Dec 31

The title has “3” all over it, cause ultimately, to sum my 2013, it is about “Being the Better (Wo)Man”

Its the time of the year again! Last post for the year, a time for reflection and questioning, so how has this year been?

Being in medical school is really no joke. Because if it is, I’ll be kinda worried what kind of doctor you’ll turn out to be. Yet, no joke doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting! Despite the rush, the amount of cramming, plus all the other stuffs that happen in between, I must say, I’m enjoying every moment of it! Ahh no campus, fine. I got mah friendssss! I thank God for those I have in my life now, because though some tell me that they learn a lot from me, no one knows that I myself, learn a lot from all of you (now you know!)

So why the phrase, “Being the Better Man”?

More so this semester, through some conversations, friends opened my eyes to see the influence I have to the people around me. I’m glad to have such, but I’m likewise to scared to be in this position. And so the question is, with the influence I have, am I bringing a good one or bad?

I am who I am today, because of everything that happened prior to this. Whether big, medium, small or minute events, if its something worth striving for, I’m going for it. Its not a good thought I suppose, but every time I look at people around me, I think I’m better, I must be. But when I realize that they’re better than me? No I don’t kill my competition off, I give them due respect, but within me, I’m working to beat them flat!

It is this thought that keeps running in my head, that keeps pushing me, to be better. I can be better than I am today, I need to be.

Even when I had to resolve a couple of conflicts that arose within the last 4 months, whether personal or in a group, I tend to see myself coming back to the same point, ‘are we better than we were before this?’. A lot of internal reflection, a lot of self observation, and it always comes down to, ‘if we’re not aiming to be better than we are today, than nothing will ever change, problems will repeat itself’. Want something to change? Within us, our values, attitudes, mindset, etc has got to be better than before!

I’m glad to hear stories where friends had enough of it (arguing, complaining, etc) and they choose to be better. Did they know what exactly that meant? Not really, neither did I in their situation, but because they chose to find a better way, they became the better wo(man) and at the end, rose out from their situations.

I’m not talking about things like training harder in a sport or in speaking, or working harder to get better results, etc. What I’m trying to get at is the essence of who you are! When faced with a situation, how you respond (or react), how you handle people, what sort of attitude you bring into the situation, and your whole character and personality, ask yourself, “Could you be better than what you have just done?”!

Sometimes enough is enough. Unless we’re God then yes, be the same yesterday, today and forever! But because we are nowhere near perfect, then don’t be the same yesterday, today and forever, because we can, we really can be better.

For whatever reason this sums up my year. Put it in more ‘christian’ terms, its basically aiming to be Christlike. Its a journey, this year really taught me a lot, and this year showed me how much God has been in my life all these while. I’m exciting for what is to come!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Dec 30

Sounds exciting! Doesn’t it? “The Underground”..

Don’t worry, its not like we’re ‘persecuted’ or that we will get thrown into jail or in our case, get kicked out of university. But it is as it says, my university during my previous semester, decided to stop all religious clubs for the fear that it might cause… ‘disunity’. Well, we couldn’t talk them out of it, but we knew God wanted us to continue, so here we are. If anything, CF brought unity than disunity!

End of the semester in May, I was asked to take up the responsibility of becoming the president of the CF. Take up an underground job? My.. how much more exciting could this be! But it really did take quite a number of people’s consult and prayers until I finally knew that this was the direction that God wanted me to take.

I’m definitely not doing this alone, I have with me 4 amazing friends who love God and they make up my committee. (names of which I won’t mention for security reasons.)

This is not my first time becoming president of a CF. My first time was in CHSCF, but this time it felt a whole lot different. New people, new surroundings, new approach, everything for me was very much unfamiliar and new. And one thing I kept telling myself, that I got to be better than I was last time! But you know what? I couldn’t remember what I did right or wrong! Grrr.. so I did the only thing I knew how to do, just.. cry out to God.

Silence at times is amazing. For me its because silence doesn’t mean time stops. As time for the start of the semester gets closer, I get more panicky in the midst of silence. What am I going to do! So I start reading a lot of old notes to see what may come up, go online and search for relevant issues and infos, talk to people, leaders.. basically, I became desperate. What’s amazing? None of which spoke to me. Great! just great. But all that I did, will later prove useful. God is amazing, no?

But when God started to reveal like just one/two weeks before I had to set things in motion, it was like a roller coaster, everything happened so fast! And so this sem was about this: [I don’t credit for the fancy words, I heard those through sermons/old notes/etc]

City of Refuge. A City of Light, Love and Liberty!


