Jan 30

Its my blog’s 3rd anniversary! yippee!

But in my anniversary post, I would just share my 18th birthday experience!

In this post is purely just my birthday on the 30th, nothing before, nothing after.

So today started at 12:00 am:
I was still out with Kidzone friends, just finished having dessert and steamboat, and I was SO FULL and SLEEPY, and I was in Ps Andy’s car, on the way home.

Got home, found out that my family was still awake watching 24, so I sat on the sofa, and slept straight away on my mum’s lap. hehe..

Throughout that time, I was like replying smses and all, which I’ll post later.

4:00am: I woke up, realized that someone off-ed the fan and it was like HOT, so I decided to go upstairs. So I took my phone, realized that there was 6 new messages! yay! So I just took my phone, and I went to sleep, again.

10:15am: I woke up, again! But I was late for Kidzone! So I quickly ran down to see whether there was a car available, then I woke my brother up and convinced him to send me to Kidzone. So we had a deal, I helped him buy lunch and he sent me to church.

11:00am: Kidzone started! I had a great time talking with the kids and having fun with them. I tell you, in Kidzone, there really is so much life! Very joyful one you know, just being with the kids and all. So yea, that was me having loads of fun and seeing the kids pray, (Y) awesome.

1:30pm: Kidzone ended, debriefing also around that time ended, so it was time to go home! But aiya, I totally didn’t plan who to follow and all, so I was hoping for an impromptu request. Thankfully che che Jessica was there and she was okay with it! YAY! and so we and che che Vivian went together for lunch at village park for some nasi lemak! Awesome food. Once again wanted to pay but she don’t let me pay :/ But anyways, thank youzz!!

3:30pm: reached back home, went upstairs,.. talked to my brother and mum for a short while, the next I knew, I slept. I was like so tired and all.

6:45pm: my mum kept pestering me to wake up, and that was how long I slept. So finally I could get up and I went to wash up, take bath and off we went for dinner!

8:00pm: I had dinner with my family at a place called Cristang. Where pork burgers are its specialty, and they were really good! So yea, had an awesome meal, quite good food, a bit expensive la of course.

9:30pm: I drove home, on the way home bought a cake and sang happy birthday at home! 😀 Ate cake and watched “hawaii five-o”.

10:15pm: was halfway watching CSI:Miami, but nah, rather came up, on my computer and started to chat with friends and arrange tomorrow’s exercise gathering, haha!

So yea, and then I started typing this post. There really is nothing much to this post, but I don’t know la, just thought that it’ll be cool to write the sequence events of my birthday, not sure whether there’s actually a real significance but yea, thought i’d do this anyway.

I had really a pleasant time with family and friends, and once again, this year is really awesome. (Y)

Thank you Jesus, for giving me 18 years of life, help me live everything and the rest for you! Love ya!

p/s: I’ll update all the photos and what not in another post, till then!

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Jan 28

One was superb early, and now another one! Which is not that early but still earlier la.. haha! Well, it wasn’t like a proper party of that sort, but as long as people gather and celebrate something, I call it a party la.

27 Jan, is one of my friend’s birthday, Chen. So like any other normal day, I went early to college and my classmates slowly came in one by one. Then finally when around 10.00 am came, we went into class. Really, it was just like any other normal day. Of course by that time, everyone was wishing Chen happy birthday and all already la..

While waiting for teacher to come in, suddenly Kenneth starts walking in with a cake and everyone just plays along and sings ‘happy birthday’! So cool, but I still didn’t know that I was part of it, because I thought it was for Chen only, but they started asking me and Chen to move towards the cake and all, and the cake had my nickname (whylame) and Chen. So I was like wow! Very appreciative of what they did, and the fact that they got a cake for both of us, and IT WAS CHEESE CAKE! YUUUUUMMMMM! 😀

But that wasn’t it! Shern then said, “happy birthday man, and here’s a present from the whole class for you” And the first thing I saw? The word ‘Seiko’. I was utterly STUNNED. Many kinda probably knew that I lost my watch in my class’ first outing, and still haven’t got it back, and my class knew EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. I mean seriously, isn’t it like sooo ‘WOW‘?

I thank Jesus for giving me such awesome friends. If this doesn’t count as God’s blessing, I really wonder what is..

Its just mind blowing. I rarely, hardly cry, and today I didn’t, but was on the verge to. These people? I’ve only knew them for 3 weeks? And to come up with something like this? I just can’t fathom God’s grace and love that he has poured out to me through these wonderful people. Its really just so.. amazing la..

Today, the greatest gift that I have received is more than the watch, more than a cute pink card, more than a cake, rather, its an assurance of friendship that is strongly bonded. And I tell you, it cost more than all the other 3 combined. (Y) Its just awesome.

We’ve not gone through tough times yet, but with what I’ve experience so far, even if we did, somehow I believe that we’ll still pull through together, staying close to each other. I really don’t know, till now, what keeps us so joyfully enjoying the fellowship of one another, having fun and all, I really don’t know, yet. But its just as if everything and every different personality just falls into place and it pieces up like a perfect jigsaw puzzle, its about us being together as a class which feels so homely, so enjoyable, so peaceful, and no one stands alone, really!

