Aug 21

With the recent news of the prestigious John Hopkins breaking affiliations with Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM). My university has once again hit the headlines and smacked with all sorts of criticism and bombarded by friends and family with questions, worries and concerns.

Nonetheless, despite even the students’ own ‘grievances’, we still stand together as one.

Here are just 2 of the long post posted on FB which left me feeling secured in the fact that Perdana University’s students are just utterly amazing.

“I’m very sure that some if not all are disappointed with what has been said in the media. I urge all to maintain our heads high as individuals and rise up head and shoulders above the rest. It is in this time when people doubt our university, that we should strive even harder to achieve what we have always dreamed of. Let our university and AMC do their part and we do whatever we can to launch our university to greater heights. Network more, publish more, present more and go the extra mile to make a good name for ourselves in the hospitals.”


“It has been a day of anxiety and shock for most of us, and many of us feel the pain, sadness and confusion which has accompanied the news concerning Pugsom today. We stand together with them in the face of all these battering waves of bad news and sensationalism.

We might feel terrified of what the future holds for us; some of us might be thinking ‘How am I going to answer my friends if they ask me about Perdana?’; some of us might currently feel that we are standing on shaky ground; some of us might feel that the rest of the world thinks we would soon be holders of a banana certificate.

But dear fellow Perdanarians, tonight, as we retire to our beds, we urge all of you to be at peace, and to bear in mind that the power and fame of our Mater lies only in her children; she drives her power, not from her laurels of times past, but from the exploits of her children in the future to come.

Be at peace – worry no more. And remember that in such a time as this, the people who now wield the honour of Perdana, the shapers of Perdana’s fate, is no longer Hopkins, neither is it AMC, neither is it merely RCSI. The true standard-bearers of Perdana are her children – all of you. You may have felt that Perdana’s might came from her collaborations; but now we say unto you – nay, her might comes from her children and what they can do.

Good wine needs no bush.

Remember who you are, and what you stand for. It is now up to us to defend the integrity of this Institute. The days of trial may be upon us, and this duty now rests squarely upon our shoulders.

Be at peace, and tomorrow we shall awake with a new duty. A new reason to fight. A new ethos to unite us.

We stand together – and though the world may think us fools, we think not; but we shall defy empty words borne of sensation with sterling integrity and unassailable reputation. Here we stand united, and lest God wills otherwise, we are infallible as one.”

Amazing isn’t it?

The students uphold the standard and image of this university. We had to learn how to do so 3 years ago, we are doing it now, and we will continue to do it in the future. Our university management may have their weaknesses, but as you continue coming at us (especially us students) for ‘making the wrong choice by choosing PU’, all I will say is, just watch us coming at you in the hospitals.

They started this university and made mistakes along the way, but right now it doesn’t just belong to adults wanting to make money and supposedly “changing the landscape of malaysian healthcare system”. It belongs also to us students, your future doctors.

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