Jul 31

Touchdown in Edinburgh!

I think this would be my only time taking a cab because it’s so late at night and so ex! T.T

Wasn’t very hard to find Wei Nien’s house and man, I was so tired I literally unpacked and crashed!

Then the next morning I took a bus and went to meet with Samantha Sii! It’s been so long since I’ve seen her and it was an awesome full day just catching up with her. In the morning, she made breakfast for me and then her friend and her brought me up to Arthur’s Seat, which the view was spectacular. Then took me around in the city and then in the evening we went to North Berwick (a beach). Ooo I love beaches, but there was nothing that spectacular compared to Ireland’s beaches. Still, lovely lovely place. Then we almost thought we missed the last train back! But *phew* it was fine. It was night by then, so after walking Samantha home, I headed back too, which I almost missed my bus!

The next day I met with Mun Chung in the morning, which so coincidentally we were both in Edinburgh at the same time. Then I did the all famous Sandesman free walking tour. As good as all the ones I’ve did before and this one had a quite a few references to Game of Thrones scene locations and author inspirations! After that I walked around then met up with Samantha and had early dinner with her. And finally tried the haggis, which is pretty good! Better when fried! And then we walked up Carlton Hill which had another amazing scenery. I am so going to climb up Carlton Hill and Arthur’s Seat again and just, chill.

Adventure begins again the next day, as I got the explorer pass and from Monday to Wednesday I’ll be travelling to different parts of Scotland!

So Monday I went to Aberdeen and then down to St Andrew. Both had beautiful though relatively common, coastal sights. But weather was really just so amazing, thank God! At both places I walked (and sometimes ran) so much, that every time I got onto the bus I could feel my legs giving a sigh of relieve. Haha

Then Tuesday went to Glasgow and got to have a quick peek into the commonwealth “green zone” where they have tons of activities, huge stage, one big live screen and loads of food stalls! What an atmosphere. Then I headed to Oban. The view on the way was just so calming with lakes and mountains together, all around the road, so beautiful. And the whole journey looks so uninhabited then suddenly, a little cozy town out of nowhere! They also had a structure that looked like a colosseum on top of a hill, and the view from there was just as awesome. Headed back to Glasgow earlier to catch more commonwealth action! And then back to Edinburgh.

Wednesday! Went to Inverness. The town itself didn’t have much, though the river was more beautiful than any I’ve ever seen so far. But to really experience it’s awesomeness, I would need to have taken a small boat ride and go all the way down to Fort William and unfortunately I didn’t have the time. Still, peaceful little city. I headed back to Edinburgh, so in terms of travelling, nothing exciting today. I headed back earlier also because I needed to pack up! So that I can wake up early and climb up Arthur’s Seat again before I head back to London.

Edinburgh is a really a beautiful place. Too bad I didn’t stay long enough to experience the festival. Nonetheless, I can consider coming back here, for holiday, maybe even for work? Hehe cause someone mentioned that paeds training here is quite good too. Hmmm.. So after soaking it in from Arthur’s Seat, I was ready to head off. Had lunch and Samantha sent me off to Edinburgh Waverly Station.

Byeeee Edinburgh!
London, I’m back!

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