me that systems cannot change. Anyway, so after that whole thing, I let it go. But then I was thinking about it again, and I asked myself, “what kind of character was I portraying?”. I’m not turning back on my idea that the system needs changing, yet how do I do it still maintaining the right posture and character?

Suddenly all I imagined myself doing in the council comes crashing down. Because I realize that the whole time I thought of all my plans and ideas, I assumed they will all accept it but now realizing how I can get so easily agitated when I don’t see eye to eye, I realize I have to work out a different strategy.

Sometimes I don’t even know why its so tough. There seems like this barrier that I can’t break through, I feel like there is only a certain limit that I can go. But we’ll see, this is just the beginning, there is more to come, more to look forward to, more to change, more to improve.

I’m excited because at the end of the day, the SRC is carving a better future (at least I hope so) for future batches and generations to come. I want to leave a legacy, I want to leave a lasting impact.


The Student Representative Council and all their handsome and pretty faces.

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  1. Constructive criticism says:

    Bravo my friend. It is good to know that I am not alone in this one. What I’m saying is you have vision. You can picture the purpose of your organisation. What’s more is that you have the guts to see through that vision. I do admit that you have much more experience than me, have attended much more leadership camps than me. I did not create such abundant opportunities myself but I certainly did some time in a certain society. Therefore, your post made me excited and happy to know that I was not alone.

    The most frustrating thing that could happen is when people don’t share your vision. The most frustrating thing is know that your vision can never become reality if something as disruptive like this continues. Reflecting on great leaders of today, many stand in the face of criticism, some pull strings to meet their goals, a few might only make it to take the helm. I’m not saying that leading is always associated with dirty business. It doesn’t have to. We could have a world of leaders where corruption and murder ceast to exist. Where shadow business gets wittled down by justice’s light. These can be accomplished by believing that things can be done differently, as you have when you decided to change your approach.

    At the end of the day, what I would love to see is actual changes happening in the community. Most of the time, leaders say something and a lot of hooha happens for awhile. After that, the spirit dies down and all is forgotten. A new leader rises to cause reformation again and the hooha reemerge. Policies like that can never accomplish anything.
    (Commitment all the way)

    The worst materials cannot be used to design buildings. Similarly, empty promises, divided dreams and lack of systematic planning cannot be used to design policies.
    (Hard work and Sincerity)

    “Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward for this belief is to see what you believe”. The community needs to see for themselves what you did, can do and will do. They had faith in you, don’t give them the cold should by not showing them what they hope for.

    It never was easy being a leader. People will say that people on the top have nothing to do. People will complain of the slow process. Just be yourself and play your part. If you did what you’re suppose to do, people will appreciate you for it and no one will blame you for being childish, playful or uncharismatic, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t harm anyone to be entertaining. :)

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