Sep 08

So, do you know the state of the world children? Haha!

This year’s UNICEF flagship report entitled, “Adolescences: The Age of Opportunity”  was officially launched in Malaysia today (8 September 2011) at Annexe Gallery, near Pasar Seni.

I must say, a very apt theme in such a time as these, where now the focus is not on health or education or slavery/trafficking but it was about participation. Its about giving victims a chance to rise up from where they are in speak for themselves, about them standing up for their rights to a normal life and health, etc. But okay, let’s not go too far on this, let’s tone it down a notch. Just in your community, are the adolescences playing a role in society? Giving their opinions, ideas and thoughts to contributing the development of just the place you stay? Basically, are the adolescences given an avenue to express their feelings and thoughts that will actually be taken into account?

The flagship report’s understanding is that the age of adolescences, IS the age of their opportunity. Its an outright slap to adults who think that youth shouldn’t play a part in the development of the society, even to its tiniest detail. YET, the amazing thing is the panel forum had a specific topic which was just as excellent, “Youth and Adults: Collaboration of Forces for a better world” WOW. You see, as we adolescences rise up and take our place in the development of the country, we are also saying ‘thank you’ and ‘let’s do this together’. We KNOW that you made mistakes, and we KNOW that our ideas at most times can be more out of the box and excellent than yours BUT we KNOW that adult’s experience, what they’ve seen and gone through is priceless. Thus, we want to establish that given the opportunity, we don’t want to run it alone.

Well, that’s basically the whole idea of the report and I myself had a great time listening and meeting people at the forum, whether young or old, disabled or able. It really was something different. I don’t know why, but I just feel like its a camp, where after the camp, you’ll be so tired yet just hoping to have that same experience again.

Perhaps I was right, that it really isn’t the work that you do, but WHY you do the work that you do that makes EVERYTHING so worthwhile, so fulfilling, satisfying and you know, you just can’t stop moving on!

I really thank God for these amazing opportunities cause HE really knows what I find satisfaction in and just provides me with it. THANK YOU JESUS!

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