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“to hold in respect, esteem, to confer distinction upon” – Honour,

On the 28th of February, 2014. My medical program has this ceremony, called the White Coat Ceremony, that marks a transition from Junior Cycles, to the Intermediate Cycles. What is so significant about it? Its because Junior Cycles is all about fundamentals and basics and so they say “Toughest” (yeah right). Coming into Intermediate Cycles are totally different, more exciting and way harder than Junior Cycles!

But I’m talking about this because something happened that day, something beautiful.

Out of the many speeches and lectures held that day, out of all the “robing” ceremony (robe you with a new white (lab) coat), aside from all the performances, they always award 4 different awards: 2 Anatomy Awards, 1 Vice Chancellor’s Award, and 1 Dean’s Award. 3 of which are academic based, and only 1, the Dean’s Award, is by voting.

The Dean’s Award is simply, “the student (whom the class thinks) has done the most outstanding contribution to student life”.

How it went was a few weeks before the ceremony, the whole class would sit down, take a piece of paper, and put 2 names. Any 2 names that 1 feels has given the most to student life. And then after tabulating, the 2 students which have the highest will be named, and the whole class will vote again between these 2. Unless if between the 2 students, the gap is already that big, then, there will not be any second voting.

This year, there was no 2nd voting.

I’m not boasting. I know some definitely didn’t vote for me, and some are probably jealous of me because they did a lot too. And I agree! I don’t exactly know what I did or how much I did, yet I was awarded, by my class! So there is really nothing to boast. But to think that something like that happened, its so awesome! And I felt nothing but, honoured.

To me, being voted to win an award, is really the greatest honour at that point, one could have been given. I really don’t know exactly what I did, how I did things or what really made my class confer me this honour, but yet, they did. And I’m utterly grateful for it.

I was respected, esteemed and given that distinction from the rest, I was honoured.

Then I asked myself, how have we, respected, esteemed and given distinction to God? How have we, in our lives, honoured God? In my case, it was the people, writing my name on a piece of paper, but what does it mean to honour God? Then it struck me, if I know what it takes to feel honoured, I should then know how to honour.

I really thank God for such an opportunity, such an honour, such a pleasure, that He and my classmates has given me. Truly, once in a lifetime.

Awarded by the Dean

Awarded by the Dean

The Plaque

The Plaque

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