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Sounds exciting! Doesn’t it? “The Underground”..

Don’t worry, its not like we’re ‘persecuted’ or that we will get thrown into jail or in our case, get kicked out of university. But it is as it says, my university during my previous semester, decided to stop all religious clubs for the fear that it might cause… ‘disunity’. Well, we couldn’t talk them out of it, but we knew God wanted us to continue, so here we are. If anything, CF brought unity than disunity!

End of the semester in May, I was asked to take up the responsibility of becoming the president of the CF. Take up an underground job? My.. how much more exciting could this be! But it really did take quite a number of people’s consult and prayers until I finally knew that this was the direction that God wanted me to take.

I’m definitely not doing this alone, I have with me 4 amazing friends who love God and they make up my committee. (names of which I won’t mention for security reasons.)

This is not my first time becoming president of a CF. My first time was in CHSCF, but this time it felt a whole lot different. New people, new surroundings, new approach, everything for me was very much unfamiliar and new. And one thing I kept telling myself, that I got to be better than I was last time! But you know what? I couldn’t remember what I did right or wrong! Grrr.. so I did the only thing I knew how to do, just.. cry out to God.

Silence at times is amazing. For me its because silence doesn’t mean time stops. As time for the start of the semester gets closer, I get more panicky in the midst of silence. What am I going to do! So I start reading a lot of old notes to see what may come up, go online and search for relevant issues and infos, talk to people, leaders.. basically, I became desperate. What’s amazing? None of which spoke to me. Great! just great. But all that I did, will later prove useful. God is amazing, no?

But when God started to reveal like just one/two weeks before I had to set things in motion, it was like a roller coaster, everything happened so fast! And so this sem was about this: [I don’t credit for the fancy words, I heard those through sermons/old notes/etc]

City of Refuge. A City of Light, Love and Liberty!


CF Logo!

CF Logo!

1. Light Love Liberty (expounded on the theme for the year 13/14)
2. Servant Leadership (‘everything rises and falls with leadership’.
So what is it to be a leader?)

3. Senior-Junior Project (Be Present, Be Open)
4. Jehovah Nissi (Who’s side are you on?)
5. Jehovah Tsidkenu (Jesus represents you – Imputed righteousness &
What has God brought you up to this day for?)

6. Jehovah Shammah (Supernatural capacity, Renewal of a call, Remodelling of lives
– in the LORD’s Presence)

7. Abba Father (We are a child of God!)
8. Honouring God (Knowledge of the above is not enough,
are we portraying that we honour God?)

This semester we were not afraid and shy of alter calls. We just did it, and we prayed. Though no salvations to date, we just take it as God leads, step by step.

Over and above the Friday CFs, we also have prayer meetings on Tuesdays and it is a more intimate time, and a chance for everyone who comes, to pray, to really work that faith! But what I like about it is because sometimes we share what’s inside of us, we let out things that trouble us, and its all among our fellow brothers and sisters and most importantly, God himself. And through that, we learn to care for each other, we learn to have concern for the body of Christ.

And finally, LOVE Project!

LOVE Projects have only one objective. Just, SPREAD THE LOVEEEE! And by doing so, since God is Love, we pray that God is spreading all around our university! Haha.. But really, its just an outpouring of our love for God to our university, and all we do, is aim to bless our university, as much as possible, our WHOLE university.

We were able to do 2 projects! One was giving out free food, and the other a little Christmas personalized magnet gift to everyone.

God has truly been amazing! For the first project (free food), at first we were afraid there may not be enough money! Then for some reason and people’s blessing suddenly we had so much excess that if we’d knew, we would be able to order more or better food! Wow. As for the second project, this happened…

Prof Rampal: *reads out the words on the magnet* Wah that’s excellent! Thank you so much! So this from the LOVE Project? Where is this project from?
Me: Its just a project from a group of Christian students, out to just bless the university.
Prof Rampal: So it’s a club?
Me: Well… Yeah!
Prof Rampal: And what club is this?
*I looked at Vish, say or don’t say? Say la*
Me: We’re from the Christian Fellowship!
Prof Rampal: Wow that’s excellent! Thank you so much, very unexpected.
*Vish and I walked out*
Prof Rampal: Wait come back! Since you bless us with this magnet, I want to bless your club with this.. *takes out RM100*
I can’t remember what else happened from here on because I was too shocked already.


Free Food

Personalized Christmas Gift Magnets!

Personalized Christmas Gift Magnets!

Semester has ended, and honestly I don’t know what to do for the next semester! But once again, God will lead! I’m sure of it, and I pray that the coming semester will be twice as awesome even as God works in and through the CF.

More lives touched
More lives saved
and HIS name..

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