Feb 22

Today was amazing.

Before I get to today, let me just recap to you how my 2011 has been so far..

Let’s see, I got the most amazing class I could ever think of, amazing new friends which are so awesome! I love studying so much  more now, I joined HUC CF.. hmm.. what else, oh! I got a freaking nice watch from my new class! Which I super super love.. Also I’m finally back in Kidzone! wheee! Can start playing piano for Kidzone also and also join the SIBKL membership track! All these and more in just a month plus, nearing 2 months.. Isn’t just amazing? but why should I restart la?

I felt that everything that happened today, all happened for a reason, and each paragraph I write now, is all of one aspect.

So today’s plan started yesterday, with me wanting to stay in college for a longer time, to chill there, have dinner with some cool people, get some work done because I like the environment there, and then drive back home. All was going perfectly well, until my brother suddenly says that he needs the car. Darn, no choice lo.. all those plans now, hay wired, screw it la, I just come back home then.

Today I had Chemistry quiz too! Oh guess what, I only used say 20 minutes to read all that I was supposed to? Don’t tell my mum! sshhhh.. but yea, you know why? cause this week also got to rush my moral presentation, and there is still A LOT of work to be done, so yea.. :/ the whole 2 hours break that I had to study, was purely rushing and cracking my head to get the work done. Nope! I’m still not done, far from over actually, but what I planned to finish, I did la, so *phew* during that whole time, my friends around me were all studying, imagine the stress la.. yet, thank God I was listening to some awesome True Worshippers songs that calmed me down, even as I went along with the beat.. :)

Recently, I have a friend, really like no other, likes to be special (just like everyone else), haha! But really, an interesting friend indeed. For the past week or so, we’ve been smsing and its amazing cause I’ve never had such a friend. Every time if I were to sms last time, its all about work, or asking some questions, which once its done, its over, sms stops. But this one friend, we smsed practically anything under the sun! haha.. And the cool part is that I’ve not even known her for 2 full months, and we don’t even have the same class, though we would meet for CF and SASA meetings la, but that’s about it. But then today, I waited for her to sms anything, anything random, whether funny or not, wouldn’t matter to me, and somehow, I myself just felt that I couldn’t sms her, so we totally didn’t sms anything till now. So today, it was really much, like an alone time just for myself, didn’t need to anticipate a reply though I loved it.. but today seemed, different.

I also did one of the most scariest things today. I walked home, ALONE, carrying my LAPTOP, in a neighborhood which isn’t THAT SAFE. Yet, I reached home safe. Thank you Jesus!

Finally, this one well, not exactly today only, but it has been happening all along. I’ve been having so much work that I’ve been so busy yet so tired. Sleeping late and waking up early every single day.. wah.. its super tiring I tell you.. but somehow still pulling through fine..

So with all these happening, in just one day, while I was taking bath and on the walk back home, I had plenty of time just to think and reflect on my life. I must say, God has been pretty awesome as always, really! And I thank Him so much for everything.. yet, there was this something that I was missing.. The worse part was, I knew what it was, just that I’ve been neglecting it — reading the bible.

I succeeded finishing the whole bible last year, but when this year started, I just didn’t have any plans, I slacked. Though I very much had the intention to read the new testament in Chinese this time, but I tried once, got distracted, slept and I never went back to it. In fact, while planning to get the car yesterday, my mum suddenly asked me, “Do you have time still to study the WORD”. I knew I had time, I just wasn’t using it wisely.

So in the bathroom I said to myself, that I will not do anything else until I read the bible, and at that moment, I knew, I just super i-don’t-know-how but I just knew, that whatever I read, God will speak something to me. I flipped open my bible, started with Matthew 2, since I wanted to do the new testament in Chinese, and so I read it, in Chinese.

Some might wonder whether God will use anything in that chapter to speak, because there doesn’t seem to be much, but because I knew, God really did. What spoke to me most was in that chapter, the Magi saw the star, went to it, and when they found Jesus, they rejoiced! Oh I can imagine how joyful they must have been! They praised Jesus, worshiped Him and adored Him, so glad they were.

Everything that happened today and things before, was all pointing to that star in my life. I knew it you see, I really knew it. But I was so distracted by being busy and preferred doing more cool stuff that I saw the star but didn’t care about it. Today, I made a decision to restart, and I went towards the star and I found Jesus once again, I found Jesus by reading the bible.

There is this unspeakable joy that rises within me, its just WOW.. its so indescribable, but I’m just so thankful that He brought me back onto the right path, and I’m setting my decision once again, that I will not leave the word, but read and hide it in my heart, day by day.

