Jun 04

Flew by Qatar Airways, it was good! Would recommend it to anyone.

Landed in Heathrow at about 1.30pm Tuesday and the first person I met who fetched me from the airport was Jo Fan! Of all places to meet up, it was London. Awesomes.

Then obviously, first time stepping into the tube (London Underground), experience was surreal. Having to see all this on TV and movies, and now being able to experience it, cooooools! But actually after having to sit on it so many times, it just becomes like an LRT experience lah.. no biggy.

But to realize that I’m in London, AHHHH still couldn’t believe it then.

Day 1 – so I took the tube almost from one end to another and I stayed the first night with Jo Fan somewhere near Camden Town. It was cool cause when I stepped out of the station, I could actually see Emirates (Arsenal Stadium) not too far off! Where I was at, the whole area, was Arsenal territory yo! Didn’t do much that day, ate at an award winning Fish & Chips place then walked around that area and the whole way was really just Jo Fan breaking down to me how it all works in London. But it was just what I needed to understand whatever I saw or did for the next 4 days

Day 2 – Jo Fan and I started off with a Sandersman tour of London! This group of people are really amazing. The tour guide I got was a political science student and good knowledge of history and so the tour was really nice. The way he explained and describe events that happened that lead to the result we see today, was very nicely done. (Paul, is his name) But he did talk a lot to a point that the tour was supposed to be 2 hours ended up becoming 3 hours. Haha! Then just before he finished, we had to leave slightly earlier and we headed for some lunch at Burger & Lobster. I mean, I don’t even remember when was the last time I ate lobster! But the lobster was pretty awesome lah! (And ex, but its ok, once in a lifetime!) After makan, we rushed off to Emirates cause it was getting late and I really wanted to do the stadium tour. But when we got there, there was notice that some parts were closed for maintenance though the price was cheaper. But NOOOOOO if I’m there I definitely want to see EVERYTHING! So I didn’t take up the offer, we left. But of course, didn’t leave without taking pictures outside! But again, so surreal, I was actually at EMIRATES! So so awesome. 😀 After that we headed back, rested for awhile and Goldmine! Here we come. Accordingly, Goldmine is like this place that every Malaysian (or Asian) must go if in London for… Roast Duck! Haha of all things. But oh my, the duck is really that awesome. Like.. AWESOME. I think like what my friend say, it may not be the cook lah, its the duck lah. So much nicer. haha.. But after dinner, here I said goodbye to Jo Fan and Rebecca, as they headed off to Liverpool the next day, and I jumped over to Yee Chia’s place for the rest of the nights. It was good to finally meet her in London!

Day 3 – Yee Chia had exams so I was left alone, and Wei Nien was only coming in the afternoon and so what did I do in my free time? GO TO Emirates! I made sure this time that no more closing of whatever was happening and everything was open, so YAY! Stadium TOUR! It was truly something. We started off at a small gallery and short history lesson which was cool, but the moment they let you step out from the directors box to see the field, WOW, simply WOW. A wave of awe just swept everyone who stepped out for the first time. Beautiful, truly beautiful stadium. Anyway, so then after the tour, I rushed back to meet Yee Chia and Wei Nien. We were all hungry and so we went to Borough Market, grab some food there and then started walking towards London Bridge and then along the river. We saw HMS Belfast but didn’t go on it because the queue was just too long, nonetheless, huge beautiful battleship, especially to see up close. Then we walked and reached the London Eye. Again, didn’t sit on it, only saw people sitting on it -.- Then we just kept walking and walking and somehow ended up at Chinatown and Yee Chia brought us into the shop (Loon Fung) that sells most of the chinese stuff that most of us Chinese would want to get. PRior to this, Jo Fan said that one of the things that help ease to home sicknesses is the fact that they cook malaysian food, and most times, ingredients are obtained from these shops. When I stepped in, I immediately understood it. Its nice and good that shops like these exist, if I was studying there, that will definitely the place I would go and get all my cooking stuffs! Then we headed back, bought some stuff from Sainsbury and Yee Chia cooked dinner for us. Finally get to eat her cooking! After which, we went out and walked more! I don’t know how much we walked, but it was definitely A LOT! I guess the objective was to get onto Waterloo Bridge and walked on it. Which was beautiful, not the bridge but the view. Night time view of London is actually quite splendid! We also saw places like the Sommerset house along the way.

