Aug 11

Final leg of my travels, heading to Guernsey! Where my cousin uncle and aunty lives. Since meeting them in Jan this year, and finding out where they lived, I’d thought since I’m already so close to them, might as well pay a visit! And also a little short time to see how my uncle works as a family doctor here.

I flew from Gatwick on this propeller plane which I was a little jakoon about since I’ve never sat in one before, and about 45min later, I could see a beautiful island holding about 60,000 people, through the window!

My aunty fetched me from the airport and when I reached their place? *gasp* it was so beautiful! Such a beautifully built open concept home and my room was like an attic-ish looking room but bigger and it was so cooooool! Never slept in one of these types of room before.

Then Saturday morning again I did another thing I’ve never done before, get into a sailing boat! Well, didn’t sail, but got to see what it’s like on the sea as we went from one harbour to another. And from the sea, Guernsey looked beautiful.

Spent most of the Saturdays and Sundays seeing Guernsey. We walked around quite a bit, with views of cliffs, seas and beaches. Ate at some awesome restaurants *the steak.. Ohmygosh* and just wandering around Guernsey. The weather all these days was pretty good too! Could have breakfast by their gardens with some local produce. Mmm.

Monday and Tuesday I spent time with my uncle at the surgery. It was good to see some GP practice after spending 2 full months at a paediatric hospital. Saw quite a wide variety of things really. Saw even some things that I wouldn’t have seen on a normal day in Malaysia due to some.. moral laws, if you know what I mean. Saw how he has treated families for generations after generations which was pretty cool, and it’s really something I like yet I believe you can’t find in the hospital. It was also nice to see how patients put their trust in their doctors. House visit was also interesting. Definitely never seen those in Malaysia, which then again, probably because more than half the time getting caught in traffic. But it’s cool because you are reaching people who otherwise would have a tough (and possibly dangerous) time if they were to get to the hospital.

I had Wednesday to explore the island of Sark! Which is a relatively nearby island. No cars, just a couple of tractors. Everything else was just walking or cycling. But the view from some of those places.. Stunning. I mean, I could just sit there for hours, then again also because I love the seas. More cliffs to climb, more salty water, a couple of sailing and motor boats floating around. I was pretty much exhausted just cycling and walking around for almost 4 hours!

Then Thursday, before I headed to the ferry port, I went to have a look at Victor Hugo’s house, which is a property of Paris, France. All the artwork and based on the explanation, the way he contrasted light and dark and how it’s also seen in his books, was quite interesting. Nice view of the sea from the top too! And the gardens, Mmmm small yet peaceful, really.

From Guernsey I then went to Jersey which is about 1 hour away on the fast ferry. Much bigger, much more modern and their beaches, much much longer! I didn’t have much time to see the cliffs, but I walked the whole St Aubin’s Bay, then to St Brelade’s Bay then to St Ouen’s Bay, which altogether is pretty much the whole south and west coast! Took me about 5 hours and after dinner, no way I was gonna walk 5 hours back! Then the next day, having a bit of time in my hands, I walked to the airport and looking at the sights and houses on the way.

All in all, I really really had a good, enjoyable and pleasant time exploring the 2 beautiful islands and spending time with my relatives. If I ever got the chance to come back, I really wanna try going on the boat!

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