Mar 25

Its really by the grace of my God, Jesus Christ.

Grace is something given when I don’t even deserve it.

I’m part of the new committee in HELP UC Christian Fellowship. I’ve only been for like 5/6 meetings and I’ve only just known them this year. To be part of the committee? If not by the grace of God, what else?

I’ve been so involved in CHS CF as a  president and as a member since Form 1 and it was really such a great experience. Ranging from the worst of times to the greatest of my high school life. And to me? Being in CF is and always will be about the people you meet every week. To catch up with them, to have fun with them and just to help each other grow in all aspects possible. Many times, CF always acts as a place to relax despite it being tiring.

So I stepped in HELP, new kid once again, entering CF, a CF which my brother was the president say 9 years ago? haha! But I of course just left everything to God la. Hoping that the CF would be great and awesome, I stepped in KPD E 1.1 on the first meet of the year. Prayer! But sadly that day I got to leave early, so yea : (

But what was amazing was the people. See? its always about the people. I told my friend that what I love most of a CF, is that when and if let’s say I’m new, and I step in together with a friend. And if I can’t even find time to talk to my friend again because everyone else is just welcoming us, that’s already one standard of a CF that I’m proud of. And my first day, it was really like that. (Y)

So I went back every week as long as I could. Until SASA started and screwed my timing. Nevermind, I still went and just left earlier because although I don’t talk much, the homely feeling is always there. Once in awhile they would also ask me out for snowflakes and had dinner with some of them too. All these occasions, really helped to build a stronger relationship, little by little with them and really, these people are awesome.

One day, received an sms, asking to meet 2 of them at HP. My years of experience, haha! er.. I didn’t tell anyone of you la, but when I got the sms, I knew exactly what it was about already. If you’re reading this, well, sorry I didn’t tell you! But its just that I was exposed to this kind of ‘meetings’ before, so I know the language of it. haha! But nonetheless, its still about seeking God and asking His guidance, even if I was offered the post of being the worship coordinator. Of all positions, it was Ee Laine’s one! haha! And I was initially quite doubtful, because well, I was never in that kind of position before, so yea.. :S Nonetheless, prayed la.

After a whole series of very interesting events, which if you wanna know, ask me personally la, its much nicer to tell by words. : )

Cut long story short, I agreed. And I agreed with so much peace in me. All God’s working, all God’s grace. Then recently, few days back, they ask me to be camp commander. Like wah.. really ah? I know my mum wouldn’t be that happy la, but I feel that I can handle it and through that call on the phone with the current president, it first felt a little shocking, but at the same time calming. I mean, just think of it la, they just pulled in a guy who just entered CF 2/3 months ago as a committee? now want him to be camp commander? Like HELLO?! But I thank them a lot, for putting enough trust in me to handle the camp!

It really isn’t about the position or how much I can contribute to the workings of CF, but its really about the people. People who trust you, help each other out, stand by each other, and most importantly, declare that we are all Christians and we are NOT afraid to shine for Jesus, and that to me is just awesome. The size of CF doesn’t matter, because God works through any size, big or small. Plus, like what my pastor always says, “big is not strong, small is not strong, strong is strong”. I want to be part of a CF that is strong, and I believe that HELP CF is strong, all by the grace of God, once again.

And really, I thank God for the scholarship and bringing me to HELP, even as I move on in my life, its pretty amazing la, how God leads me on one level to another.

Thank you daddy JESUS!

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Mar 25

Finally! The A-Levels student council elections came and it was time to vote!

But before we could, we had to listen to plenty of their prepared speeches. I don’t know why, but this phrase as my post title above, just kept coming to my mind throughout the whole time.

Now before I go on, I just want to clearly state that I am in NO WAY saying that your (if you’re a candidate reading this) speech was cheap and of no value. NO, don’t misunderstand me, please, but I beg you to read on and understand what I have in mind, and so to which since you’re ‘taking care’ of the A Levels students department (people like me), I think you should really read on.

So yea, sitting there, not in the very seat I would prefer, but oh wells, I sat analyzing the speech in detail, and if you know me well enough, you will know that I’m like that la. So much things came to mind, and a familiar recurring phrase was “talk is cheap”.

You see, to me, it really didn’t matter who got the post, all I want is results.

There is reason why the majority and a generally accepted principle that actions speak louder than words, because reason is simple, actions produces results, words don’t. Today, for some or many, I don’t know, voted based on your speech and friendship, which to me, is all words, and words as said earlier, DON’T produce results.

Just take our dear Malaysia for example. When general elections come, its all nice and pretty words, but actions after that? Only leads many to sigh.. Not ALL politicians, but some or many disappoint their people. Likewise, everything said but not done in those speeches were all nice and pretty, yet to prove its substantiality, and so I wonder, will they succeed?

