Dec 31

The title has “3” all over it, cause ultimately, to sum my 2013, it is about “Being the Better (Wo)Man”

Its the time of the year again! Last post for the year, a time for reflection and questioning, so how has this year been?

Being in medical school is really no joke. Because if it is, I’ll be kinda worried what kind of doctor you’ll turn out to be. Yet, no joke doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting! Despite the rush, the amount of cramming, plus all the other stuffs that happen in between, I must say, I’m enjoying every moment of it! Ahh no campus, fine. I got mah friendssss! I thank God for those I have in my life now, because though some tell me that they learn a lot from me, no one knows that I myself, learn a lot from all of you (now you know!)

So why the phrase, “Being the Better Man”?

More so this semester, through some conversations, friends opened my eyes to see the influence I have to the people around me. I’m glad to have such, but I’m likewise to scared to be in this position. And so the question is, with the influence I have, am I bringing a good one or bad?

I am who I am today, because of everything that happened prior to this. Whether big, medium, small or minute events, if its something worth striving for, I’m going for it. Its not a good thought I suppose, but every time I look at people around me, I think I’m better, I must be. But when I realize that they’re better than me? No I don’t kill my competition off, I give them due respect, but within me, I’m working to beat them flat!

It is this thought that keeps running in my head, that keeps pushing me, to be better. I can be better than I am today, I need to be.

Even when I had to resolve a couple of conflicts that arose within the last 4 months, whether personal or in a group, I tend to see myself coming back to the same point, ‘are we better than we were before this?’. A lot of internal reflection, a lot of self observation, and it always comes down to, ‘if we’re not aiming to be better than we are today, than nothing will ever change, problems will repeat itself’. Want something to change? Within us, our values, attitudes, mindset, etc has got to be better than before!

I’m glad to hear stories where friends had enough of it (arguing, complaining, etc) and they choose to be better. Did they know what exactly that meant? Not really, neither did I in their situation, but because they chose to find a better way, they became the better wo(man) and at the end, rose out from their situations.

I’m not talking about things like training harder in a sport or in speaking, or working harder to get better results, etc. What I’m trying to get at is the essence of who you are! When faced with a situation, how you respond (or react), how you handle people, what sort of attitude you bring into the situation, and your whole character and personality, ask yourself, “Could you be better than what you have just done?”!

Sometimes enough is enough. Unless we’re God then yes, be the same yesterday, today and forever! But because we are nowhere near perfect, then don’t be the same yesterday, today and forever, because we can, we really can be better.

For whatever reason this sums up my year. Put it in more ‘christian’ terms, its basically aiming to be Christlike. Its a journey, this year really taught me a lot, and this year showed me how much God has been in my life all these while. I’m exciting for what is to come!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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