Dec 28

2012 to me was a year of:
Working Hard

Working Hard because when I got my results that I didn’t do that well in my second semester of A Levels, I knew all I needed to do was to work hard and not take up more responsibilities than what I already have. So did just that and thank God, my results turned out well in the end! And also because of all the applications to universities and scholarships, so much time & energy taken up to work through all these things.

Uncertainty because aside from getting placements into many universities, yet where was I to go? How are my parents going to afford to pay? Will I even get a scholarship after all these effort and chances looking so slim? Everyone has their next 3-5 years planned out and set, but what about me?

Faith because it came to a point that I did all I could, and just said, “God, take over”. Whether it was events that I did, responsibilities that I found tough, exams, scholarships or even my future studies, this year my faith was tested. And prayer was an essential part of it. Faith also because of what my family had to go through when my dad found out about his condition of his heart, the 4 bypasses that he did and months later realized it isn’t working as well, and now on alternative therapy. To believe God has led him this far, meeting all the right people at the right time, I have faith God is going to use him all the more.

Blessing because He gave more than what I could ask for or imagine. Big part of it is of course the scholarship, but there were many other things like having a sister-in-law, new room, new car, new computer, good grades, etc. Its just WOW. And to just look back at all these is just astounding to see what God has done.

This is just a glimpse of an amazing year.

The end is really just the beginning, especially for me, for such a time where as this year ends, I begin my life as a medical student, on the path of my dreams, on the path where God guides me on.

It is a great privilege to watch Everworld the Musical done by SIBKL to close the year. And just to quote from one of the songs..

And the road that lies ahead will give us greater faith instead
Will you join or will you stay for the journey will not wait
For the King has called all who know His Kingdom
Now that the gates are opened so I will go 

God showed me a journey since years ago, and now He has brought things to pass, I want to join Him, to gain greater faith, and to answer His call. 2012 is indeed the year of God’s favour for me. Thank you Jesus.

And so I wish everyone that 2013 will be a year like no other, will be a year that your lives will change for the better, will be a year where peace, joy, hope and blessings flow!

p/s: I just want to thank my buddy Timothy (though I haven’t been talking to you) for keeping this site alive and running. I don’t exact know what you have to do but thank you. I know I also haven’t been blogging much but I will continue, someday, somehow, hopefully soon enough. Thanks bro.

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