Its not that I doubt them, no, again don’t get me wrong please. Its just that I cannot stand a lot of talk without action that’s all. And after hearing so much, I don’t want you to disappoint and so I write this post to remind you that you are held accountable to the very words you have said and spoken and now nothing is retractable. You promised to do something, please do it.

Its always easier to say things and not do. My grandmother is old and in a state of just, well, oldness. Weakness, can’t go toilet on her own, needs diapers, needs wheelchair, barely can feed herself and the list continues. To say I love my grandma and not help her do anything? Love you say? Talk is cheap. If love requires action, saying I love you isn’t enough. I must tell you, its pretty tough. To handle a person that old and like just now, 3 am, I had to be awake to help her drink some water and massage her.

Likewise, you, as part of student council will meet and face many challenges and issues, but I just want to ask you to NOT make the obstacles hindrances to fulfilling your promises. My whole life, have experienced too many leaders saying many things but not doing anything, and its all the same typical reasons, you can’t run away from excuses, because the people can tell no matter what. I too myself last time couldn’t fulfill many promises I made, and it was terrible. Because it made my post as just being in means of power, but lack of substance.

Now that there is someone supposedly to help out and share the problems of the A Level students to the administration, what you’ve said is like a cover. Something with an outer layer. You could end up like a balloon, big and beautiful on the outside, but empty on the inside. Or perhaps, you could be something of substance and not just big and beautiful on the outside.

Once again, not criticising or insulting anyone. But as a reminder to all and myself that actions speak louder than words. And what the people wanna see is results not empty talk. Thank you and Congratulations to all who have got their post, I wish you all the best.

God bless you. : )

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Mar 15

Yea! Its either someone kicks us or we kick someone!

In terms of something to write, yes I know again its been awhile, but I really or mainly can’t think of anything and when I do, I totally forget what it was when I have the time to write it. Even still, life has been superbly busy, and starting to be a bit tough in terms of college and all, its getting H-A-R-D-E-R. :/

Lesson 36#:

Nonetheless, as I logged into my mejournals account to hopefully think of something to write since I’m quite free now, I noticed that someone left a comment on one of my earlier post and it was a good comment! I’m always somehow somewhat excited when people leave comments whether challenging or reassuring, its always awesome! So immediately I replied the comment and its a comment I totally agree with, not to mention, the commenter is someone I barely know.

Then it hit me. There really are people still out there reading my blog, people who well, I don’t even know personally! Isn’t that cool? If you’re reading this, THANK YOU! 😀 But its things like these on and off in my life that gives me that KICK to not stop, to always continue to write this blog, to inspire people, challenge ideas and come up with new ones.

Don’t you think we all need some sort of KICK in our lives now and then? I’ll tell you another example. Nagging. You remember how your mum, especially, nags you to do things, and it will forever continue till its actually done? If she didn’t nag, how much longer would it have took you to finish that task? Have you ever thought about it? haha.. I mean seriously, most of the time we end up getting it done just because the nagging is so irritating that in the end we just do it anyway to avoid all the noise right? If there wasn’t any nagging, would the task be done at all? KICK, but this example is in a more, er.. irritating way, yet still, a type of KICK that pushes us to do something right?

Or perhaps motivation or encouragement. When you’re down and feelings sad and all, or perhaps under super loads of stress, sometimes all we need is someone to say, “you can do it, don’t worry!”. Or perhaps in a situation where its a first time trying out something new and we just need someone to say, “you’ll be fine, do your best, and let the results be!” or something like that.. Don’t you feel after you actually hear those sincere words, you gain that odd yet real confidence to handle your situation more er.. SEMANGAT? haha..And sometimes after a failure, just simple words like, “don’t worry, failures are stepping stones to success” really just boosts you up to try again despite failing? These are all what I call KICKS.

See the thing is, we always like to use the phrase, “do unto other what you want others to do unto you” when its a bad situation right? What if we tried using it in a good way? If we know that at times we need that KICK from family, friends and all, have we ourselves tried to give that KICK to the people around us?

I tell ya! The KICK may not even be a directly effect to the subject. Supposing in a bus, you let go your seat for someone else to sit, and because of that kind hearted act, someone saw and was so inspired that when he saw a needy needing a seat, he would give his seat up. That’s a KICK! sometimes people are just too shy until they see someone they can follow.

You see, if everyone just sits and waits for KICKS, you yourself not willing to give KICKS to others, remember the phrase? KICKS won’t come to you. And when KICKS don’t happen, when you’re down, no one is there to pick you up, when you’re nervous, no one is there to calm you down, when you’re scared, no one is there to hold your hand, when you’re just so tired of something, no one is there to hold you up to continue. NO ONE.. how..?

KICK, and be KICK-ED, we all need some of it in life..

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