Oct 11

Haha! Today was amazing. If you’ll know about Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS), you’d know how to setting was like, where a group of panelist will go up stage, sit on those big single seater couches, and do the talking. In MSLS, I was wondering whether I will ever get that chance, and well, I DID!

Lesson 38#:

Man oh man.. Its like actually a dream come true! I mean, come on, an 18 year old guy like me, how often do you get these chances to speak to an easily 100+ crowd of adults and policy makers and just be a source of inspiration? I mean, I’m just so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity, its really, WOW.

This seminar is called, “Child Online Protection Seminar” and my role was pretty easy actually, just talk about how youth and children use technology. Its really really not that hard, and I mean, the point now as I’m writing  this blogpost, I am using technology! So yea, was just sharing all the more better sides of technology, just to remind the adults that technology is NEUTRAL, but its how we USE it that makes a difference, and ensuring how the next generation uses it is really by instilling a proper value system.

Anyway, so having that opportunity today, it was surreal, haha! And of course, treated like a VIP. Had a special table, people serving me than me taking my own food, and since majority were adults, a lot of adult talk la, put it simple. You know, a lot of times I’d always wonder how it feels like seating at that special table, having that special room, and I’ve finally found and felt what it is like.. HORRIBLE.

Okay, not like horrible horrible la.. I mean, conversations with them and all were great and interesting, but the feeling for me just wasn’t right! The topic they were all talking about had really nothing wrong, but its just this different atmosphere, *shrugs* it wasn’t me. And the people I was seating with really really are awesome and interesting people! Really nothing wrong about them, really! But it was just, different. Before the next set of food came, I quickly sat with the GG fellas and ahhh… so much more like home, relaxing, more chilled though equally talking about serious matters. Its just, DIFFERENT! But you see, this was the only part I didn’t like about being a VIP, because I didn’t get to talk to all the common people around, the students that were there, and other random people who do equally or even more than myself.

I came home thinking whether I’d like to do this again and of course I would! I love speaking to people, I love sharing my heart out, but perhaps I will never again feel jealous or feel greedy of having to seat at the VIP table. Eating at the VIP table today for me, was not of value it seems, though I must say, the people around that table are real quality, surely! But it wasn’t me.

VIP (Very Important People/Person). That’s who we all are. I don’t care whether you’ve been on TV 3 times in the past year, or on newspaper with your face nicely photographed, or up stage talking to 100s of people or having top ministry office people as contacts, I DON”T CARE. But because what you do and what everyone does is important. In this context, what people do for their country and especially in the area of training children, youth and parents on cyber wellness. We truly are all VIPs and we all play our each and individual special roles in each issue in different context.

I today felt no different than everyone who were listening to me. All working towards something better, all wanting to see change and improvement to our lives and the lives of our next generation. We all need some sort of help, and we all can provide a certain degree of help to each other.

I am important, just as you are. We all are very important people, we all are VIPs. Remember that.

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Oct 04

lovely notes from various people, M&M's from mua angel! suppose to have chipsmore too but I ate it already :P


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Oct 04

Well, this post is from the viewpoint of me as a committee and as the camp commandant.

Before I start, let me just introduce to you my committee:
Elizabeth – Assistant
Candice – Secretary
Ross, Kenneth, Justine – Games
Adeline – Registration and Treasurer
Alvin Teoh – Logistics
Alvin Dan – Prayer and Worship
Jean – Publicity
Judah – Security

Well, looking back at my records, we started this whole planning around 5 months ago. Wah.. nostalgic.

Back then I barely knew my assistant, and most of the committee aside from Judah, Adeline and Jean, I only knew them by name, said hi once or twice, yea, that was the situation. I also still remembered Elizabeth asking why I was taking so long to call for the first meeting and all, haha!

Well, I must say, God provided me with an amazing committee, not a perfect one, but it was one of the best I’ve ever worked with. Each with their unique talents and abilities, they did whatever they could to make this camp a successful one. Haha! nearing the camp, Ross was saying how he innocently agreed to join the committee, not knowing the “torture” that was coming his way, blamed that I conned him into this. Haha!

Me being me, I was pretty chilled at most times, wanting to see work done at the same time not looking stress. I suppose the most challenging time for us as the committee, perhaps more so for me and Elizabeth, was when 3 weeks before the camp, there were only 10+ people who signed up and our aim was 60+. WHAT?! Yea, that is scary, trust me. Plus at that time, there were a lot of internal inefficiency in the committee that I gave Elizabeth full authority to reprimand them since I usually very nice.

Even for me personally, I kept questioning myself, WHAT IF I didn’t take up the responsibility, I didn’t need to be stressed, or worried or so busy, I could have more time for studies, doing other stuff and all.. I even started to have doubts, would this and that go well? Would enough people come? Would people complain endlessly?.. Haha! well, I suppose all the work of the devil, but in me, deep deep deep in me, I held fast to God.

One of the other major scary things was when we scouted the camp site, we totally didn’t expect to see what we saw. Our first impression was literally :O and then :S BUT LOOK HOW THINGS TURNED OUT! The space was just a nice fit for the camp! Dorms weren’t as bad as we expected. PA and mic worked totally fine, we had a good use of the beach. Again, GOD IS GOOD! 😀 After the camp, was talking to Elizabeth, and reminded her of the scouting time and the actually camp, it was like a total 180 degrees difference!