Everything today happened to teach me something so invaluable, money really can’t buy.

Thank you Jesus, I love you!

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Feb 16

Wow, first time in my life I actually wrote 4 post about my birthday, how interesting. And yea, so sorry people! Haven’t been updating my blog as much as I wanted to!

Anyways, me is back! After a survived 27 hours without a second of sleep, of course, then sleeping 10 hours until the day after but yea, it was a tough one, but I had great friends to encourage me, gave me advise, helped me, sms me and etc etc, these people are awesome! So anyway, back to the main thing..

Lesson 35#:

I’ve realized that I’ve used this word so much, never really expounded much on this word, but this wasn’t the real reason why I had inspiration to write this post. Well, it all started when I was on the LRT, a few weeks back. (yes I procrastinated this post till now :/) I’m now so used to standing in the LRT, that even if there was a sit available, I’d still stand, unless I’m really tired or my friends also sit and there are a lot of spaces available. So this time, I was alone, naturally, I stood, holding on to the rubbery handle thing, swaying back and forth as the LRT moved. I was headed to KLCC that day, so it was a long long ride.

Anyway, so while I was on the LRT, alone, I just started to think of things, just couldn’t think of anything, so I just wanted to look outside the window, perhaps I’ll catch on to something. It started with passing by TM HQ I think, and there were tons of trucks, lorries, cars and what not, I was blown away with the amount of vehicles just sitting there. Then I passed by I-dont-know-what-drain/river where it is all concreted up, and there I saw amazing graffiti, simply wowed. The colour combinations, the style, the detail, it was just so amazing. Then I thought to myself, there was no way, if I hadn’t take the LRT, would I have saw all these stuff! It was like I could see things from a higher ground, from a different view. Then if you take LRT pass Pasar Seni, you would know that the LRT will go underground, and while I was happily enjoying the view and all, taken aback by a whole different perspective, suddenly, bam! darkness. I have gone underground, I have just lost my perspective.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Perspective?

When someone is all happy and all, one looks at it and sees it from a good perspective. Take Wolves (a football club) for example. They can rejoice in the victory of being giant killers but look at them from the table, LAST! You get what I’m saying? Perspective is the way you see things, the way you understand things to be.

I’ve recently started watching another new series, called Modern Family. Thanks to Emily and Adeline who introduced it to me, I find it pretty interesting and amazing actually. Its a show about a big extended family and their lives together. I really like it cause at the beginning of the show, there’s always a problem, and at the end, they resolve the problem by looking at it in a different perspective. But notice something, 2 key words here, its not just about a different perspective, its also about the word resolving.

A change of perspective, needs a change in action.

There was one episode, about Christmas traditions. At the beginning they had conflicts because they wanted to celebrate it different ways, in the end, one party had to compromise and follow the other’s tradition. You see, the earlier had a perspective change and realize that celebrating Christmas should not be rigid and was willing to let go and follow the latter’s tradition. When we see things differently, don’t we respond to the changes? Likewise, this is the same.

The problem is, many don’t. Many realize the difference, many know the difference, many even understand how important the difference is, yet many choose not to be the difference. Take back the Wolves example, many believe that its because they work super hard and beat the big teams, that’s why they suddenly think they can slack and thus lose all the other matches. Assuming this is right, what I’m trying to say is like that. Many see the successes and yet they also know that they lose more than they win. They do have 2 perspectives, seeing that they can beat the giants, yet knowing they have been losing to the other not giant teams. Yet do they seem to have any change? No! In that case, they will just remain where they are, a different perspective wouldn’t even affect them at all.

These people have 2 perspectives and for them, it will be obvious which is right, the ultimate thing comes down to their decision. Which would they stick by? Because I tell you, at times it is easier to just stick to the perspective which is convenient, though maybe it might be wrong. For example, piracy! Spend so much meh? just a show only wo.. or perhaps, just a textbook only wo.. (college textbooks are EXPENSIVE) but its easier to just go with it because its SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT, no? But is it a right choice? NO! Perspective, the way we see things, its just a show, just a book. Actually, do we really grasp the amount of energy, time and effort put into each word, each sentence, each conversation, each facial expression and every single editing? What if you were one of the actors perhaps? We all know the 2 sides, but which is convenient? You answer la!

I’ve realized that having higher grounds always give a better advantage. Star wars: Revenge of the Sith, nearing the end, when Anakin had a lower ground and Obi Wan Kenobi had the higher ground, it was the deciding moment whether who will win. Obi Wan said that he will surely win because he has the higher ground. Nonetheless, the changed Anakin didn’t seem to care, took the chance, jumped and attacked Obi Wan, which he obviously failed because he lacked the higher ground.