Day 4 – We woke up to Yee Chia’s breakfast! Used whatever leftover from yesterday’s ingredients to make us something simple. Then we headed to the expensive place – South Kensington. But before we got there, I happen to meet Azwa! Of all times, stations, tubes, coaches and all, met here in London! haha.. Anyway, so the first place was the National History Museum, which was HUGE! and SO PACKED! Other than the museum I was facinated by the amount of people who actually crowded up the whole museum. WOW! From old uncles and aunties to little babies, all were there! Beautiful sight. But because it was just too big, we didn’t finish walking not even half of the place. Then we went to Oxford Street, again it was crazy packed! Went to Harrods (for some reason its a tourist thing to do, i don’t know why) Then to places like Primark, Nike Town and all. Then we chilled at Soho park. Again still so many people just sitting there and chillin together with us. What was cool was that there were 2 ping pong tables planted into the ground and people just came and bringing their bats and balls and playing! I was so so tempted to play with them. But play it that weather? My hands were soooooo cold! We went 4 seasons for dinner cause someone was craving for some duck. And yea, not much difference as Goldmine leh, but it was still goooood! After dinner we chilled at Hyde & Kensington Park. It. Is. HUGE. like.. HUGEEE. But Huge and BEAUTIFUL! Oh how I wish Malaysia had such parks! Saw some statues and more swans and pigeons but it was just beautiful lah. After walking so much, we eventually got tired and we all headed home!

Day 5 – Today Wei Nien is going back to Edinburgh :( So we went back to Borough market to try more food we didn’t get to try 2 days before. Yum! Then I sent Wei Nien off at Kings Cross Station. Yee Chia was busy with her brother-in-law so what did I do? I cannot believe it myself. I wanted to take a bit more time and looked inside Primark and other shops to see whether I wanted to get anything and this was all at Oxford Street. So, take train? Meh too mainstream, I walked. Then after my shopping I didn’t really have anywhere else to go, so I’d thought, go home lah. Train? Meh. WALK AGAIN. I told Yee Chia the day before that what I really love to do aside from all the tourist destinations, is that when I am in one place, I just wanna walk the streets, see the life of a normal commoner as if I would have been living there for many years. So I did! I just walked and walked. Saw so many things, too many things I couldn’t capture them all in pictures. From people rolling a cigarette, street side market and 2nd hand book sales, to people uhm, asking me whether I wanna spend some time in a strip club, some more promised me got nudity. Oh my, dodgy. I walked at least more than 15km easily. Of course, got lost a bit, but it was cool. By the time I got back to Yee Chia’s place, ate a bit food and played some COD zombies with her and then I wanted to take a nap. Nap, but I ended up sleeping until 4am! yikes. I then spent 2 hours packing up, read the bible, and got ready to head off.

Day 6 – Early morning I head off to Dublin! so check out Wander 2014 – Dublin. But what was scary was, of all mornings, the Canada Water station that I was to begin at, opened later than usual. Then the first train came like another 20+ minutes later. I actually became scared I might actually miss my train to Crewe. Yikes! But *phew* ok lah, I still made it in time.

It was an awesome time, and I’ll be back in London somewhere in August! Thank you everyone who spent time with me and allowed me to stay with you at your place.
These people were: Jo Fan, Rebecca, Yee Chia, Wei Nien

“Thank you !! for letting me stay at your place, dear friend from London” – my friend thanking herself

Just some pics here, but FB will have more!





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