Jun 30

This is my third Sunday here in Dublin, and I decided to go to a friend’s church. Every Nation Dublin.

Ahh, compared to the previous one I’ve been to, definitely feels more like home. Younger crowd, similar style of service compared with SIBKL, in fact, the atmosphere felt like when I was in SIB KEC (in Kuching). Truly really lovely people to hang out with. And so I did! After service, went for lunch with them, and got some ice-cream too! Will I go back? Surely!

Then come weekdays, back to the hospitals! Every day something different, every day something new, every day something exciting and always, well, unfortunately, someone sick. But I’m still learning heaps and just soaking in everything I can with my doctor. He gave me my “first case”. So that means I acted (note: ACTED) like a SHO (senior house officer), and I then have to look at the charts beforehand, check/chase lab results and all these before his rounds begin. And when it comes to my patient, I’ll explain what has been going on, and has been done, and maybe if I can, suggest things to do. So it was amazing! Because I had my first real patient examination and then it was a slightly complicated case but with a change of antibiotics, she got better! and then we got to decide, how long more does she have to stay, what drugs to give, why those drugs, and how it may affect the baby. And by Thursday, she was discharged, case closed! Though legally not my case, but it felt really awesome.

On Wednesday I had a bit of adventure. I had the opportunity to join a couple of friends’ at a meeting for the campus ministry at Every Nation Dublin. I mean, meeting? Haha yes! Meeting! Because I’ve always loved to know and be inspired but what other campus ministries are doing all around the world and maybe grab some ideas from them for CF! But the adventure was that, it took me 2 hours to get to the house, and I was like.. 1 and a half hours late. Well, long story short was that I didn’t know it was that far away, and google gave me a place that had the same street name but so much nearer. So I thought, walk only lah! By the time I got there, I couldn’t find the house, so I had to find a place with internet and googled it again. Then it came up another same street name but it was to the north of Dublin and I was like “Oh, okay! Grab a bus” Well, thank God I somehow remember that the place was south of Dublin just before the bus came. So I went to find another bus and though that particular bus won’t bring me to where I needed to be, he directed me how to go. So there I went, hopped onto another bus and was now on the right track. I was using bus wifi to track where I was so that I knew where to stop, but by the time I realized that the wifi wasn’t working and managed to get down from the bus, I was like 4 stops further than where I should have been. Then I had to walk and walk again, oh and all this was under the rain! Such an adventure to the south side of Dublin!

And then on Friday, while doing my rounds and when I just about to finish, guess who showed up! Prof Mary Cafferkey and Dr Anne! Awh, it felt so good to see someone close to home. I knew they were coming but I didn’t know they have already been in Dublin for almost a week! And most of them are going back soon! I would have totally met up with them if I could. But it was so nice to see them, and for them to see me, not in a uni setting, rather in a hospital. Gahhh! So happy!

Saturday! Tour day! This week, I chose Galway!

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