Aug 23

So it started of as helping a friend do her social experiment. Pretty simple, just comment on her post on where we first met and repost it on my wall. Not too long later.. boom! people started commenting on my post too! Pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s how it looked like.

The Social Experiment FB Post

My my.. I’ve read this over and over again and it always gives me smiles.

Another friend posted on my wall saying…

Feeling Inferior XD

Well, he could very well be kidding but hmmm.. left me thinking. Insignificance?

I know there were some terrible  awesome comments like STRIP CLUB. ohyeaaah

Actually many of them are all from the same college, same school, but what I like is the way each one says it. Its not just a general (though some are) place or occurrence, but its a particular moment, time and place that I’ve met these people and know them till now.

That’s why I guess, I never regret spending time with friends because sometimes its not the special events that melt your heart, its those simple conversations, the first awkward moment when we say ‘hi’ with a handshake.

I thank God that He has given me such a wide circle of friends. Which is uber cool but is a friend just another friend? Again the phrase got into my mind that ‘not everyone is prominent, but everyone is significant’. Honestly, not every friend I can spend time with but one way or another, has made an impact in my life. It could be a huge meteor impact, or just, a baby footprint, an impact, nonetheless.

Thanks Ee Laine for doing this social experiment, which I don’t know whether succeeded or not but it sure reminded me how God opened doors for me to know them.

Question: How significant are the people around you, to you?

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Aug 21

On my blog, on top, the tab called “The Whylame”

Paragraph 7, is a lie. I’m sorry God. haha! But as time passes, I kinda changed my mind.

This is what it reads,

“He also believes that whoever invented the hair shaver is a total genius and pays tribute to him/her because now with the shaver The Whylame can enjoy an amazing hair style, one that he will NEVER let go off.”

Yea that’s a lie cause, I’ve decided that after 10 years of shaving my head. I think I wanna keep it.

Yes I said it, I wanna keep my hair. *shock face*

From a good boy hairstyle, imma going bad boy now! ohyeaaaa! XD

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Aug 21

In many ways, its a bad thing when you use this word.

This time, its just bad for me, good for all those who do.

Many of my closest of friends, are slowly leaving, whether overseas, or just far away from where I’m staying.

Its like a door that they walk through, and for me to open that door to go through, either cost a lot, or takes too much time or somehow, one way or another, I just can’t afford it.

I wish them all the best, and I will want to see them still, through skype or other means of communication, but honestly, its just gonna be a very lonely me (for now), in Malaysia. Everyone is going to start studying, while I’m still trying to apply, get scholarships, yada yada. This is really, a new season, a whole new outlook and approach towards the life that I will have to live.

Take care my fellow friends.

Please come back through the door.

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Aug 21

So, I end this transition phase with good and bad results.

Bad result – I’ve failed to obtained my scholarship, yet again. So I’m trying to appeal and do whatever it takes, but honestly, I don’t know what or how to do whatever it takes, insights please?

Good result – I GOT 4As! Yes I know people got 4A*s and whatever la. I’m just glad I did it without any retakes and my first straight As because I didn’t take chinese language. kekeke… But THANK YOU JESUS!

So basically I’m stuck as I try to move on to this new chapter of my life. Hoping, praying that more scholarships will open up and JPA will change their mind and look for me, at the same time, seeking God to show me where to go, what to do, at this point in time. I would have honestly preferred ABB with a scholarship than AAAA with no scholarship.

BUT, maybe there’s a reason and God’s trying to tell me something. Hmmm.. I don’t know what, but I’m waiting to hear.

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Aug 21

As I move from high school, to college, to God-knows-where, the more I was in touch with something, the more I end up being out of touch with them. Which I guess, its normal.

I kept writing and rewriting this post because I don’t know how to put it so I’ll make this extremely short.

To be in touch with more, you gotta be out of touch with some. But you still can stay in touch with some, but you have to choose to do so. So people that you want to stay in touch with, continue to build that relationship, hang out more, talk  more, spend time more.

If it isn’t intentional, you might as well let go, and be out of touch.

Just something that I thought of, even as I move on to the next chapter of my life.

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