May 12

This weekend, Kidzone handled all 3 main services and Ps Andy shared. He got it right when he said,

“Mother’s day may not be everyone’s favourite day”.

I practically didn’t tell anyone, only unless really needed, but also because I wanted to wait for Sunday to share it.

Long story short, on Thursday night (Malaysian time), my grandma died, father’s side.

Last time I’ve written 2 eulogies on my blog, people who have passed away whom I knew personally, or one way or another, brought an impact to my life. Likewise, I will do the same for her.

“To be honest, I’m probably the grandchild that knew her the least. I can hardly remember the time when I was in Canada or when she came to Kuching, because I was just too young then. The next time I saw her was when she came back for her 80th birthday in Malaysia! Then our time in Bali but ever since, I’ve only seen your face on the iPad/computer. Like every grandmother, you loved your grandchildren just so much, but you also loved each of our families just as much. Thanks to you, almost all my gadgets came from you, not to mention even the washing machine and the dryer, and so much more! I wish I could have known you personally even more. I’d always love the time I shouted “HELLO MAMA” through skype and the moment you saw my face, you lit up. And my dad told me how hard you worked and suffered to support your family years ago, and that attitude never changed because more than the material things you bought us, behind it was the heart that always wanted the best for your children, and your children’s children. On behalf of all your grandkids, we will surely miss you, and we will never forget you, I mean, how could we?”

I was suppose to see my grandma either this year or next in Canada. So her passing was so not in the plan, but I guess, it was God’s plan.

After all, she has lived quite a fulfilled life, and most importantly, she knew Jesus. I know she’s there with HIM now, so I’m at peace. But I would say that despite her flaws, but from what I know her as, every mother, or grandmother should really learn from her.

Goodbye, Mama.

Yet, Happy Mother’s Day for those still alive! And all children, please appreciate her.

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