Obi Wan by experience knew he had the advantage. Just think of it, in a fight, if you stand on top, its easier to whack the person lower, than it is for the person lower to whack the person on top. Right? Obi Wan had the advantage, and his perspective was right, the battle was his. Anakin on the other hand, I would think that he did knew Obi Wan had the advantage, because he was no newbie by then, yet because evil, greed and power clouded his mind, and of course he thought that the dark side gave him more power, so he kept to his perspective, thought he could have won and attacked, of course failing at the end.

Here, its different than when I say people have different perspectives yet don’t want to change. Here is when one thinks his perspective is right, even when in reality it is wrong. Anakin thought he could still win, it was power that clouded his mind. In life, it could be anything! From money, power, greed, selfishness, etc etc.. It was actually just like me, I thought that I was the best head prefect for the prefect board, able to balance the power of 2 factions, able to bring the board to greater heights and bring ultimate change. In the end what happened? I failed to even be the head prefect! Perhaps what clouded my mind was more of power than the people, or perhaps it was pride. And I had to pay the price of it. And after paying the price, and learning through my mistakes, I have a different perspective of leadership, an unclouded perspective, I now have the higher ground.

It ain’t the end! Before Anakin made his move, Obi Wan warned him, saying that he will surely win! And advised Anakin to not try it. Having an unclouded perspective is not for you and I to keep, it is to be shared as advise, to tell people from experience, to stop people from making a mistake.

So here we have it. Always take the higher ground, always be able to see more than before, then it will help you choose the right from wrong, and seeing the change is not being the change, you have to make that crucial decision to be THE CHANGE! Also, if you’re not sure whether you’re on the lower or higher ground, take a moment to check yourself, see whether there is anything clouding your mind and your decision. If you realize that there is something clouding, immediately ask people for advise, to gain that higher ground, a better, more clear perspective.

Perspective people, a change of perspectives can make a lot of changes!

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Feb 02

To sum it all…

53 people wished me on FB, plus 16 more which wished belated. Its interesting how they knew about it, since I took away my birthday at least a week before. But it doesn’t matter how they knew, but however they knew, I thank them nonetheless, because they did it anyway, and so, thank youzz! 😀

Of course also 7 of them wished me on twitter, thank you also!

Not to mention, more awesome friends like Adeline, Yu Song, Justin, Yin Yan, Emily, Uncle Kim Soon, jie jie Alice, jie jie Eleanor, Shu-Li, Taylor’s, Ambika, Laine, Eunice, Shu Min, Amy, Ley Kuan, Zara, Wesley, Melody, Nicholas, Keshini, Yi Xian and Callie, and some of which are like family to me, and some are like “enemies” *cough* Taylor’s *cough*.. haha! But all these people took the time and sacrificed the most 5-7 cents, depending whether they use maxis, digi, or celcom la, just to send a simple, “happy birthday” in many forms. And so I thank you all once again! <3

As for the rest, I’ll let the pics do the talking. Sorry, lighting was quite bad, so yea…

…if you read my post Birthday “Party”, you would know that I was given a watch, so here’s the sequence of events..

After the cake cutting, Shern passed me this paper bag,

And inside was this!

And of course, inside, had something I really love so much!

A beauty, no?

And finally, 2 wonderful, newly met friends of mine,
did a really super simple card, which meant a lot to me,

And they agree that pink suits me! Weee! yay!

And this is a collage of the awesome people who bought me that watch.

So that’s about all to sum it, 2 parties, one mentioned earlier, and another you can read it here. And what happened on my actually birthday, 12am to 11.59pm, here.

Oh! and lastly, expecting another present from a friend, since she mentioned it in her blog, and so, whatever it may be, thank you so very much too! 😀

So that’s it! Birthday 2011 ends, and I’m 18! I’m officially an adult who still can’t vote, but can officially watch 18+ movies and buy cigarette.. :O no la, I’m just saying, don’t worry, I won’t do it. hahah!

Oops! correction, Birthday 2011 may have physically ended, but I believe as I step into this age, I still aim to do greater things than these for Jesus, but in order for that, I have to first be faithful in the little things, only then can I be faithful in the bigger things. I feel that this year is a year of responsibility, to be more focused, to handle priorities accurately, to keep the main thing the main thing.

Whatever I’ve done as a child,
whatever that inspires, may it continue to inspire,
whatever that was a mistake, may it continue to be a lesson,
whatever not yet learnt, may I learn it now.

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