Jun 15

My journey started once I got onto the tube from Canada Water station to Euston and there take a train to Crewe, then to Holyhead, then ferry to Dublin port!

Virgin Trains
Nice and really comfortable. ESPECIALLY IF EVERYONE TAKES THEY’RE ALLOCATED SEATS *grrrrr*. My first train to Crewe I sat on my allocated seat and it was good cause it had a table! Then my next train ALSO had a table BUT someone decided to hijack it. So I ended up with a normal seat type. Still, the view from the train of the countryside of UK, AMAZING. I love the view, the landscape, Mmm! Sweet! Plus saw so many cows and sheep and horses. That’s where all the food comes from!

Irish Ferries
My last leg of this journey to Dublin is on a ferry! But ohmygosh, it felt like.. a CRUISE! But apparently all “ferries” are like that here. I couldn’t believe myself, I walked around the whole ship (I mean, obviously except the restricted areas) like 2 to 3 times just to sink it all in. Haha! Unfortunately, unlike a real cruise, no free food :/ But it was a comfortable ride, and for whatever reason, time passed quite quickly! About another half an hour left, we could see the port and Dublin from a distance. Beautiful. If only I had a better view, would have been able to take a nice panorama. Instead, I took a selfie!

So my stay in Ireland begins with 2 weeks at a lovely family’s crib! It was a blessing that they relatively recently just moved to Dublin, and have very willingly opened up their place for me to bunk. And they have a little baby boy that I can play with everyday! YAY!

Since Monday was a public holiday, I went to check out where my hospitals (Rotunda & Temple Street) are located. And that was my first time hitting the streets of Dublin! Mmm beautiful place. It was COLD too! Then I was photographing places and shops into my memory and trying to understand their public transportation. (All their public transport here has WIFI! 😀 )

Along the next 2 weeks I was just like setting up myself at the 2 different hospitals, paperwork, ID badges, passwords, bla bla bla. But at the same time, I managed to get to join some doctors on their ward rounds on some days (and I think I’ve embarrassed myself and PU :( ) But it was an awesome learning experience because unlike last year’s hospital attachment, this time round it was all on microbiology which I’ve just recently learned and it was nice to put everything into context. And I have to mention, the doctors here? AWESOME. Ok not all lah, but also not just the doctors, the staff as well! I guess maybe its their culture or just the way they do things, but my my, such level of friendliness, helpfulness and just the way they conduct themselves, amazing! Oh and for PU people, this is quite amazing, though no surprise, but when every time I’m introduced and the moment they say, “Prof Mary sent him over!” Literally, immediately the other person/people’s faces light up! “Oh really? She’s such a lovely woman isn’t she?” I cannot agree more. But I didn’t know she had such an impact! And she left it all and came to teach us! :’)

Anyway, of course it wasn’t all hospital and work and bla bla, I had some fun of my own! 😀 Alone. :(

So just like London, I signed up for the Sandemans Free tour of Dublin. Again, I had a really really good guide, and since this time it was a 3 hour tour, they had actually had a short break in between. And guess what? While I was buying tickets to another tour, then after I bought it and looked up, everyone was GONE. Haih.. Such fail pls. So I left, did try to come back another day but I wanted the same guide! So.. probably will try out another day. But anyway, Dublin is so full of stories!

Then there were other days I just walked around myself, went passed RCSI (mehh :P) and quite literally walked without much thought of where I was going. Except for one place which I was very sure I was headed. Guiness Storehouse. Don’t judge me. Haha.. But it was coooool! Pretty much like a museum and at the end of it, I got to pour my own pint of beer! And from the “Gravity Bar” it had an amazing view of Dublin city, being one of the tallest buildings there. Plus, people there were all going a wee bit crazy. It was quite funny cause a staff had to announce, “Mr XXX, your wife is waiting for you downstairs” And the whole place burst into laughter, then some were booing some cheering, but it was all just so funny. They also announced 2 people’s birthdays and everyone on the count of 3 just sang their hearts out. Ohmy, what beer can do.

The 2 weekends here was also my first time trying out Irish churches. 1 was quite traditional, though not entirely, and the other was much more younger and modern. Still, neither of it felt like home. Haha! Out of all the songs sang at both churches, I only knew.. 3, out of.. 10? But it was a really nice experience to be at both (and more to come!). One thing that felt familiar was that at both places, they had coffee/tea and refreshments after the service, which reminded me of SIB KEC (in Kuching).

And finally then, aside from all these, since I stayed at Portmarnock, I had to at least visit the beach! So on a Friday, I did work and research from home then once I was done, I did what I always wanted to try to do. Jog. I mean like.. what so cool about it? Nothing really, but just wanted to experience jogging in a cold weather and I mean, I’ve never jogged having to wear a sweater! AND STILL FEEL COLD! But the beach, SPLENDID. So beautifullll and pictures really can’t describe it. I’ve actually never seen such a beach before, with such a diverse landscape.

Anyway, so this is just Part 1. Part 2 is gonna look more exciting as my doctor is coming back and my research is then really gonna begin! Plus, I’m also gonna start going off on day tours to different parts of Ireland which looks sooooo AMAZING! Stay tuned! And Part 2 starts off with a surprise!

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