Jan 30

No. Not going toilet that kind of number 2 ok. I’ve did that many times.

I usually write an anniversary blog post on the 29th of Jan every year to tell the world that my blog is alive! (or supposed to be :S) But this year I’d thought I’d just push it a day later, since there is more to say.

This year, I enter my 20s (twenties)! oh my. I now have my first number 2 in front of my age. And I thank God for all the amazing 19 years and how it ended with that amazing miracle (scholarship), and so I thought to myself, what greater things could still happen? Honestly to me, the scholarship was like reaching the peak of a mountain, what else is there! But a friend said to me, “trust God for more”

Its not being greedy to trust God for more, but I realized is that what I think is the peak of the mountain, is probably only the base camp for what God has already prepared. And true enough as what SIBKL’s theme this year is, “A New Season, New Momentum”. My 20s is really a NEW SEASON, entering medical school as a dream and comparing it to A Levels and before, there is really a clear distinction. New Momentum is not starting from ‘velocity = 0’, but I realized that whatever momentum I have now, that I’ve carried from my past 19 years, I need to ‘increase velocity’ or perhaps even ‘change direction’, but I’m not STOPPING.

And just reflecting on what as already transpired within January, I’m already excited for what God has ahead. And all the more excited to prepare for what God has for my 20s because I will hopefully start (and also finish, maybe) my¬†specialization within my 20s. And within my 20s is also the time when I will find a girlfriend and get married! Hopefully within 20s la, I don’t wanna get married so late.

So to kick start my 20s, I’m going Penang! (I know, its like, WHY PENANG? :O) But to me it really wasn’t about the place. To me it was always, and will always be, about the people. I honestly could have gone Kluang and tried awesome food (so they say) but yet I chose to spend time with my unimates.

Looking at all the younger ones, I really do feel old. But thank God for the older ones, haha!

I’m truly excited for this new chapter of my life and to see what’s going to happen in my next 10 years.

Guide me LORD.

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Jan 01

So another ends, another begins.

I don’t know…
…which friends will I get closer to
…who I might even lose contact with
…whether my results can be as good as I want it to
…what other responsibilities I will end up taking
…where I might travel
…whom I might have a crush on
…what might happen to me or my family
…practically anything about 2013

Hey but guess what? I didn’t know a lot of things when I entered 2012! Yet 2012 turned out to be by far the most awesome-God magnifying year I have ever had. Could 2013 be even better?

Every year we enter with our resolutions, every year we enter all hyped up yet deep within us we just don’t know what’s going to happen, always uncertain about something, or sometimes, everything.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, because thankfully, God is the same yesterday, today and forever so entering the year uncertain about what may come my way, but certain that God will always be there, always be with me no matter what may come my way. And I guess that’s all the certainty we need, not that everything will go well, but that He has a plan for everything that will happen.

Hi 2013, I’m ready for you.

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