Jul 12

4th Sunday! I think I’ll stop visiting churches la. I’m just going to settle myself down here at Every Nation Dublin. After church, we hanged out at one of the church member’s house and we were just BBQ-ing, chillin, table tennis-ing, singing, and playing Saboteur. Though I was a Saboteur for all 3 rounds and we lost all 3 times, but we just didn’t get the right cards! :( But lovely playing with them. And I got to play Ping Pong! AHHH! At least I had a dose of Football and a dose of Ping Pong, #satisfied haha!

Well, this week nothing really much happened. Wasn’t too involved in temple street this week, so much less ward rounds and running from hospital to hospital. Nonetheless, still some pretty interesting cases.

My research is going on the right course! Well, though nothing statistically significant came up, still, like what my doctor says (and Prof Mary likewise), “nothing should go to waste!”. So having all my analysis done, its time for me to start writing! Errr. How to write a research paper leh? This was really the thing that just kept bugging me from now till I guess I’m done. I mean, I haven’t written an essay in years and the longest piece I’ve written since (aside from blogging which is a whole different thing) was my answers in exams. Then again, some of the answers though long, I wrote some of them in point form. That was as close as ‘scientific’ of a writing that I’ve done. Well fortunately, I remembered a book being recommeded when I did my RCSI research class on “How to Write a Paper”. Literally. And good thing Rotunda library has a copy, though different author but same thing. So thus begins my writing!

I guess the writing isn’t so much the exciting bit, but more of the fact that I’m aiming to send it for a poster presentation for ESPID (European Society of Pediatrics Infectious Diseases) and to find a journal that will publish it. Now THAT is exciting. Hopefully it will all turn out well!

I met Prof Mary again! And again didn’t take a picture with her. But it was so good to see her, to catch up on what’s happening in uni back home and for her to just make sure I’m all alright, alive, well and kicking. Without her, I really wouldn’t have been able to experience the things I’ve been experiencing and this whole journey is really all thanks to her! And you just know that while she was working at Rotunda and Temple Street, that her influence and impact was so great, when you see people just walking by, stopping, gasping, shouting hello, hugging her, some even come out of the labs just to see her, and what was funny was that the consultants fight over who gets to see her first. Haha! I mean, if this is not influential, what is? Someone in terms of character that I definitely aspire to be like.

And so Saturday, I’m off to The Giant’s Causeway! Up in Northern Ireland. It was S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R. If I’d know earlier, I might not have gone for any others and just going there. Such a wonder that God has created. And 2 hours was so not enough! If I have the chance I would totally go back again. Plus my batt died nearing the end because my wire is faulty :( but it was just stunning lah, especially if you’re the type that prefers beaches/coast over mountains/hills.

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