Nov 27

Ahh well, one week after another, I did 2 runs! Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2011 and Nike Run 2011!

As for PBIM 2011, I did 21km and Nike Run I did 10km.

I must say, both were an incredible experience! I’ll start with PBIM 2011.

Man, my run started at 3am! haha.. I didn’t managed to do a good timing, it was pretty sucky, 3 hours and 3 minutes. That was because I had a terrible injury but excuses aside, it was pretty interesting! What I loved most about PBIM 2011 was that as I was running, I always met people along the way who saw the “Powered By Jesus” shirt that I was running with and they were just excited and encouraged me all the way!

One guy was a lecturer at a teacher’s college, teaching bio and another guy is a student at UTAR whom Alex (my cousin and an Xtramiler) has inspired him to do running evangelism. And there was this random guy who was wearing ear plugs coming up to me and as he passed me, shouted, “I like that t-shirt!” Made me laughed so loudly!

Well, despite a terrible timing, I enjoyed the part where it was on the bridge, and the set up of the whole event was so meticulously well planned and all I knew was that I needed to finish the run, not caring what the timing was.

And then was Nike Run!

Well, to start with, I woke up late! and rushed to Chun Yeen’s place like crazily! But somehow, I prayed and thank God we actually reached on time! We had this odd opportunity to be a “VIP” runner and so we could cut a lot of lines and started much nearer to the front than expected, so it was pretty cool!

Then it started and along the way, I meet my friends from HELP CF who I knew were volunteering, Eddryl, Jo and Abby, and at the end, I met a super old school friend, Callie! and Of course my cousin, Alex, right nearing the end as he shouted, “he’s my cousin!” Ah malu, cause I didn’t do as good a timing as I wanted.

My aim this run was an hour run but I did almost the same timing as last year. Nonetheless, the journey of just meeting people along the way was just exciting. OH! And the guy I met in PBIM who was inspired by Alex, his name is Ray, I met him again nearing the end, and we finished it together!

One thing about Nike Run is that its the cheapest, but the most worth it. Last year, RM10 but the shirt was like WAHHH… although the figurine sucked. Then this year, RM20, and the shirt equally.. WAHHHH and this time a keychain, which was okay la, untill.. we realized that the keychain is also a pendrive! COOLNESS! 😀

Anyway, I don’t have PBIM 2011 photos, but I’ll just show some Nike Run photos la. I really had a great time indeed!

My running buddy! Thanks to him I managed to enter the run!

Its a pendrive!

Since we were VIPs, we got to enter a "Chillout Zone" specially for VIPs, with good seats!

And free FOODD!


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Nov 27

Back in September, one of the saddest things happened this year, one of HELP’s shuttle bus driver passed away due to a health condition.

Haha! I  mean, you would be wondering to yourself right now, come on! He’s just a bus driver.. right? Well, you might think so, but for many of us, he was a friend too.

We called him Uncle Venu or sometimes Velu and personally for me, it started with meeting him at Bangsar LRT station, every morning at 7.30 am, where he will come and fetch us. I also made it a point to say thank you and as time passed, I was bored in the front of the bus, so I thought talking to him would be the next best idea.

That’s when I grew to know him a bit more, day by day, slowly. He was the kindest, safest and friendly bus driver that I’ve ever met. Sadly, the later part before he passed away, I didn’t use the LRT so early in the morning anymore, and I only got to see him less and less. But the cool part was, despite that, on and off when I saw him along the road driving, we still waved at each other and a couple of times he even honked at me just to get my attention. I couldn’t imagine anything better!

Of all that I knew him to be, if I were to conclude it in one sentence, as his legacy to me, is “he was a living example of someone who was ordinary, or perhaps even less than ordinary, but living an extraordinary life for the people he fetched and shuttled day by day.”

These are just some of the many other things people said about him:

Thanges Krishnan
May GOD bless his soul…. he is such a wonderful person…. he waited for us to board the bus even it is full.. he is friendly enuf to stick all the poster on his bus…and i cant 4get that he always keep the Sun newspaper for me…I just still cant believe it …… I wanted to meet him next year during my graduation day …sad…very sad… Uncle Venu, I gona miss you when i return to HELP soon……..

Pratheebhan Saravanan
I managed to go for his funeral and had the chance of helping his sons with carrying Uncle Venu’s coffin till the entrance of the flats which he lived… It was the least that I could do for a very dear friend , Uncle and Mentor…. R.I.P

Wai Leem Au Yong
There aren’t many EXCELLENT bus drivers like you, you know? By far, you’re one of the many few bus drivers that was GREAT, if only more were like you.. RIP

Ramani Ganason
i just can’t believe this uncle…u used to honk n smile at me every time u see me…u were the best i’ve seen at HELP…may god bless u…RIP uncle..we’re goin to miss u so much..

Ravi Varmman
Its time like this that the fragility of life is realized. However observing from the outpouring from students, I believe Venu lead a meaningful life. He has impacted many people. He would definitely be a blessed soul.

Muhammad Abidin
We used to chit chat for long hours, you used to honk n smile at me, i’ve known u for years..u gave me fatherly advice, u wil never fail to show up for all of us.. the word cheerful is meant for u.. but now, God Almighty loved u more than us.. Uncle Venu, today whenever i pass by or sit at the bus waiting place, i just cudnt believe that your not there anymore, the image of u smiling and all those times we used to talk still lingering around.. till the day we meet again in the other side of the world, Rest in Peace Uncle Venu, truly from my heart 

Mun Kuan
A quote that I’ll always remember from the windscreen of his bus:
‘Be grateful always, for everything and everyone, at every moment. – Master Cheng Yen’

Koo Ley Ser
Dear uncle Venu, I hope you can hear me even though you are in the heaven….I was shocked when I heard about this…U are always that cheerful and friendly, you would even honk at me and say hi to me when you saw me waiting for other buses at the road side, you would always chat to me when I was in your bus or even I just passed through main block area…I will always remember you saying: “Sudah habis kelas ah? Balik sekarang? ” Uncle, I miss your smile, I miss your friendliness, and your kindness. May you rest in peace, Uncle Venu =) God bless…

Ross Stephenson
May God bless his soul and his family in this time of need…. May this appreciation for people like our dear Uncle Venu continue for all generations of people in HELP… how precious life is indeed.

Asharaf Mariappan
Very shock to get this news :( was planning to get him a gift cause going to finish my course in HELP and want to give him my utmost gratitude to him :( will miss you Uncle Venu! :(

I got all these from an event page in FB that was dedicated to him. We collected funds for his funeral and some even made it for the funeral. So many more people said so many other things, this is just some of it, but it goes to show that no matter how you are, what you are, what you do, when you do, there is always an opportunity to be a blessing to the people around you. Now those living better lives than his, we all have no excuse..

R.I.P Uncle Venu.

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