Apr 11

This morning I had some ‘me’ time. Alone, no one knew where I was, no form of contact could reach me. Just me and God. :)

Just only for some 3 hours plus and a lot of it was to do with reflection.

And if there’s one thing I know for sure after those few hours, is that I’m not burnt out, neither burning out, rather it was like fuel for the flame.

We burn out because at times we do too much and burn out happens because we lose focus on why we do what we do. Burn out happens because we doing things for the sake of just doing, no purpose in it anymore.

I’ve been busy, I’ve been crazily busy. But after today’s reflection, I thank God I’m not burnt out and everything I do, there really is a purpose and meaning in what I do. *phew*

So ask yourself, are you burnt out? Well, its hard to answer straight away, I would suggest making (yes, MAKE time, don’t find it, cause you’ll never actually will, you gotta take time and set it aside) some ‘me’ time and reflect. :)

Burning strong

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