Mar 05

Today, a beloved father, friend and an awesome lecturer, passed away.

This is my blog’s 4th eulogy to someone, and everyone of them has a similar theme, leaving a legacy.

First was my ‘godfather’, amazing father figure.
Second was a guy I never even knew personally except one or two conversations, but his interactions with people, amazing friend.
Third, was just a bus driver, but everyone loved him.
And now, my professor, and a prominent figure in the area of epidemiology and public health.

These people are featured because I don’t care where you come from, you’ve shown (at least) me, but I’m sure many others, that you left a legacy for others to see, for others to pick up, and perhaps, go further.

I love the way you say Sarawak! Its cute! But more over than that, you’ve really been amazing lecturer. Yea, your lectures can go past an hour and eats into our break time, but the amount ¬†of knowledge that you pour out, wow. I like why you chose epidemiology, at least from our last conversation, that besides the fact that few people are into it, less money, less fame, but truly as you say, greater impact to hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of people! I still may not go into that area, but that’s not what matters. What matters is you believed in what you were doing, you believed that your work will come out to be a blessing to many. Even if I did not go into public health, at the very least, I was considering to join you in research this summer! You will be truly ¬†missed, and I’m glad I had such an enjoyable lunch with you last week, something I probably won’t forget forever.

RIP Prof Hemantha.

And the final thing to say to everyone, that don’t wait till someone dies to remember how short or fragile life is, KNOW IT, then live your lives like there’s no tomorrow, in your dealings with people, in the way you carry yourself, etc (Not in a go wild crazy sense).

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