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Mrs XXX: Hello! Is this Wai Leem on the line?

Wai Leem: Yes, this is.

Mrs XXX: Hi! I’m calling from Perdana University, I would love to inform you that JPA has decided to offer you a scholarship to study at Perdana University.

Wai Leem: OH * shock face * *gasp* *cannot breathe* WOW.

Mrs XXX: I can tell you’re excited, well, congratulations! So I presume you would accept the offer?

Wai Leem: Yes! SURELY!

Mrs XXX: Alright then. So please come in on Wednesday (3rd October) for your registration and we have to quickly do your orientation and start classes. Please also bring………………..

That point in time on my side of the phone, I was whacking my bed, kicking my chair, stomping the floor, banging my head on the wall and once I put down the phone, I was screaming, “THANK YOU JESUS!” Then I teared.

Yes, to be clear for everyone, by the grace of God, I got the JPA scholarship to study medicine at Perdana University.

and I start this Wednesday.

So I’ve told some people but haven’t told many also, what my story is. So here goes.

When I was Form 1, I aimed to get the JPA scholarship. Mainly because I knew that studying medicine is not cheap at all. So the JPA scholarship has always been on my mind since then. When I was around form 3 or form 4, I had this dream (as if from God, not a normal dream I’d say) that I will get the scholarship, that I will scream for joy, and that the burden for my parents will be released. With such confidence in mind, I tried my best, both in studies and extra curricular activities, to get the best I can, hopefully to secure a scholarship.

So time passed and after SPM, that’s when JPA opens the application for scholarship and of course I applied very quickly and did the interview and then results came out! And then I… failed. WHY GOD, WHY? I thought You gave me that dream, I thought you could do a miracle because everything (I thought) was going well except for my SPM results. You could have done a miracle, no?

Fine, at least He gave me a scholarship to study  A Levels at HELP University and I do thank God for it, because I’ve met really solid and amazing people. But A Levels has to come to an end, what next? Some time during 3rd sem, there was talk of this Perdana University but it is famous for its John Hopkins program which is a post grad and surely I can’t go! But I felt it was divine appointment that I happened to talk to an old friend from primary school, and she told me about the RCSI program which is undergrad and after researching, JPA offers scholarship to them too! Second chance? I thought to myself.

No need to say, I applied, got accepted into the University, then JPA called for interview. This is it, this is my second chance. Interview was horrible I’d say. So obviously, I failed, again. God, what did that dream mean? Why did you even give it to me? I just don’t understand. My mum met another mother, and her son also failed, but she encouraged to appeal anyway, and I did 2 appeal letters, went to see the director of JPA’s scholarship department then went to see the Dean of PU-RCSI all in the span of 1 and a half months. Nothing happened.

Honestly, I was just so tired and confused, and disorientated and lost. What is my direction, God? So throughout this whole time, God kept speaking 2 words, Faith and Trust. Have faith in Him, trust Him, EVEN WHEN you do not understand or see what He is doing. It is not easy but I kept holding on and Hebrews 11:1 spoke so clearly.

Hebrews 11:1
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

WOW. I harnessed and increased my faith and be assured even when I cannot see it happening. Then on Monday (24th Sept) I told God to give a scholarship to me within that week (23-29 Sept) otherwise then at least I know that the scholarship wasn’t part of His plan if I didn’t get it. So I waited, and waited, nothing happened until Friday.

Friday morning. ZZZ Uni emailed and said they would offer 10k per year to study. Woah ok. But that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Nonetheless, I worked out the cost after deducting the scholarship and it turns out that it is fairly possible to study there, perhaps this is it! Perhaps this is where God wants me to go. So I started telling some close friends, and one of it is Judah (cause I know he would like his name mentioned. :P) I mentioned his name specifically because he said one thing to me that struck me. I prayed that God will give me a scholarship within that week but the week hasn’t ended! So how sure was I that this was it? It got me thinking.

While I was still working out the cost and calling ZZZ Uni for details then 2 hours later, while staring at my computer, I received a phone call, I recognized it as Perdana’s number but I thought they were just going to ask questions. Turns out, Mrs XXX called to indirectly tell me how amazing God is.

I whacked my bed, kicked my chair, stomp the floor, bang my head and scream for joy because I just can’t contain it. God really did what He promised, a miracle indeed, and my joy will be ever overflowing. Its just so AMAZING, I must say.

Thus At Last, He settled once again my future for me, and now I’m not telling people I’m GOING to study medicine, rather I AM studying medicine, with a full scholarship that I’ve been dreaming about for years and basically…


Believe, Have Faith, Trust in the almighty God, and do the best you can, let Him add the “super” to our “natural” and watch how SUPERNATURAL He can be.

Thank you Jesus, all praise and glory be unto You always.

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  1. Ross Stephenson says:

    Always so inspiring to read such heart-warming testimonies like this ^^ Thanks for sharing & God bless you =)

  2. Unc Kim Soon says:

    Wai Leem finally got to read your amazing testimony. Well done and of course glory to the One whom you worship and the One who loves you dearly, Amen.

  3. Undergraduate says:

    Hello Wai Leem,may I know that must we get all straight A’s for our A-Level to be given a JPA. And dont mind me asking,did u gt straight A’s for ur A-lvl..Tq

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