Aug 30

I am EXACTLY a day late. haha.. since its almost 12 am

Anyway, to all of my readers, don’t know how many or how little or.. none?

I just wanted to say, maaf zahir and batin, and forgive me if in anyway, anything of my post or what I said here in this blog or real life has offended you or wronged you, forgive me! And thank you for your continuous reading and visitation to my blog.

I still aim to inspire and encourage and thus will NEVER stop blogging, though at times, not so frequent, but I WILL!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA and to all Malaysians, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!! 😀

its called, RAYA MERDEKA! :D

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Aug 30

If you look towards your right on this same page, then scroll down, try to find something called “BIG things to be done”

About 2 years back, when you know, blogs were quite hot back then, and scanning through all my friends blog, I realized that I need to add some more cooler stuff on my blog, so things like “BIG things to be done”, “WISH LIST”, Tweets, etc.

I don’t know how much you’ve noticed but come and go, on and off I update it as an when I do finish a task or when I have more to complete. Anyway, yada yada, back to it.

One of it at that time was the Myanmar Trip. It was just introduced by my pastor for the children’s ministry and immediately I was interested! But at the same time, I was immediately reminded that well, chances is, I can’t go cause my parents wouldn’t let and of course, it will cost quite a bit of money.

So every trip they go and come back and as I hear the stories, AHH! It can be so awesome that it becomes so frustrating, thinking that I can’t make it! But oh well, even a kidzone teacher same age as me could go, I still couldn’t, well, until.

A couple of months back, I was exposed to people taking up jobs or internships at various places during holidays or part time, so I was curious, looked around, checked it out and all, then I lost a bit of interest, cause well, I guessed I wouldn’t have the time, and I wasn’t in desperate need of money. So time passed.

So then one day I was asked to just help out a full day event, which they would call working and of course get paid, since I was free and really don’t mind earning a couple of bucks, took the offer. MONEY! 😀

Then, you know, kept thinking, hmmm, what should I buy? At that time I wanted a particular iPad cover, some accessories, bla bla bla,, then on and off it will strike me that perhaps I should just give it all as an offering to missions or a particular cause, it these things kept playing in my head until one day when I had some time to think, I asked myself hard, WHAT AM I GOING TO USE THE MONEY FOR?

It was an important question, which I suggest people to always keep asking themselves.

While tugging around with my thoughts, I don’t know but I believe God gave me an idea, or perhaps reminded me, what about your Myanmar trip? If my parents perhaps won’t spend the money cause of education and all, what if I earned it myself? I didn’t have a second thought, in fact, all the more I started looking around, asking people, searching online for things I could do to earn.

Well, cut long story short, I didn’t get a job, but on and off got chance to earn some money or  save every single ringgit, I do it, and of course parents offered to pay for me, but in return, I have to like, do a lot of things for them. HAHA! Well, I don’t regret and I don’t mind because if I have never thought of it, and just thought of my iPad cover etc, I’d probably wouldn’t be given this opportunity to go. Oh and plus, the timing fit perfectly.

Now I can get to experience it myself! Indeed a DREAM COME TRUE! 😀

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Aug 22

I was wondering. Every time I talk about things like designing, creative stuff, etc, and compared to talking about wanting to study medicine and have it as a career, I tend to use 2 distinct words, Passion vs. Love. Interestingly enough, I kept saying that I love using and learning photo and video editings and trying to learn web designing and all, well I DO love doing it, then I thought, don’t people do things they love as their career?

Lesson 37#:
Passion vs. Love

 While talking to a friend on the LRT, I was taken aback when I realized I kept saying how much I love doing creative stuff. Was I confused?  Was I being mistaken whether it was being a doctor or some graphic designer that I chose to lean towards? The moment I realized this, I suddenly became quiet in the LRT thinking about it, cause well, something in me still knew that I was meant to be a doctor.

Think think think think.. HA! Then I realized, when I talk about being  a doctor, I actually don’t really use the word love, I use the word passion. I found a difference! But wait, what are each of the meanings that makes it distinct? So I looked up the Webster dictionary.

