Jul 26

This Sunday was a little different. In that everyone was busy with their stuffs and because most were gonna watch the World Cup finals together, so no lunch was happening. So I walked home, had to grab my own lunch, alone :( not blaming them or anything, and I mean, I did have a good time on my own to rest after a tiring 3 straight days of traveling, but it just reminded me to always keep after church free, as much as possible. We’d never know who we’re gonna meet every week, or that one person that needs a friend to talk to right after church. I do it not just because I have to send people back, but really because of the fellowship that goes with it.

This week wasn’t really anything cool. I mean, I did see even more rare stuff in the hospital which was cool, but in terms of my research writing, since it’s more or less done, it’s pretty much just sitting there! Nonetheless, still learning loads each day.

On Friday I was chilling and getting ready for tomorrow, when, I saw Hannah’s message. Lost her phone in a foreign country, I quickly went and met her and good thing I have an extra phone she could use. Still it was good to see a familiar face.

This week I also didn’t plan to go anywhere. I lot of my time spent after work before home was just sitting by a bench beside River Liffey and just soaking in the last bits of Dublin. And in an effort to save money and since I’ve seen most of Ireland, I just decided to stay back. Oh and hey! I actually bought a tour of Howth that I haven’t used, so might as well!

To my surprise, on a Saturday tour, there was only me and Marian (if that’s how it’s spelt. Norwegian girl, same age as me! Works at NATO but also have been traveling around the world for 2 years! At 19-21 years old! Jealous much) and our tour guide, Conor. 3 people on a tour? How awesome could that be! I expected a large crowd and myself to just hide behind everyone and just enjoy the view but more than that, because of the small group, we actually got to know each other! 2 very very pleasant people, definitely enjoyed my time with them aside from the awesome view from Howth.

Then on the way back, I had to jump off the train earlier. Why? Worship practice! Man, I never expected I would ever say that word or even be a part of a church’s worship team here in Dublin! But I’m coming on as a “guest worshipper” cause one day about 3 weeks ago they were talking about insufficient musicians as all the students went back home to their different countries and how some were tired and all. Then they asked me whether I played and of course I said yes and then they jokingly said “you should play!” I laughed, paused and went like “I mean, if you are really short of people, I wouldn’t mind stepping in to give someone a break, only if your church and pastor is ok with it” “yeah sure! I’ll check with pastor and get back to you!” And now, my last Sunday here, I get to play piano for them. I miss playing, but more than that, it’s such an awesome feeling to be able to just bless and be a part of another church you’ve only been attending for 4 weeks.

I also stayed at a friend’s place which is like an old Georgian house design. It’s cool because like I’m experiencing so many different types of houses which you’ll never see in Malaysia.

And so it was Sunday. I, for sure, wasn’t perfect, wasn’t always hitting all the right notes, wasn’t making awesome music or anything, but just playing as how I normally would. And beautiful enough, it was interesting to hear 2 older men, come up to me and say they want to start playing too! I don’t know whether that was to encourage me or whether they genuinely wanted to, and hope they do! Plus I mean, there’s another guy who plays piano there who is like 10-20x better than me and I’m sure he can teach.

After lunch, just 3 of us stopped at St Stephens Green and just played the guitar and sang songs. It’s nothing new for them but definitely something new for me! And it was a great time just chillin until.. Some sort of guard came up and said, “no playing!” And we were like.. werttt. Apparently some ambiguous rule that no “musical performance” in the park. Gah oh well.

My last week here. I’m really going to miss this place! I don’t know whether I’ll ever be back here, but I sure hope so one day. Every time I finish early from the hospital, I’ll just plug in some music, and sit by the bench along or over the river, and just soak in the atmosphere. Sometimes I’ll just pray over Ireland, sometimes I’ll just worship, sometimes I’ll just sit in silence. Everything that happens this week is my last of everything. Last time for this or that meeting, last time entering the wards or labs, last time meeting these people.. I went back to Howth, climbed the hill and again just spend about 2 hours just admiring it’s beauty. And also my last time in Stephens Green lying on grass and wind wiping my face.

And then Thursday! By far probably the most interesting day this week, when in the morning I got a little momento from the Rotunda librarian, and then had lunch with Dr Richard, Marion, Alva and Patrick, and got another little momento from them, reminding/hinting to me what I’m to do when I’m a consultant/professor.. Haha. Left the hospital and met with Erika, Caryn and Julia for an extremely early dinner, then realized we could make it in time for a movie! These and many others were those who made me feel at home here in Dublin. And after that, went home, and my final packing begins.

Friday, usually hospital stuffs but saying my goodbyes and giving tokens of appreciation to groups of people and another present from Dr Richard! I headed back home, took bath, changed and Pat and David dropped me at the airport.

2 months of Dublin happened way too fast. But it’s a close of a chapter, these 2 months was worth 1 chapter of my life, because I can assure you, future chapters will refer back to something I did here, something I learnt here, or the simple the connections with people I’ve made here.

Goodbye, Dublin.
Here I Come, Edinburgh!

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