Feb 15

To be honest, after my brother and parents gone through a few car accidents, I thought going through one myself would be interesting and just to experience it. Well, so I did get a chance in the end. SO NOT COOL.

Okay, so what imma gonna tell you here now is some tips if you do encounter a car accident, just like me.

First of all, if its your fault just make the report honest and admit please, its very troublesome if you don’t and this will affect the other party.

okay, but what if, its NOT your fault?

Step 1: AT THE MOMENT AND POINT OF ACCIDENT, this is VERY IMPORTANT, the moment the accident happens, don’t move the car, EVEN IF IT CAUSES A JAM, just get down of the car and START TAKING PICTURES of the accident and damage, the more the better! Satisfied with the pictures? Then only move the car aside to talk.

Step 2: TAKE MORE PICTURES! hahaha, no I’m serious, take more pictures. But what pictures? These are some of the important things, the car plate, ALL the damage, the other driver’s face, the company name and address (if its a lorry or truck, etc).

Step 3: Collect details. Few things to take, IC (actually you don’t need it, but.. who knows?), Full Name and phone number

Step 4: ASSUME that EVERYONE IS BAD, but be nice. They being nice and helpful at that point in time does not reflect what they might or might not say in the police report. I’m serious.

Step 5: Best is to go TOGETHER to make the police report, if not, its also okay, but you’d better pray hard.

Step 6: PRAY. no kidding.

If everyone speaks the truth then usually things go much faster and settled faster. Otherwise like me, haizz.. one say this the other say that and because I didn’t do Step 1, I’m stuck at where I am now, car can’t get fixed and police is taking their time.

So, follow my advice and your car accident experience will be… smoother.

Or better? DON”T FREAKING GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT! Well, it is an accident after all though. :/ Hmm…

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Feb 01

Celebrated my birthday last Monday, it was eventful! Got good got bad, but I’m just gonna share what happened between the 3 days, 29th, 30th and 31st.

Since 29th was a Sunday, I went to church as usually, but abnormally early because I was hosting! Get to just stand at the lift area and greet people.. Besides church and dim sum breakfast after, nothing really much happened until evening 4pm when my church was having a sports event at challenger, now that was AWESOME! πŸ˜€

To say the least and not boasting at all, it was just my day la. Haha! I played futsal and the first match I played I scored the first goal in like.. 1 minute? Haha! Then did some assisting then I became keeper HAPPILY! πŸ˜€ I love playing my position, and again, it was my day la, saved like countless number of balls, block here block there and conceded only one..OH YEAA! Then the last game I played before leaving was also another awesome one. Started as keeper but conceded the first goal, then my team equalized with a nice keeper throw to striker and score, then I conceded again. Man… So then we decided to switch keepers and I go and attack. And then.. came my equalizer. I signaled the keeper, he knew what I wanted, so he threw the ball with a nice parabolic curve down and with some estimation, I stretched my leg just enough to touch and divert the ball pass the keeper into the goal. Stunner. I never thought i could have done that! HAHAHAHA..

I ended 29th with my birthday family dinner at Indian Kitchen at Bangsar and meet Ambika and Hema, 2 of my wonderful A Levels classmates. I LOVE THE FOOD THERE.

So my birthday! 30th
I actually didn’t do much didn’t have much going on. In the morning I went to play badminton with a group of friends then came back home and cleaned the house, i mean seriously, I cleaned my house on my birthday, WHO DOES THAT? But I felt it was something symbolic as I start my own year ahead. Anyway, that’s another post to tell. Then at night I met up with the same group of friends I played badminton with and just chilled in MidValley.

And actually, that’s about it! Can you believe it, nothing much really happened. Hmmm…

Anyway, so 31st. This is an experience I will learn from.
When I started driving, there was one post that I said that I was no longer an accident virgin, well, that was something minor la, nothing really much, but yesterday, on the 31st, that was really one serious accident, my first actual accident. All in all, it wasn’t my fault la, and I’ve learnt a lot of things from it like don’t care if it causes a jam, just get down from the car at the point of accident and take pictures. Remember that. The picture shows how bad the car is.

But then, thank God for really really awesome friends. I love them so much! This was my old chscf gang and we had dinner and chilled, talked at Aaron’s place and yea.. had fun being with each other la. Sadly though, in the midst of talking, we hear this person that person going to leave soon or not so soon, its really going to be sad la, when they all leave. :/ Β In any case, its a group of friends that I don’t want to lose. :’)


Jo Fan, Aaron and I played FIFA 12 multiplayer for so long and so much and it was FUN! haha.. and by 12 something in the morning, i got back home and thus ended my three days.

It was a great time and some great experiences. Got good got bad, but it all worked out somehow and I thank God for family, for friends and well, of course, just God himself, He’s just so awesome la. :)

I also just want to thank everyone who wished me on Facebook, Twitter and those smsed me, THANK YOU! :)

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