Passion – It talks about a lot of things la.. like Jesus’ passion to go all the way to the cross, suffering, agony, intense/compelling/extreme emotions (hate, angry, love, excitement), affection and sexual desires. But one particular meaning that caught my eye was ENTHUSIASM.

Love – Deep, tender feeling of affection and attachment, strong liking/interest and sexual stuff bla bla bla..

Spot the difference? I’ll give ya an example. Both words in the dictionary have an exact sample sentence.
– Passion for music
– Love for music

No matter how you read it, you can feel the difference when someone says that, don’t you think? My guess is that people won’t say Mozart loves music, rather Mozart has a passion for music. Even I type it, I also feel like putting an exclamation mark for the sentence with passion. haha!

But really, you and I can feel the difference, the intensity, the drive in the word passion. I took you to notice one meaning for the word passion, that is Enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere long ago in my blog stating that enthusiasm came from the root word en-theos or something like that and it means having the passion of/from/like God(sorry can’t remember which, but any still makes perfect sense). WOW. Not just that, but a lot of the meaning of passion has things like “intense”, “compelling”, “drive” and “extreme” whereas love has only words like “strong” and “deep”. Its 2 so different standards!

Yeap. I got it right. *phew*. I love doing many things. Designing, making videos and editing them, web creating/designing, playing the piano or any other musical instruments, doing community service, playing futsal, running or most other sports, going out yumcha with close buddies, cooking, watching movies, etc. The list goes on. But nothing beats the passion I have for 2 things in my life, that is my passion to serve God because I love HIM and my passion to serve my country as a doctor. In fact, I think back, using the word passion might have been an overstatement when talking about the Board of Prefects.

I know you know that you love to do many things, but for all of you out there who is still blur in what you want to do in the future, perhaps ask yourself, what is it that you’re PASSIONATE about, something you want to do or doing that is greater than what you just love doing. That could very likely be your answer.


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Aug 15

I’ve realized that for past weeks and months, I’ve been throwing myself into all sorts of things regarding my country. Whether it was the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit or perhaps watching the finals for the Malaysian Public Policy Competition, something in me is wanting to have a deeper understanding of my country.

Being a Malaysian is something I’ve always been proud of, no matter how much “#$%^#$%$@%$@” people tend to say or perhaps as obvious as it could be yet I know I have a reason to be existing in my country.

And then I keep telling people how much I am already willing to work in a government hospital because that’s my passion but I also find it quite odd if I intent to stay in Malaysia but not willing to know more about it, its like an actor wanting so badly to cast for a role, but he/she doesn’t even understand the reason for existence of the role in the play, then WHAT FOR? Yea, that was the old me, I thought loving Malaysia and willing to work is enough, I perhaps won’t need to care about the political and economical climate, cause well, I’d always say, “it ain’t my thing”

But I still remember last time, when I was so desperate to get that JPA scholarship, I went all the way to Putrajaya twice on public transport. And each time I went, I just felt God speaking as I saw the whole physical structure of administration in Putrajaya. The moment it dawn upon me that I was so close to the “Malaysian motherboard” I cannot help but stretch out my hands and pray for them. Then I knew I just had to know more about my country, not just from newspapers, but from online, the real stuff, not the stuff which just hidden from general public.

Imma Malaysian Citizen.

I don’t want to just have passion for what I want to do and the people I want to serve and save, but to have a passion for my country. A true Malaysian Citizen doesn’t just sit back and support the government for what they do, but rather, to stand up and fight for what is right and righteous for my country. Its not about hiding the wrongs and just acknowledging the good, but to EXPOSE the undone and wrongs and not to criticize but to FIX.

You ask, how to fix when we are not in positions of power? If Bersih 2.0 rally could happen because Malaysian Citizens young and old understood the importance of reforming the electoral system, and so much media and information distributed by Malaysian Citizens themselves, I’d say, this is just the beginning.

Nothing happens when people start thinking that they CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, no, there’s TOO MUCH THAT WE CAN DO, but when we don’t know what or how, there’s PLENTY of people already waiting to teach you, well, because those people are ALREADY DOING IT.

Join me! In being a Malaysian Citizen. Its more than just sitting and let things go by.

I <3 Malaysia

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