Aug 12

So I got back to London on a Friday. I have 4 more days! These 2 months plus, has really been an unforgettable experience.

Nothing much that I did during these few days. On Saturday I went to the Armoury Store! (Arsenal Official Merchandise Store). The whole Emirates stadium tour I did 2 months ago, and then now coming back again to buy some stuffs, just standing there, its really like a dream come true. I may not be the greatest Arsenal fan, but just being a fan, being there, was so amazing.

And on Sunday I went to a church called Holy Trinity Brompton. This church is home to people like Nicky Gumbel and Tim Hughes (if you’re familiar with those names). The beginning was like so drama. Dimmed lights, spot lights bursting with a video background, like full on concert wei! And even the first song they sang which I was very familiar with, sounded like it came straight out of the CD that I listened it from! After church I met with Jin Yun for lunch and had a great time catching up with her. Then I went walking around just trying to find baby shirts with UK flag on it but couldn’t find any :( And the whole I was just trying to get internet to keep updated on how Arsenal is doing in the community shield. (Which they won, ohyea!)

Stayed in on Monday, packed up and got myself ready for flying the next day. But I saved one last nice part for the night. I had to watch a musical, at least one musical while I’m here in London! So my friend and I chose Wicked. Friends all say its good, I got to see it for myself! And it was! I loved everything about it, the story, songs, acting and the whole AV effect, superb! Now I wished I should have just starved some days to save money and go for some more musicals while I still could!

Woke up the next day, grab my stuff. From Canada Water to Green Park on the Jubilee Line, then from Green Park to London Heathrow on the Piccadilly Line. The same train I took when I was coming into London, into this whole journey, into this whole experience. Now, I’m taking that same train back, back to a place I call home, a place that raised me, a place that at this point in time, I would still rather live and serve in.

I’m coming home, Malaysia.

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  1. Melody says:

    Thanks for trying to look for baby UK flag baju, anyway 😀

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