Jan 29

I was thinking what do I usually do on the eve of my birthday, and I just remembered that its my blog anniversary! 😀

Well, so counting back, its been 4 years I’ve had readers, 4 years I’ve been writing, though at times not consistently, and 4 years just trying my best to learn and to inspire. Cool!

But this year onwards, MORE than just building relationships, which I’ve been trying to work on with some awesome success and I’m still working on many, this year for me, its about making a lot of decisions.


Its time, from me being 19 years old, to start making a stand and making decisions. No more stalling, no more indecisiveness, no more procrastination, its time man!

Its time that I write things down, to put it down for people to see and be accountable, to remember it and internalize it than just think of it and forget the hour later. I need to write things down.

And my blog? Mainly the same objectives, to inspire people but I feel that lessons learnt this year as I share, will be somehow somewhat linked to decisions, whether its making them, fulfilling them or what, chances is its going to be about decisions.

Happy anniversary bloggy and thanks for reading, continue to read and I will do my best to post as frequent as I can.

God bless, and love you all!


Wai Leem

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Jan 03

I still love writing long blog post, I don’t know why. But I just try to keep things short and simple.

Anyway, its been a real stagnant time for me, for my blog.. I’m still excited and interested in writing lessons whether great and simple as long as its meaningful and applicable but you know, recently, its just been hard to find some INSPIRATION.

Then, it seemed to come so easily, its like as if now I’ve learnt it all and have nothing to write, but NO! There’s so much more to learn but I just can’t come up with something.. Its as if I’ve lost focused. Hmm.. maybe that’s it. Focus, gotta be more observant, think more, listen more, read more and perhaps the most important thing is to be sensitive, to know what to write to know what to take note of.

This year gotta be different. Easy to say, hard to do. Ah.


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Jan 01

Well, I usually don’t do this,
but for fun and to wish everyone..



Well, no one can really predict what’s going to happen

But for me, I think its going to be an exciting year!

Which exciting doesn’t mean good, but still, its EXCITING!

Anyway, I cut my hair just before 12am yesterday
Then I had to take bath and purposely did it at such a time
so that when I come out of the bathroom its the new year!
Meaning.. I started the year FRESH!
HAHAHAHAHA, get it get it?

Take care people, God Bless.

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