CF Logo!

CF Logo!

1. Light Love Liberty (expounded on the theme for the year 13/14)
2. Servant Leadership (‘everything rises and falls with leadership’.
So what is it to be a leader?)

3. Senior-Junior Project (Be Present, Be Open)
4. Jehovah Nissi (Who’s side are you on?)
5. Jehovah Tsidkenu (Jesus represents you – Imputed righteousness &
What has God brought you up to this day for?)

6. Jehovah Shammah (Supernatural capacity, Renewal of a call, Remodelling of lives
– in the LORD’s Presence)

7. Abba Father (We are a child of God!)
8. Honouring God (Knowledge of the above is not enough,
are we portraying that we honour God?)

This semester we were not afraid and shy of alter calls. We just did it, and we prayed. Though no salvations to date, we just take it as God leads, step by step.

Over and above the Friday CFs, we also have prayer meetings on Tuesdays and it is a more intimate time, and a chance for everyone who comes, to pray, to really work that faith! But what I like about it is because sometimes we share what’s inside of us, we let out things that trouble us, and its all among our fellow brothers and sisters and most importantly, God himself. And through that, we learn to care for each other, we learn to have concern for the body of Christ.

And finally, LOVE Project!

LOVE Projects have only one objective. Just, SPREAD THE LOVEEEE! And by doing so, since God is Love, we pray that God is spreading all around our university! Haha.. But really, its just an outpouring of our love for God to our university, and all we do, is aim to bless our university, as much as possible, our WHOLE university.

We were able to do 2 projects! One was giving out free food, and the other a little Christmas personalized magnet gift to everyone.

God has truly been amazing! For the first project (free food), at first we were afraid there may not be enough money! Then for some reason and people’s blessing suddenly we had so much excess that if we’d knew, we would be able to order more or better food! Wow. As for the second project, this happened…

Prof Rampal: *reads out the words on the magnet* Wah that’s excellent! Thank you so much! So this from the LOVE Project? Where is this project from?
Me: Its just a project from a group of Christian students, out to just bless the university.
Prof Rampal: So it’s a club?
Me: Well… Yeah!
Prof Rampal: And what club is this?
*I looked at Vish, say or don’t say? Say la*
Me: We’re from the Christian Fellowship!
Prof Rampal: Wow that’s excellent! Thank you so much, very unexpected.
*Vish and I walked out*
Prof Rampal: Wait come back! Since you bless us with this magnet, I want to bless your club with this.. *takes out RM100*
I can’t remember what else happened from here on because I was too shocked already.


Free Food

Personalized Christmas Gift Magnets!

Personalized Christmas Gift Magnets!

Semester has ended, and honestly I don’t know what to do for the next semester! But once again, God will lead! I’m sure of it, and I pray that the coming semester will be twice as awesome even as God works in and through the CF.

More lives touched
More lives saved
and HIS name..

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Dec 30

I guess one of the major things that has happened to me so far this year, was I started staying at another place.

To be honest, staying out doesn’t at all cover my cost of travelling from my house, but at hindsight, it really turned out to be a good thing! (now plus the fact that toll prices are increasing, and maybe petrol prices? who knows what else? :S)

So why did I choose to do so?

  1. I’ve never stayed out of my house for long periods before, and since I can’t go overseas to study, this is the best I can get!
  2. If anything, I realized one thing from my first year. You just won’t know enough, unless you’re within ‘the zone’. ‘The zone’ ┬áhere simply means staying in and among friends and travelling together, eating together, studying together (off lecture hours), and other stuffs. I just simply wanted to be closer to them, so I decided to move in with them!
  3. Travelling back and forth is, and really really is, tiring. Yea I’m against traffic when I’m going and coming back from uni, and its only about 30km away which takes about 25min +/- depending on timing and traffic lights… still, one can be quite tired at times. Plus sometimes I play sports with them before going back, adds to all the tiredness. And by the time I’m back, there’s just no mood to study! In the mornings on the other hand, is a rush! Always got to wake up more than an hour earlier to get ready and leave, just in case there is a jam (which happened a couple of times because of some accident). Yup, staying out definitely solved all that!
  4. Aside from playing sports as and when people call, I wouldn’t have been able to jog. I know, its like… “What kind of reason is that?” But knowing that I will have slightly more time and because Sierra 16 is really a nice place, I told myself that I need to start jogging again! I couldn’t do this if I stayed at home as everything was always a rush. (Anyway, not that I did jog a lot in the end, but I still did! Some! A little lah!)

