May 29


I’ve been anticipating this for a long time now.

Why? Not just because of exams la, but because I have so much backlogging things I needed to do, and exams have been stalling me, THUS! Now I have the time of 5 freaking awesome weeks! I’m gonna have to do so much stuff! But at least what I do now is so much more exciting than exams.

PLUS! Ultimately, I’ll get back to writing my long awesome lesson posts. This is just a super duper short update to tell you’ll why I’ve not been blogging lately, but I’m BACK YO! and back to INSPIRE YOU! 😀 muahahhahaha

Get ready!

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May 29

I mean. Not ALL my dreams, but just one of the many.

If you know me well enough, I love to serve the community. That’s why you’d know my weekends are pretty much like SUPER BUSY. As much as I can, I helped out in KidsLIFE, and whichever outreach Kidzone does. Not just community per se, but also in the area of kids that is.

But I’ve always dreamed of serving the country as a whole. A way I can influence the younger ones like from the government. 2 reasons, first because I think the government isn’t doing enough, second because too many people complain about the government, I want to change that.

Nonetheless, a dream that was always in my mind but yet to come through, I couldn’t do much now, so I waited.

Then came a MBPJ leadership camp. Interesting as it was, I didn’t know how much it will lead to what I’m doing right now. From the camp it came to interviews, then to meetings, then to piloting a project which is superbly amazing and you know what that is? It is forming a CHILD COUNCIL. Imagine, have you ever thought whether people under 18 can do what city councilors do? No? I tell you, its happening right now!

Yes, you don’t see much nowadays YET, that is because it is a pilot project, first in Malaysia, heck, probably first in the world! But its not easy actually, as good as we want it to be, it hasn’t reached that status yet, why? Because being made up of school students, we have a lot of limitations and different priorities to look through. Plus, mixed with a wide variety of ages, races, and language, its not all that easy, but working towards breaking the barriers.

I’d never thought I’ll get into that kind of position to serve such a wide range of people, we’re talking about a CITY man! At my age like this? Its pretty amazing. Though I’m busy and all, yet I’m always excited about everything we do and are going to do.

And so if you’re reading this, and you’re staying in PJ. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Whenever you’re anywhere around PJ, just take some time when you see a problem, take picture of it, note the location, or even take a video if you want! and post it to us HERE! And we’ll look into it as quick as we can. :)

You also can check out what we’re having for the month and months to come here at our blog too!

Ultimately, my dream is being lived out, one thing I didn’t know, is that its quite tough and tiring. Yet, through it all, I’m enjoying and YOU WAIT! PJ is gonna CHANGEE! oh yea!!

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