Jul 16

woohoo! So as of today (Monday, 16 July 2012), I am no longer bound by that red ‘P’ sticker on a car. 😀

I just want to thank God for taking care of me throughout these 2 years and pray that He will continue to, and I’m glad to have fetched all the people I’ve fetched, and I want to do more! Just that, I still don’t have a car :/

But there’s something about driving that I just love so  much, when many others, just don’t. A year back or so, I wrote 2 blogpost about drivers and their cars, All Those Cars (1) & All Those Cars (2)

And I also want to continually thank more people now! Past people who still fetch me a lot since back then, but more people now like Amy, Wei Nien, Fei, Sheng Yang, Sarah, Ronald, Joshua, Yap and so on. I really really appreciate it a lot. I want you to know that. :]

But I just wanna say something about being in car, when 2 or more people mutually consent to be in one enclosed area, on a journey.

There is just something special about it, I can’t explain it, but its just interesting. I always feel that if building relationships is like laying down bricks as building blocks, then every time people are in the car, blocks are ALWAYS being laid down. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a lot of conversation, or whether only one person is talking, or whether there’s none at all, relationship is somehow steadily, doesn’t matter fast or slow, is being built.

Its just so amazing! At least for me la, because what I love to do is to know people for who they are, and being in a car with them whether I’m driving or being fetched one way or another, I get to know them every time, just a bit better. And I don’t mean to sound like a stalker but that’s me! I’m interested in journeying life with you.

Legend has it that how my parents got together was because my dad was assigned to fetch my mum every week for prayer meeting in those days, and after I don’t know how long, they got together. My point is that I will in the end be with a girl because we grew close after all the times of fetching My point is relationship is built whenever people are in the car, on a ride to wherever that may be.

But of course I still hope to fetch her, because I want to know her more, because I want to make the right decision when time comes.


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Jul 15

Let’s get down to something short, interesting and yet serious.

Last Friday in Sheep United (church cell group), we did a short devotional on Exodus 17:8-16, using the devotional tool, SOAP.

In general, there were 2 main things that spoke to the majority, that we need to write God’s faithfulness down so that we remember, and the other was about servants, Aaron and Hur, supporting Moses, in this occasion.

But while people were speaking, I realized something. I asked myself, we speak so much about supporting our leaders, what about leaders themselves? Though I believe to be a great leader starts from being a great servant, yet I’m also pretty sure the WORD teaches some leadership skills. So I asked, what can I learn from Moses?

Then I realized, this is one part where it is recorded that God DID NOT TELL Moses what to do. To cut long story short, its about a war, and Moses went up the hill and raise the staff. As long as Moses raised the staff, the Israelites won, when he lowered it, the Israelites started to lose. But interestingly, a lot of things prior to that event, God always told Moses what to do, like strike the rock, or do this and that, even the plagues in Egypt, but this time, we read that God said NOTHING.

It hit. WOW. God said nothing but yet Moses made the right decision, it was a God idea. How is this possible? I personally believe it is because Moses experienced God’s faithfulness so constantly, and why the staff? Probably because a lot of miracles prior to that, was using the staff. But the thing is, I DON”T KNOW!

So I came up with this statement, that Godly Leaders will or should know what to do, even when, God at times doesn’t show us exactly what to do. In fact, maybe He has! maybe last time or through other people, but sometimes He doesn’t say anything at that point, because He trust us that as leaders, we know what is the right thing to do.

It will never be easy when this happens, but that’s what leaders should learn to be, to have constant walk with God, to remember His faithfulness, and to carry on even when we don’t ‘hear’ Him.

But to note, this doesn’t mean that whenever you don’t hear God then whatever it is you just try or think its right, rather, double check with the Word, tell people your plans (like Moses), and if its really God, the same outcome should prevail, where in Moses’ case, He can declare that God is my Banner, likewise, we can declare something great about God through our experience.

Learn to be a Godly leader, just as Jesus is.

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Jul 04

For the past one whole week, I’ve finally done it. From 1564 friends down to 498 friends.

Its probably.. the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life..

I feel very sad la honestly, because I hate ‘unfriending’ people I know, all these question start popping into my head like what if they are so sure we’re friends and search for me and realize that I’ve unfriended him/her? Heartache? haih.. It was a tough decision, but I needed to make a decision.

So I’m just gonna say why I did it, and what will happen in the future.

I had friends who did that few years back, but for me then, I didn’t really care, I added people as friends so much that some are just people I’ve seen but haven’t even talked to. I didn’t mind back then cause sometimes I was promoting stuff that needed to reach the mass public and as many as possible, then surely this would be a good place!

But that was a past season. Now? Well, it came to a challenge to have FB friends, but these are friends that either I have been communicating with or want to communicate more with. Not that I don’t want to know more about those I unfriended, some of us even had been good friends, but over time, well, we grow apart, sadly. Nonetheless, in any case we want to reconnect, it isn’t that hard either, but from this point forth, these 498 people are people I want to journey my life with, for now.

So as I said, for now. What happens in the future?
Firstly, I would say that I am honoured to have known you and shared whatever part of my life with you and many times I remember and cherish it.
Secondly, I’m sorry I did what I did to you, but come on, being a friend is not defined by FB, I still know you, you still know me!
Thirdly, this is never the end! If and when and God willing our paths crossed again, no doubt surely I will add you back!

But the real question is..
Yes I’ve unfriended many many people, but who will actually realize it?

I’ve done what I’ve done and I do not regret it. I love people and as I said, FB doesn’t defined friendship. Fingers crossed, that our paths will meet again. Thank you for all the time you’ve been there in my life, whether good or bad, cause I probably have learnt something.


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