Jun 04

The last time I was in a long haul flight, when I was like, 2 and 4 years old! I hardly remembered anything so I don’t count it. Then ever since, the longest I’ve ever had was a 3 hour flight to Bali.. Mehh that’s hardly long. But this time.. LONDON! Plus, I’m all ALONE!

Its cool because I’ve never travelled so far, all alone, for relatively such a long time (2 months plus) to a place I hardly know, or ever been. Some of you may wonder, why how come so suddenly I ciao away one? Well, more than just a holiday, it was an opportunity. This year, after applying for an overseas placement for a summer research project, it was a miracle and I truly thank God that I managed to obtain a place (the only place) in Dublin, Ireland!

So since I’m already in that part of the world, why not travel a bit? Yay!

Wander 2014, will detail my journey as I travel to different places, experience different things, cultures, lifestyles and also things regarding my research. This gonna be exciting! 😀

In fact more than that, “Wander” series from here on, will detail my travels to anywhere I go, whether in or out of Malaysia.


Stay tuned!

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