Jan 30

Today, at this very  moment, I turn 21. I’m of legal age and I can register to be a voter!

But before my birthday even began, things were already begun rolling. And even before my actual birthday, I already can say that this year, is really the best, the most crazy, the most exciting, of all birthdays. Which I guess many would agree to as for whatever reason, everyone’s 21st birthday is more, jolly!

There are 2 parts to my birthday, maybe a 3rd depending on what happens today. Haha!
Anyway, so the first part happened on Sunday, the second part on Monday. Enjoy!

Part 1

I guessed it started when Angie asked me whether I was free for dinner on Sunday night with my CF Commitee. She also said that my parents are having dinner with other people so there won’t be family dinner and so I can go have dinner with them. Then on Saturday she asked me to help plan a performance for my university’s White Coat Ceremony. So I agreed lo! So on Sunday after lunch I went back to Sierra and she was ‘so eager’ to get work started. Some more say she wanted to drive to cyberjaya for starbucks, so go lah!

Yeah, the plan for the performance was real. So we sat down, discussed and tried to come up with formations and posted stuff on FB to get people and join and all. But when it started to get late, she was like, ‘ok, let’s go and fetch Abigail and go eat dinner liao.’ So I drove back because she was tired, but by the time I reached my house at sierra, I knew something was up already lah! Cars were parked not inside the house, and another friend who usually otherwise wouldn’t have came back so early.

Slowly, took my time, got out of the car, slowly unlock the door and when I was ready, opened it.

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to WAI LEEM, happy birthday to you!”

My first reaction was, ‘WOAH so many people one‘. Then I was caught a bit off guard cause when I opened the door I saw the photographer first, and it was Daniel Chua from my lifegroup. Wait what? My church friends are here? Immediately, I scanned the room, and true enough, family, university mates and church friends were all there. The biggest 3 groups of people in my life, gathered in one place. The sight was, superb.

It also wasn’t just my biological family, but ahma was there too! All the way from Kuching, reaching just 1 hour+ before it all began, that was WOW! (although I’d figured she would have come :P)

The feeling was quite, mindblowing. I loved it because when 3 biggest things in my life collides, its just so beautiful. People were mixing around, getting to know each other, getting to know why I have to sacrifice one for the other, and getting to know more about me!

Beautiful, really beautiful.

On my part, even before I reached back Sierra, I knew something was going down la. So here goes:
1. WE ALWAYS HAVE FAMILY DINNER ON SUNDAY. Mum saying that there isn’t one? Such a give away
2. Angie said CF Committee asked me out for dinner, I happened to ask another committee and she was like, ‘what dinner?’ Another give away
3. About AhMa, my mum was being like so ‘uncertain’ and ‘wavering’ about it, I just somehow felt she’ll somehow appear la!

What I was surprised about:
1. I knew my family and uni friends were involved, wouldn’t have expected to see my lifegroup there!
2. They entirely messed up the arrangements in the house! I didn’t expect them to go so far as to do that!
3. James acted really cool la, when I got back to Sierra. My lifegroup fellas also acted quite well since Saturday’s dinner and even on Sunday, I picked up no clues at all. Good job!

Part 2

Angie asked me on Sunday after the party, very subtly alright, whether she could fetch me, since I’ve fetched her. Ok lah! Once awhile to get people to drive me is still quite fun. Nothing suspicious, day went by as normal.

Then once class ended at 5, I decided to stay back to study and maybe skype with a friend. Then I tried to find Angie to borrow her car to go grab some food, but I couldn’t find her and she didn’t respond to my whatsapp. So I waited for Angie’s reply, meanwhile a friend randomly came in and asked me a couple of questions, sat down was on his phone and doing some stuff. Not too long later, he left saying that he got to go meet a friend. And then I really can’t stand it, I was too hungry! So I asked another friend who earlier on asked whether I was having dinner.

No reply! WHAT IS THISS. Then suddenly.. *bang!* through the 2 doors of the discussion room.

“Hey happy birthday! HELLOOOOO!”

My housemates and some other guys comes and surrounds me, then they start grabbing me, then next thing I know, they blindfolded me, put me on a table and started stripping me! AHHH! But they did that to change my clothes. After that they carried me all the way to the car and we had to pass through whole bunch of PUGSOM students and ohmy, I no face liao!

I got into the car and drove. Made me say a lot of stuff in the car, while I was still trying to figure out where I was going. Meanwhile, I was still talking, sharing my life story cause that’s what they wanted to hear. Then not too long later we arrived.

Got out of the car, they made me think I had to crawl underneath something but I knew that it was a trick! Then they guided me to somewhere, and I was trying to feel and visualize the floor underneath my feet. Where was I? Then suddenly I heard a mini waterfall, I KNOW THIS PLACE! Then, I remembered that this place had a swimming pool. uh oh.

We stopped walking, I knew I was standing just in front of the swimming pool. Then they were joking, talking a bit, and then once they made me let go my friend, I expected this coming, *push!* AHHH *splash!*

Surprise!” Then I tried to get out then they push me in again, and again. Haha! Then after changing and all, had dinner at the restaurant and then I realized that SO many people were coming, and some even would have come if they could make it.

