Apr 04

A celebration calls for fun, fellowship and most importantly, FOOD!

When do you celebrate? A wedding, getting a scholarship, having a birthday, at a convocation, or when your grandparents reach 80 years old, etc etc. So many reasons to celebrate!

But have you ever thought of celebrating a funeral? I know right, a bit (some would say) disrespectful.

I don’t know why but just these past few days have been thinking about what my dad said about his funeral. He talked about his funeral because past few months he had a heart condition which at that point in time could render him dead any moment but after the operation and all, things were better then got worse again but now better again. So the whole time really anything could happen, so he talked to us about his funeral should it happen soon, at least then we know what he wants. But what he wanted intrigued me.

You know what he wanted? He wanted a celebration!

But honestly this wasn’t a surprise to any of us. The main bible verse behind this is, “To live is Christ, to die is gain” – Philippians 1:21. He wanted certain songs, moreover that he wanted like someone to play amazing drum rolls and beats and I was just thinking, why not use some confetti, get someone to play the¬†saxophone, and basically a time to have fun! Is it dishonouring to someone who wants it?

My dad had a point though. Why do we celebrate all the examples I mentioned earlier? Because one way or another, we have gained something. We gained a life partner (marriage), we gained free education (scholarship), we gained a degree (convocation). For my dad, its just like what Paul says, that for him, to die, is to gain because his work on earth done and now he can enjoy with God in heaven! Come on! You’re going to heaven, isn’t that a GAIN? If it is, doesn’t it call for a celebration?

It makes perfect sense to me at least. Its not a time of mourning a lost, but celebrating a life that tried and went all out for the work of God and that he never gave up but always looked forward. That is something worth celebrating. Even as I thought of all this, I believe now that I want mine to be a celebration too!

So do you know where you’re heading after you die? Because at least for me and my dad (though I’m sure my whole family too), we know where we’re going, that’s why we can celebrate a funeral. Interesting, no? Haha..

Would you celebrate your funeral?

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Apr 03

By just stalking my blog you probably can tell when I have holidays or not, cause only then I have the time to write!

Life has honestly been great.

I may be stressed, very tired, busy and not have the time to do a lot of things I want to, but at least I have met and made amazing friends, to enjoy every bit of what I’m studying, and most importantly to know that I’m growing with Jesus as He guides me. Indeed, life is great.

I noticed that I cannot a medical student who would detail their life as one. So I thought that when I started I would surely do it! Why? So that people will know what it takes, how is it like to study medicine. The awesome parts and the not-so-awesome parts. Then I eventually did start medical school, but did not eventually detail my life down. Then I realized, that’s what medical school essentially is, just having so much and doing so much that more things take priority until writing a blog post starts falling down the list.

But that’s the problem, I don’t want to remember medical school when I read my blog again many years down the road, to be a place where I was just busy, where all I did was assignments and study and look at plastinated cadavers. There is more than this! No?

Of course there is more than this!

1) I actually start to understand medical jokes! Before this sometimes you had friends who were studying medicine and made some weird comment then they all start laughing and you sitting there utterly blur, NO MORE! And my gosh, the amount of lame-ness and drama and medical pick-up lines, simply amazing. haha!

2) Watching movies with friends (classmates) has never been the same. Any freaking small detail that is medical related, is somehow a joke. I know I know, its a bit sad right? But if you studying medicine, its somehow funny la!

3) Especially if one is studying to become a doctor and not work at some lab, then listening to people talk about their health problems become a WHOLE LOT interesting. No you’re not supposed to diagnose patients but to hear them go through illness helps revise what you study, and many times understand why the doctor did what they did, or why the GP gave that particular medication, etc etc.

4) I’m actually consistently studying but what’s more interesting is that I’m also consistently spending time chilling, play sports, watch movies, hang out with friends! Last time was all chill then all stressed, not more balanced, life is goood!

5) Of course, there is CF and now, what I would like to call it, UNDERGROUND CF, cause recently rendered illegal by my uni. Oh my so exciting! I have heard so much about others struggling and pulling through, as if God has prepared me for it to come my way. EXCITING!

Indeed, life is great! And I thank God for every second He’s giving me here. He brought me thus far, He will bring me further. Med school more than I dreamed off, and I believe more is to come!

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