Just like how I couldn’t describe 5S3, likewise, no words can describe how awesome my class it right now. Well 5S3 and Group A is very different, and even if I were to compare, both are equally awesome, in their own very special ways.

Group A = Group Awesome

If you can like kinda define awesome, yea, that’s how it feels like to be in group A. I said this before and I’ll say it again,

“you’ve got to experience it, to know it”.

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Jan 25

I never liked the KTM. Ever since those days which I had to take public transport back from mid valley, then I would take the typical KTM route from mid valley to kl sentral and using the LRT to come home.

But for a long time now, I’d rather wait for the bus than to try stepping into the KTM, nonetheless, on last Friday, most of my friends wanted to take KTM, so fine la, pergi lo..

Lesson 34#:
Experiences make you stronger.

Well, we had to wait for some of my friends to buy their LRT ticket at KL central. So while waiting, a friend, Yee Fei and I were trying to help our another friend, Eugene, with deciding which is the best way to get back home. Then finally when all was settled, we went through the machine and then suddenly, my ‘touch n go’ card read “tidak cukup baki” or something like that. I was like “Wha..?!” cause I just reloaded RM 10 in the morning the same day. So we asked one of the guys there to check and they said I have only 30 cents left, I said it was impossible and all, but one mistake, I didn’t have the receipt anymore. So they asked me to go to another counter to check and slowly, was like being thrown from here to there and all, in the end, they said they can’t do anything and I had to check with the main ‘touch n go’ office or some sort.

It was getting late and I needed to walk someone to somewhere near my place urgently, so I reluctantly had to forgo my chance to reclaim back my money that day. So I just reloaded again and left. Yee Fei was running around with me, while the rest waited at the LRT side of KL central. As we left the counter and headed back to the LRT, he out of the sudden said, ‘Nevermind, experiences make you stronger’. I was at that sudden taken aback mentally. Then the whole time back on the LRT and walking home, I just kept thinking about it.

To put in context, this experience freaking taught me to KEEP MY RECEIPT. And so now I’m keeping every single important receipt. But if we think bigger,  experiences teaches us usually 3 things, either keeping away from stuff because we have experienced that it is bad, or being more involved in stuff because we know its good, and third is everything else like when we ask ‘how to do?’ experiences teaches us what to do, when to do, how to do, and who to get to do it.

A weightlifter isn’t just a weightlifter by birth, he goes through series of trainings and practice and workouts, etc. And finally after all that, he/she comes out built, and surely stronger than ever. Experiences is something like that, its all about the process.

You think training, workouts and all are easy one ah? You think its just physical strength? Its WAY more than that. To achieve something its never easy, the pain, the sweat, and the mental perseverance to strive and hang on, its never easy, even sometimes how much you like doing it, it can get tough. Likewise, experiences don’t come by easy and served on a silver platter. You got to endure, got to persevere all the way to the end.

You see, some people can’t take it, they fall out, in the end, they can’t say this is better than this because they have not seen the final product and outcome of a certain work. Unless one has personally gone through a situation, lasted and came out of it whether successful or failed, at least one now knows what works, or what wouldn’t. That’s why failure is OKAY! because it teaches us what are the things that might not work out well.

And so I want to direct this post to everyone who don’t dare to try, who are afraid to try, who hesitate to try, its time to TRY and EXPERIENCE. Doesn’t matter whether you fail or not, yea, some people will laugh, and that is sadly the reality of this world, but as for you, you have gained something the others have not, and that is experience, and I assure you, it will make you stronger than ever.

Dare to stand out, dare to be different, dare to try.

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Jan 23

On the 20th of January, 10 days before my actual birthday, which is on the 30th, I had a little b’day party already.

It was so early cause this group of friends wanted to celebrate but one of them wasn’t going to be around during my birthday, so decided to do it a bit earlier, plus CNY is near my birthday, so others might be busy.

How would I describe this party? Well, to start, everything was impromptu, nothing was planned. It was probably THE MOST quiet party I’ve ever been, THE MOST boring party, THE MOST what-the-heck party..

But I tell you, aside from last year, it was still one of THE MOST AWESOME.

How so?

Well, there was only 4 of us, Tian Yoon, Timothy Goh, Aaron Ng, and Ee Laine (who came later). Tian Yoon and Timothy Goh came around 9+ and after breakfast, soon, Timothy slept on my couch while Tian Yoon did her homework using my piano. Aaron came not too long later, and Aaron started playing with Tim’s iPad, I ended up playing Assassins Creed. Awesome right? I bet you’re like “What the.. HUH?”

That wasn’t it, this lasted all the way until about 4 plus, then we went to a nearby playground and started playing there. haha! The swing, see-saw, slides (which some we got stuck trying) and all sorts of childish stuff, but it was enjoyable. You believe its still awesome? I bet now you’re like  =.=”

So happens it was a Thursday, so we went pasar malam near my place and walked around and finally landed up in kayu, with roti tisu and just chatting and after awhile, I had to go back, so we went lo.. Laine came when we were at kayu, and she gave me picks! yay! Still can’t sense how awesome it was? haha..