Dinner, ‘lou sang’, speech, cake, pictures, talk talk talk, hugs hugs hugs. It was so fun lah 😉

What gave it away?:
1. Not the surprise per se but I knew whatever happened on Sunday is not over yet. Cause I tried to talk to some people, and then they were suddenly like, scrambling, trying to hide things from me, it was too obvious lah.
2. My friend was being so blur on where she wanted to stay back and all. If she tried a bit harder to stay close to me, it would have been too obvious, but she didn’t over do it la, so not bad, but still, fishy
3. Angie was not replying me, and she disappeared entirely from uni. SO NOT HER. I knew something was up
4. I was thinking, if a surprise is gonna happen, they need to know where I am. Then suddenly, my friend walks in and asks me some questions, sits down and uses his phone then just like that walks out. Something is not clicking!

Good acting:
1. My friend who asked me for dinner really made me feel like they were really going to stay back, never suspected that he’ll be a part of the plan
2. I would have almost figured things out even more if not for few of them being able to slickly change topic, that I couldn’t suspect anything
3. I asked some friends like, “so going for dinner now?” “Yeah yeah” so natural and normal, didn’t know they’re part of the plan too!
4. Even if I knew something was going down, I really never knew that they’ll blindfold and kidnap me. I still can’t believe they actually did it!

This post goes up on 12am, 30 Jan, 2014. So whatever happens today, will be part 3 lah.
But as it is, part 1 and part 2 is already crazy enough lah.

I truly thank God for each and every one of them, family and friends. Its crazy, really crazy!

Messages from practically the whole class, done by Angie

Messages from practically the whole class, done by Angie

Mouse! From Ronald, Zoe, Cynthia, Nicholas, Daniel, Lindley, Micker, Andrew

Mouse! From Ronald, Zoe, Cynthia, Nicholas, Daniel, Lindley, Micker, Andrew

Power Bank! From Angie, Vish, Suria, Anu, Sargu, Jia Chi, Nisha, Ishen, Abigail, Wen Xin, Lilian, Loshi, Sean

Power Bank! From Angie, Vish, Suria, Anu, Sargu, Jia Chi, Nisha, Ishen, Abigail, Wen Xin, Lilian, Loshi, Sean

Card and Tidbits! From Izzy!

Card and Tidbits! From Izzy!

Card and Badge! From Eunice

Card and Badge! From Eunice

Mug! From Nashriq, Iffah, Rabi'ah, Ayu, Azwa, Fawrah, Zamirah

Mug! From Nashriq, Iffah, Rabi’ah, Ayu, Azwa, Fawrah, Zamirah

Personalized Notebook! From Lynda

Personalized Notebook! From Lynda

The First Phone Call from Heaven! From Hannah and James

The First Phone Call from Heaven! From Hannah and James

 And its not the end! I haven’t open some presents yet! 😀

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Jan 29

Congratulations to me! *clap clap* I have kept this blog alive for 6 years!

Ok lah not really. What’s special about being able to keep this blog alive, its not because of any ability of mine to keep it going, to keep writing, but its because of the people that God brings into my life that I can learn from.

So really, its THANKS TO YOU!

I honestly don’t know how many people read blogs nowadays, but at least for you all who do, and have responded before, it has been truly encouraging, and all of you say I should continue, and so I WILL!

I don’t think I’ve shared this before, but I’ve been blogging for 6 years now. A lot of experiences written, a lot of things uncovered, a lot of lessons learnt. So what to do about it aside from it being archived in the server and once awhile reading it?

So I had this idea of compiling the relevant things into an e-book (or maybe I should try something hardcopy)! Maybe a bit of remastering the posts, maybe adding more photos, and definitely grammar corrections. I had this idea because the very same teacher who inspired me to start writing my blog, said once that if our lives were recorded in words, we can form a book by it. I mean really, just be recording everything that happened in life and coming up with a book? That is pretty cool!

I remembered what she said, and I thought, eh why not lah right? So its one of the things I’m planing to do in the summer.

What da ya think?

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Jan 03



Found this of 9gag, someone shared it on their wall.

I write this as a follow up to my 2013 end-year post on Being A Better Man, you can read it here.

Better” implies that someone has to be a level higher, and there will be someone a level lower, its a comparison! But a comparison of what? Anyone, can be better than me in results, in looks, in sports, or any other specific skill. Yet, people also can be better than me in their attitudes, their personalities, their character, etc.

So tell me, how can someone be better if there is no standard to compare against?

The major problem of this strip is just one thing. It assumes that by comparing, we lose self-worth. That to me, is wrong.

I am who I am today, better than a lot of people (not proud), but much more to learn from a lot of people. Yet how do I learn unless I compare myself against them and strive to achieve that of which is better? Yet do I lose self-worth because I see that people are better? No!

The bible says in 1 Peter 2:21, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps.” What is an example, if not for comparing yourself against it? And if by the notion that comparing can cause one to lose self-worth, then if we have to compare with Jesus, wahhh, then I would have committed suicide by now. (on another note, this is a problem with today’s world. eg, “wahh nelson mendela is such a role model” but does anyone strive to do what he did? If he is a role model, an example, should people… follow? and how do they follow unless you start.. comparing?)

Self-worth, my friends, is really what you tell yourself. You see people are better and you think of yourself lesser, your self-worth decreases. But if you see people are better but DON’T think of yourself any lesser, rather strive to achieve that which is better, why would self-worth decrease? Again, as much as this applies to material things, more so to things that really, really matter, as mentioned earlier. (Look at the comments. Someone helped commented exactly what I was trying mean here, just in a more really simple, but awesome way.)

Plus, if you believe this truth, that Jesus, the Son of God, coming down, sacrificing himself for someone like us, how could you possibly think that your value is any less than that for a God to give His life for you!

Comparing is not the problem, in fact it may be the solution. (Like how the government should start comparing themselves against other countries and just, BE BETTER). And self-worth is how WE ourselves, perceive who we are.


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