Mar 25

Finally! The A-Levels student council elections came and it was time to vote!

But before we could, we had to listen to plenty of their prepared speeches. I don’t know why, but this phrase as my post title above, just kept coming to my mind throughout the whole time.

Now before I go on, I just want to clearly state that I am in NO WAY saying that your (if you’re a candidate reading this) speech was cheap and of no value. NO, don’t misunderstand me, please, but I beg you to read on and understand what I have in mind, and so to which since you’re ‘taking care’ of the A Levels students department (people like me), I think you should really read on.

So yea, sitting there, not in the very seat I would prefer, but oh wells, I sat¬†analyzing the speech in detail, and if you know me well enough, you will know that I’m like that la. So much things came to mind, and a familiar recurring phrase was “talk is cheap”.

You see, to me, it really didn’t matter who got the post, all I want is results.

There is reason why the majority and a generally accepted principle that actions speak louder than words, because reason is simple, actions produces results, words don’t. Today, for some or many, I don’t know, voted based on your speech and friendship, which to me, is all words, and words as said earlier, DON’T produce results.

Just take our dear Malaysia for example. When general elections come, its all nice and pretty words, but actions after that? Only leads many to sigh.. Not ALL politicians, but some or many disappoint their people. Likewise, everything said but not done in those speeches were all nice and pretty, yet to prove its substantiality, and so I wonder, will they succeed?

Its not that I doubt them, no, again don’t get me wrong please. Its just that I cannot stand a lot of talk without action that’s all. And after hearing so much, I don’t want you to disappoint and so I write this post to remind you that you are held accountable to the very words you have said and spoken and now nothing is retractable. You promised to do something, please do it.

Its always easier to say things and not do. My grandmother is old and in a state of just, well, oldness. Weakness, can’t go toilet on her own, needs diapers, needs wheelchair, barely can feed herself and the list continues. To say I love my grandma and not help her do anything? Love you say? Talk is cheap. If love requires action, saying I love you isn’t enough. I must tell you, its pretty tough. To handle a person that old and like just now, 3 am, I had to be awake to help her drink some water and massage her.

Likewise, you, as part of student council will meet and face many challenges and issues, but I just want to ask you to NOT make the obstacles hindrances to fulfilling your promises. My whole life, have experienced too many leaders saying many things but not doing anything, and its all the same typical reasons, you can’t run away from excuses, because the people can tell no matter what. I too myself last time couldn’t fulfill many promises I made, and it was terrible. Because it made my post as just being in means of power, but lack of substance.

Now that there is someone supposedly to help out and share the problems of the A Level students to the administration, what you’ve said is like a cover. Something with an outer layer. You could end up like a balloon, big and beautiful on the outside, but empty on the inside. Or perhaps, you could be something of substance and not just big and beautiful on the outside.

Once again, not criticising or insulting anyone. But as a reminder to all and myself that actions speak louder than words. And what the people wanna see is results not empty talk. Thank you and Congratulations to all who have got their post, I wish you all the best.

God bless you. : )

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