Of course there were times when things was a little slow and super last minute on the spot stuff, but all in all, thank God that really, everything went well, my committees were very cooperative, I myself learnt a lot from them, and it was so GREAT to get to know them. Now.. I just hope that our relationship with each other will stay strong and will last. :’)

I cannot ever stop saying that God once again showed that it all comes back to HIM. He was there every step of the way! Jesus was really amazing amazing amazing! Not just in making sure transportation until the last minute was settled, not just that the games was awesome and we all had fun, not just the fellowship and getting to know each other, not just all the laughter that we had, but even the tears shed, and really really, His awesome presence that moved among us, it was INDESCRIBABLE! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

Even now, I’m still overwhelmed by God’s grace. Ahhh.. God be MAGNIFIED!

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Oct 04


Last weekend, HELP University CF had a camp at Golden Sands Baptist and my goodness, it was awesome! The theme of the camp was “Conform no more, TRANSFORM!”

Day 1 (Friday)
Well for me, I had to go early since I still had class in the morning. But more so for me, I was pretty stressed, trying to keep a clear conscious mind, praying that every little thing will be going well. So anyway, thank goodness Adeline drove, cause I still left stuff at home, had to rush all the way home and then back..

So by the time we got back to HELP, wah.. almost everyone was already waiting and ready to go! Managed to get some time to get to know some of the campers that I’ve not met before and chatted with them. Not too long after, the bus came and we were ready to ciao!

See the thing is, most of us actually had classes in the morning. So the funny part was, the trip to the campsite which most of the time people are awake, this time, many all fell asleep! Ironically. So the journey was pretty much quiet and of course, I kinda expected it a little, we got lost. :S But it wasn’t as bad as the time we were scouting, cause at least we still remembered landmarks and all. *phew*

So we got down, headed to the hall, and ice breaking started! Well, it all sounded fun until I had to run around for the keys and what not, so I couldn’t participate as much. :( But from all the times I was there, everything was pretty funny! It really broke quite a lot of ice since most of us didn’t know each other that well then.

Later in the evening, the next batch of people started to come, one car after the other and at last, all the campers have arrived! Dinner was served and first session started. In the first session, Ps Dave talked about relationship. The whole session really brought us back to the basics of our Christian faith, and that is our relationship as a Child of God.

After that, the groups were asked to make their flags from their respective colours and fun night themes were given out. Well, a typical college camp I suppose, first night, A LOT of people already slept late. Like real early morning.. yea..

Day 2 (Saturday)
All the groups had some time of devotion and just getting to know each other better. After breakfast, session 2! Session 2 was focused on trust.  In order to let God transform you, we cannot give God any ‘excepts’ in our lives. Trust God in EVERY area of our lives, no more excepts. Another powerful session by God and God’s presence was so evident.

After lunch, it was games time! The committee really did a great job, and I’m sure we all had fun one way or the other. There was this epic moment for me, if only someone videoed it. haha! One thing great about the games is that I was pretty sure the groups got to know each other way better.

Of course, when it all ended at the beach, the games master, Kenneth and Ross HAD to be thrown into the sea. And I.. an innocent participant, haha! Was thrown also. Okay, to everyone else, I wasn’t just an innocent participant la, but hey! I had to go through the games as much as you did! 😛

Anyway, session 3 was all about living that life of transformation. After being reminded that we are a child of God, and giving God our fullest of trust, now we must live it out. Ps Dave gave examples of Campus Revo and  stories from Indonesia on people who are not afraid to be Christians and these people really just live a life of love, and bless their communities, and it brings a great impact on their communities. Once again, another powerful powerful session where a group of people rededicated their lives back to God and it was amazing.

After the session it was FUN NIGHT! Probably the most epic time throughout the camp. The groups all had something to give, and surely something to laugh about. Especially the gender debates, it was so epic, for guys mainly, I personally laughed so hard that my jaw and stomach was in pain. HAHA! Really one epic night.

Day 3 (Sunday)
Again started the day with devotion. After breakfast, since Ps Dave had to leave earlier the night before, so he wasn’t with us during session 4. Nonetheless, my assistant camp comm, Elizabeth felt God wanting us to pray for each and every camper personally. Having the committees consent, after worship, we prayed for each and every camper. My goodness, it was amazing. It was so simple, yet I could just feel God’s presence so astounding and powerful, even I teared.

Well, after that we had a short time of testimony, which we heard a couple of great stuff, then we went on revealing who’s the angel and mortal. Another good time laughing! Well, I forgot how check in check out times work, so realizing that check out time was way past, had to get everyone to quickly rush back to their dorms and pack up and eat lunch. I on the other hand had to settle the bill and all.

After a quick time of prize giving, we had to leave and headed back to HELP. And.. HU CF Camp 2011.. ended.

Well, by the time I got back home, and later Sunday night, it was an amazing amount of spam and cool stuff on the HU CF group and no matter what, I’m sure even after the camp, that night, just reading the statuses, comments and all, there was still so much to laugh about. But if I could relive some of the moments, I surely would.

All thanks to our heavenly Father, JESUS! Who made this camp one awesome awesome time. Be.. TRANSFORMED!

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