Jun 19

After watching Step Up 3, its not something new, its more of something that reminded me and its something worth writing about.

If you remember the show Step Up 3, there’s this part where Moose and his best friend Chamille (or however you spell it) starts rebuilding their trust and friendship and of course they danced to a song. For me, it was pretty creative, simple and entertaining nonetheless, but what was more┬ástriking was that at the end of the dance, Chamille encouraged Moose, saying that he really can’t give up dance but Moose replied saying that Chamille already gave it up, and then, Chamille said the most amazing thing, that differentiates the quality of solid results, she said, “That’s because I’m good, but you’re GREAT”

Lesson 36#:
Good vs. GREAT

Some say its a fine line between being good and being great. Generally all accept that being great is a ‘higher’ level than good, still, its just a fine line. The thing, even as I was thinking hard what to say, I kept questioning myself, what’s that thing that separates a person who is good and those of which who are great?

I personally feel that the difference, is basically going the extra mile.

Moose was a person who can’t stand NOT dancing, it is him, its his blood, its his skill. But above skill and talent, he sacrificed hard to train and practice, perhaps missed an exam to help his side win a round of dancing, and a small little part of the show, shows how he still studies and spends time doing his own school work. Thing is, moreover priorities and such, being great at something, is really to go further than before, to not just stop at where you are, but to press on and try new ways, tactics and what not. Its about spending time to think about it and work on it.

My cousin, Alex Au-Yong, performed a 100km run to raise funds for stART Society. You can read more here. In fact, just google it, you’d probably get a whole lot of info and articles and people tweeting, blogging all about it. Why? It is simple, he ran the extra mile, he didn’t just say it, he did it. Having events and big nice dinners are good charity runs, but a GREAT fundraiser? He went the distance, talked to loads and loads of companies/societies and what not, planned his running route, got people to volunteer, got the police involved, got pacers to run with him, and most importantly, he himself, ran the whole 100km with some pit stops in between, and though suffering near the end, tweets were saying how much he just wanted to finish it, giving up was never an option.

To be someone great, starts from having a GREAT heart.

But why should the things we do be great? First of all, why not? haha!

Secondly, good stuff is surely complimented, great stuff is not just complimented, but people will remember it for a lifetime. If you want to do something that brings great impact, the things we do has got to be great. Good is not enough. If so, set our hearts in the right places and choose to be great, then we will aim to do things great, and I’m sure people will be blessed by it.

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Jun 13

I’ve always wondered why is it called a retreat. No its not those war and then when losing kind of retreat, its the kind where people go off and plan things and get prepared. I’ve been for so many, but never really knew why the word retreat was used.

Then today in the toilet, I think I found the answer. haha! You see, when there is a war and when one side seems to lose, 2 things happen, either they surrender or they retreat. Surrender basically means they admit defeat and the enemy has taken over them. But retreat? Retreat is the opposite. They will first run to a secure place, but what do they do? They sit down and plan their next move, maybe a different strategy, maybe a different approach.

Like in Red Cliff the movie, the first one. One side got attacked, but they didn’t surrender, their ran for safety. Then the leaders discussed and planned their next move which one of it was to strengthen their friendship with another ruler to fight together and defeat the main enemy, and towards to end it worked! Which also, the show led to Red Cliff 2, where together they won also.

And that’s what I was doing the past 3 days together with a bunch of crazy, fun and God-loving freaks.

No laa, we didn’t attempt a war and retreated. In fact, come to think of it, we are already in a war, but its a spiritual war. And no, we weren’t losing, its just that it was time the previous leaders stepped down, and the new leaders to step up, we needed a new plan, a new tactic, a new focus, a new goal, strategies, aims, ‘weapons’, ‘manpower’ and so on, thus we needed a retreat to plan for all these.

Difference from many other retreats is that I’ve only known this bunch of people for 4/5 months? Yet, there’s just nothing awkward or things that irritate me about these people.. (okay, unless maybe the part they keep asking me “So who is it arrhh?? hahhaha hilarious!) But other than that, its just fun to be around these people laa, I would say.

I suppose there’s this just one similarity. Is that HUCCF, Kidzone and CHSCF, we all love God with all our hearts. We try and aim to achieve what God wants and through that process, be in one heart one mind and one spirit. Its not easy, but with God in the center, everything is easier. 5S3 and Group A classmates are awesome too! But the feeling, as homely as it could get, everything just feels different no matter how awesome both are.

Or perhaps its enthusiasm, to be filled with the spirit of God, its amazing and its mind-blowing, and that’s what makes Kidzone and CFs interesting. Or perhaps its the lifestyle that tries hard to abstain from wrong doing, and how we encourage one other not to give up and be that support for one another whether in times of need, or just being there to have fellowship, wow.

In the end, I suppose I MUST say that all in all, its still by the Grace of God that supports us and brings us through it all. I wrote an earlier post about that here, and without God’s hand it in, everything that we plan to do, or want to do, will never work out the way we want it. All these are awesome because God is awesome.. that’s all I can conclude.

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