Jun 30

If you haven’t read Part 1, read it here!

So what made the starting of Part 2 a surprise?

Well, long story short, I was supposed to shift the next day to another house, but then the day before, complications happened and I couldn’t go over. Technically then, I GOT NOWHERE TO LIVEEEEE :O But no lah, so my initial host, the young family, said “of course you could stay longer, definitely not gonna kick you out onto the streets” THANK YOUUUU :’) So while I stay here, I had to still look for places to move to, don’t wanna be a burden to them!

But meanwhile, that Saturday after I found out of the freaky news, I followed the family to do some shopping. And it was a shopping mall! Ohmy, it felt like (close to) home. It was only 2 storeys and the size of one level as compared to lets say, 1 Utama, is like only 1 quarter or less of the size of 1U. Still! A shopping mall! And instead of going because the weather was hot outside, it was the other way round! So much warmer inside than out in the cold wind!

And then the next day, Sunday, I followed them to church once again. But what was slightly different was that for this week the church had a picnic! And I joined in and it was.. haha culturally different. Like how someone puts it, “The style here is, this is my space, my food. Mmm. Rather, back in Malaysia (and I’m guessing other Asian countries too), its this is food I’ve prepared for everyone, come dig in!” What was interesting also is, its not that they are selfish or what, but even if someone offers food, the other person could and can sometimes be..”you are offering me food? *gasp*” Okay maybe I exaggerated it a bit, but it was something like that which was quite interesting. (I obviously like the old way cause.. I GET TO EAT OTHER PEOPLE’S FOOD! 😛 ) Then the best part, they were playing football! (or they call it soccer) YEAHHHH. So so so happy, got my dose of football here in Ireland. Hoping for more!

Monday and Tuesday I had an RCSI Research Class, and that marks my first time stepping into my “mother university”. The feeling was awesome! But its not like that much grander than PU. Haha. Managed to meet some Malaysians there, and as usual, sure somehow got mutual friends. And it was nice! Just spending some time with the people there and the lectures were helpful. Cool part was that some of those lecturers are those who writes the lectures and sends them over to Malaysia. So it was quite cool to finally get to hear them in person! And on a side note, my picture is on their “International Medical Universities” (RCSI Affiliations) noticeboard! YEAHHHH 😀

THE DAY. After 2 weeks plus in Dublin, finally, on Wednesday, I get to meet my doctor who is behind all these. Dr Richard Drew, Consultant Microbiologist. (Prof Mary’s successor) I mean, obviously I didn’t know what to expect except for the fact that he’s very young for a consultant. And so the moment I began to talk to him, I knew its going to work out well. Such a decent, humble and wholehearted man. The way he interacts with the people around him, the way he handles his team, and the way he teaches me. Wow. Its really an awesome experience because he doesn’t just tell you about medicine and micro stuff, but he even breaks down the whole dynamics of being a consultant, and from his point of view, a YOUNG consultant, where every other consultant in the hospital is so much older, is truly truly amazing. And more so, through that, you can just see how humble he is. There are people in your life that inspire you and their inspiration pushes you or act as stepping stones to reach your goal. But then there are some people just like my doctor who just blows your mind and at the end of it, all I can say is “I wanna just be like him”. Not so much the fact of being a microbiologist, but just the way he carries himself as a consultant. Wow, just so.. Wow.

So then from here on, I spent time going around the hospitals, seeing patients and reading a lot of charts and trying to understand heaps on info thrown at me. Of course then, is also the other most important thing – my research. Now I’m sorry, initially I mentioned that I’ll be doing Group B Strep infection, but then actually I’m doing something else now. Its regarding S. aureus colonisation in Children. So I also began work on that to see where it’ll take us! But its quite obvious I’m more excited of how I’m doing rounds and analysing patient’s problems than the research itself. I mean, it is really more exciting!

I also got to spent a little time at RCPI (Royal College of Physicians in Ireland) because my doctor was asked to speak to SpRs on ethics. I felt so small, cause everyone there were all doctors, training in their various specialities and the rest of them were professors. Nonetheless, the things discussed, though on the topic of ethics, was actually so much more interesting than what I’ve been doing because the examples given were real life cases, some even happen very recently!

So to cap it all off, this weekend, usually a Saturday, I’ve decided to go on tours and explore Ireland! I woke up early early on the Saturday morning to catch my tour bus and first my first trip, I’m headed to Glendalough, Wicklow and Kilkenny! I mean, I don’t know how to describe it, but all I can say is, BEAUTIFULLL. Such pleasantly calming and pretty sceneries that they have. And at Kilkenny there is this Round Tower that people can climb to the top, and the view of the city from there, splendid.

Well, below are some of the pics! Enjoy!

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