Jun 26

Its interesting how while having exams you can start dreaming of all the things you would do after exams, the life, the fun, the excitement.

then when it really is after exams, it seems more boring than fun? Ughh..

Somehow for me something sad sure has to happen, this time round, my dad got a surgery and now back home meaning that someone has to always be at home to take care of him, and if my brothers and mum is working.. its gotta be ME! Not that I don’t like, its just that it restricts me a  little bit more. :(

Ah but that wasn’t my point, the question really is, if such free time, where would it be spent? After a series of different things that happened in my family and things that convicted me, this time round, my plans for all the free time, was prioritized.

So I started of with family. 😀 maybe I didn’t do enough in the past, this time is different. Took out my calendar, and whatever my mum wanted me to do or whatever, first went into my calendar.

Then only plans with friends and etc came into place.

I suppose the lesson here is you can never go wrong with family. See when I try to plan things with others and I can’t make it for certain days because of family, its perfectly fine and thankfully, people respect that plus family would be glad too!

God gave us a family, yea perhaps some of ours isn’t as good, perhaps some even divorced, I’m sorry, but whatever it is, love your family. There have been testimonies of families changing because the child just tried his best to love his parents and siblings, and the family from an unstable household became strong.

So whatever time you have, do what then? I don’t know exactly, but something that makes your family proud. At least then, when you sleep at home, you can sleep in peace.

ok I don’t have a dog, and brothers instead sisters, but I LOVE MY FAMILY! :D

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Jun 25

This is it.

After 1 and 1/2 years, I have completed my A Levels. Well, its just one and a half only, but this chapter was an interesting and worth remembering one.

I’ve met awesome classmates, weird people, ‘happy’ people, study-crazy people, party-yet-score-high-marks people, people with a passion, and those without, look-for-glamour people, trying-to-stand out people, ah the list goes on and on.

In any case, I suppose wherever we go, whatever uni it is, we always meet the same KIND of people, but the best part is everyone of them is different still. Some we may dislike, some we may love, but for me, I always enjoy knowing people for who they are.

Anyway, so what am I to say? Hmm.. a  lot of things, but I want to end it by saying a big thank you to everyone has played a part in this transition period for me. To my classmates, to the HUCF gang, to my lecturers. If enjoyed my high school life, that means I would have doubly enjoyed my college life. Everything was double! Double the fun, double the craziness, double the stress! haha..

I started off A Levels aiming to really know people in a deeper way. Thank God I could for some, and for many others maybe not as much as I wanted to but to me, I always treasure every person I meet. I may not be a people person, always in the hottest topic or have mouthful of things to say, but I sure increasing my circles every chance I get.

Yea, so you see me writing a lot about people? Because really, exams to me wasn’t the thing that stands out this time though it is famous to, but I just felt that every moment spent, I focused on my friends, family, and people I wanted to meet and know better.

So my 1 and half year journey was that simple, perhaps to some not worth it, but I would never regret a single moment of it. And so I thank God for bringing in every single person that I’ve met throughout this time, and I want to remember it for many more years to come.

I’m now just a step closer, to being a doctor. :)

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