Jul 14

I know the hot topic now is BERSIH! But I’ll save that for another day.

Just wanted to note how for the past day or 2, I’ve met Christians that are pretty awesome, but just one thing, they won’t go CF! Not they don’t want to, but like one, her parents wouldn’t allow or would kill if found out that she goes for any Christian event unless authorized by her parents. Or perhaps the other is that she has no time or perhaps in other words, priority and commitment.

I feel so disappointed not just because they wouldn’t come, and they are so firm about it, but its just simply that CF always works as hard and as much just to get Christians to realize their role in college, aside from church and studies. We’re always thinking to get more Christians in SO THAT they can bring their other friends too! But if they don’t come.. then.. how?

Clarification on the other hand, its not that CF is desperate for members or people to join or what, really, we aren’t. But we just want to see that Christians play their role during their short time spent.

So that’s why even if my 2 newly met “I wouldn’t call friends yet” but yea.. even just exchanging short conversations and getting to know them just that wee bit more, I wasn’t to a point of like angry that they wouldn’t go, well because just talking to them, I don’t know whether I was right or wrong but I sensed that Godly spirit in them, a strong one and between those words, it to some extent gave me assurance that they know their role both as students and being a light in the dark.

In fact, I’m encouraged! Although I would still love them to come for CF, but its okay, if they still do whatever they know how to do and as God leads them to bring more people to Him, then what have I to say then? Nah.. this is NOT a sad post. Its amazing how God brings people across my life, sometimes look disappointing but then when I think of it, WOW! mind blowing. We need more people like these in college. :)

Thank you daddy Jesus for all these WONDERFUL PEOPLE!

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Jul 04

Before I head back to college, I myself need to set some stuff straight.

Nothing much, but just to make a stand on things which might make me look like an a** but its okay, I believe whatever I need to do, is whatever I really need to do from hence forth.

First up, let’s talk money!
I’ve decided to not take money from my parents anytime I want and to have a fix allowance. My average expenditure for the past 6 months is 350 per month and guess what? My brother last time only got 200/250. So compared to them, I’m spending SO MUCH MORE. :/ Still you could say prices went up, this la that la, but to make a stand, I’m fixing my allowance, hopefully, to 250 a month. This is to cover everything, except things concerning health, clothes, books. This money includes food, transport, phone credit,¬†accessories, movies, parties, sporting events and all the other¬†miscellaneous¬†stuff which are rare to pay for like sasa, pjcc, huccf and stuff like that la. So I’m sorry, if I have to stop going out with you’ll, if I have to stop joining you’ll for yumcha, if I have to miss awesome times of futsal/badminton, etc.. I’m sorry, but I have no choice. I’ve got to discipline myself, and its about time some people stop paying for me.

Secondly, my studies! :/
Haha, well.. of course we all know that studies is important, bla bla bla and we need to have balance bla bla bla.. TRUE! Still, after my underachievement in obtaining scholarship, it gave me a lot of time to think on my position right now. At this point, I really just can’t continue screwing my life over. So if I become a jerk and start studying a lot more than usual, I’m sorry people, I’m really really sorry, if I have to spend less time with you’ll, I’m sorry! But I really just can’t continue the way I was previously, past semester.

Actually, these 2 are the main stuff I just wanted to say for now, so forgive me la please if I don’t/can’t join you’ll for more exciting stuff and fun. As much as I want to, now you know why I can’t.For what’s worth, I also just want to tell you’ll that I’m doing this because I respect my parents. Its THEIR money, and all THEIR effort on me, I cannot screw it up by screwing around with my studies. So yea.. forgive me but its final, I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do. :)

God bless you all, and remember that I still love you’ll as awesome friends, nothing has changed and will never change!

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