Staying out really showed me things about myself and others. It really showed me what I get irritated by, what irritates others that doesn’t bother me, and at the end of the day, how to live with each other, compromising little things to live in harmony.

Staying out allowed me to experience conflicts that I would otherwise never have experienced.

Staying out gave me the opportunity to celebrate birthdays and festivals, and helped me talk to some in a deeper way.

Staying out challenged me to constantly live out (or try to) a Godly life. No more 2 face-ness. Its got to be a lifestyle that pleases God, this means it has to be real, tangible, consistent and if need be, a habitual change or a mind transformation.

And I think what’s important is that staying out DID NOT hinder me in any way, my relationship with God. Not that it was easy adapting, but neither was it impossible.

Would I do it all over again? YES. There was no regret in this decision, though I’ll tell you one thing, staying out caused me to be like a homeless man (being accepted into a house) during the weekends. Haha! I have to sleep on the couch, my stuff all on the coffee table, clothes all chucked into this bag. Still, small un-comfortability for many benefits, I’ll stick to my decision.

I love my housemates, I love where God has placed me, and how He opened doors for us to stay at Sierra 16. If all these has happened, then its definitely for a reason. So I’m just gonna enjoy my time here, do whatever I can, and just be a blessing.

The best housemates picture I can get. Cause the next best had extras in it. Sorry Suria!

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Dec 29

haha don’t get excited.. I was attached to a hospital!

This is a greatly overdued post, but during my last summer break, I spent about the whole August at Gleneagles KL. It was an open door as I would have never imagined myself doing it but because I happen to know a doctor in there, plus she offered so I gladly accepted!

But amazingly it was more than what I expected. It wasn’t just following her around for ward rounds and then observing and learning in the clinics, I actually got to be with many other doctors and professionals! Just because she tends to take half day, which leaves the whole afternoon for me to choose which doctor I want to go and observe.

The list of doctors and professionals that I encountered during my time there:
Dr Ng Sui Yin – paediatric neurologist
Dr Chan Kin Yuen – orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Lim Minn Kang – paediatric cardiologist
Dr Kent Woo Chee Keen – allergy and immunologist (also slightly specialized in paediatrics)
Dato Dr Vernon – paediatric neonatologist
Dr Rajan – Medical Officer
Ms Phang CY, Ms Loo – Dieticians

As you can see, the more recurring factor here is paediatrics. Yup, its still a dream, and a dream that won’t change.

My time there was really awesome. Literally I wake up, rush off to the LRT, walk to the hospital, and a brain bath on information begins. Doctors keep talking, I keep listening, and when I got that little free time, I spam it all out on my notebook before I start forgetting it, and then the cycle continues.

It was awesome also because for all that I’ve learnt in my first 2 semesters, this was really a practical, real-life application and scenarios that I’ve studied, looked into, sometimes even memorized without a hint of actually clinical experience. This attachment, really opened up that whole perspective for me, and even the slightest details which I thought may not be important when I become a doctor, sudden became so important I wondered why I never looked into it deeper. (Easiest example, IEM, inborn errors of metabolism. In the lecture, who remembers what Prof said? I glanced through it for exams without much thought of it. But while I was with the paediatric neurologist, my oh my, every single one of them, and more, was all on her fingertips. She could within a second of just hearing what other people say over the phone, pinpoint or at least shortlist a few IEMs) Even as I entered my third semester, what I have seen really boosted my knowledge. Every time in class we learn something, then in my head I would go like, “woah! I saw that happen! Then the doctor said this and used this meds and explained side effects.. wait, woah! its in my notes! haha”

It wasn’t just clinical application of medical knowledge, but the whole aspect of a health system came into play. I saw for myself what it looked like to have a multi-disciplinary team, the conflicts that can happen, but yet how each one of them has a gap to fill. Its really not just the doctors, there were also amazing nurses and staff that culminate into providing excellent healthcare for the patients.

At the end of the day, more than just the knowledge and observations acquired, I saw the life of a doctor. In fact, this is probably just half of it since this is a private hospital, and working in a public hospital could very well be twice or thrice more crazy than this. Still, a glimpse into the future really assured me that I was on the right path. Becoming a doctor really doesn’t fall short on mistakes, arguments, discontentment or disappointment, but when you provide the right diagnosis and in my case, seeing children get better and the parents in great relief, its truly amazing. Yet not to mention that chronic illness or developmental problems that will persists through one’s whole life can happen, breaking news like that especially to the parents, can really be a pain.

Spending that one month there was truly time well spent. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.

Where I was

Where I was

Mah tag to get around!

Mah tag to get around!

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