I had to rush for practice later that night, so quickly ta pau some dinner, quickly ate and after dinner and all, I straight away took bath and rushed to church for worship practice.

And guess what, that was it! no cake, no presents (except for the guitar picks), no loud party noise, no like big feast and tons of food, no great amount of people. You don’t think its awesome?..

Well, I’ll tell you one thing right now, if you ever have that kind of party and feel that its awesome, I’m telling you, those are friends that you can count on, that you can trust, that you can slap and they will slap you back and end up laughing together, friends who love you and because you feel its awesome, you surely love them too.

No, its not that I have so few good friends, its just that it was so impromptu, I couldn’t call many, especially those who stay far away, unless they have cars, even then, parents and all, and because it was so late, they’d probably have other plans. I know of many who would still have come if they could and no matter how lame the party was, they wouldn’t mind, but issues stood in the way.

But my point is this, how often do you have friends who say “I can’t make it on the actually day, or closer, but nonetheless, I still want to do something for your birthday”? Physically and materially, the party was nothing, really nothing. Food in parties are like fried stuff or bbq and etc, but this time, we had things like wanton mee and ginger chicken rice.

Its really not about what happens at the party, its not about the food, the activities, neither the staleness, but its purely about the people. To a point, that if you have a party in a 4 walled room with NOTHING, just with people who love one another and treasure each other, it still can be awesome.

Do you have such people in your life?

I know I have many and I love them much. Thanks once again guys, and also all of you who couldn’t make it.

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Jan 23

Oh yea! So I’m back writing some more lessons as I go through my everyday life. Its been such a long time.. Don’t know why, either too busy, or lost touch and become a bit less sensitive to the events and little happenings that happen around me.

But I’m back!

Lesson 33#:
Don’t be a hero, when you don’t know how

Before I continue, please note that I did not mean to hurt anyone in this post and to discredit someone’s ability to do something, but this post is purely as a reminder.

Couple of weeks ago, having a bbq party at a friends place, my friends brother wanted us to make him 5 chickens. One guy who probably wasn’t that good at bbq got onto the task without hesitation. First round, after a long time cooking, he somehow slipped and some chickens touch the ashes and all, so first round, fail, have to redo all over again. So second round! This time no accidental mistakes and all, and everything seemed to be going well. Once he thought it was done, he put it on the plate and gave my friends brother. About 5 minutes later, the brother came rushing out, saying that the chicken wasn’t even properly cooked yet and one/some of it still had blood in it. I tell you, the rest of us that were there, really had a good laugh! To aid things, this guy is known to like my friend, so its obvious that he would go for the task.

Once again, I’m not criticizing him, but as that happened, it suddenly just dawned upon me this lesson which actually occurs a lot in our everyday life. Don’t try to be the hero, when you ain’t sure how.

Its no surprise how people go all out to please people, sometimes the people they like, sometimes the leaders for many various reasons. I would like to stress that doing things that you don’t know is NOT WRONG, because ultimately, sometimes, that’s how we end up learning new things right? But its when you do it with wrong motives, to show as if you can when you really can’t, to do things with selfish intend, that’s where its wrong, and the funny part, is that you’d probably end up screwing up, and in the end, make a joke out of yourself.

Life in this context is about being honestly, being who you are. Not everyone can do this and that. As I said, there is always no harm trying, but the question, “why do you what you do?” comes around. That’s why I entitled this lesson, don’t be a HERO, when you don’t know how. When someone genuinely wants to learn and thus tries out that something new, its obvious that he doesn’t seek fame and recognition, as what a hero supposed to have, yet he is humble. Heroes, or people want to try to be one, would portray character that is ‘able to save the day’, with everyone else going ‘wah’..

Significant people are not necessarily the heroes.

Yet being a hero is also not something wrong. Not that they are in search of fame, but sometimes its because others don’t stand out and stand up, and when someone has to, a ‘hero’ does the job. Yet in moments like this, one would surely know the matter and how to resolve the issue than to blindly walk into it.

I believe, that to impress someone, a leader or someone you deeply love, its all about being honest with who you are and what you can do. There is nothing wrong in saying ‘i don’t know’, as long as its honest, all will work out well. As said earlier, jump into a problem without knowing the way, its so not cool, its a joke.

Once again emphasizing that this post is not directed to any particular person, but as a reminder that being honest in what we know and can do is more important than trying to be a hero, when we don’t know how to.

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Jan 04

And what was it? I finished the bible!

Yes.. you might probably be thinking why so late and all right? And the fact the there are even some non-christians that already did years ago. Well, I have no defense, guilty as it may seem, I’m just glad that I finally did it.

For 2 years in a row now, I’ve tried going through the bible from cover to cover but have always failed! My brother finished it when he was already 12. I’ve read most, a lot of it already, but not systematically, so I decided for the past 2 years to do so, all failing in the end.

So this year, likewise, decide again, hoping that I won’t end up like last time, quitting half way. As usual, its always a steady 3-4 months, but further on after that, it starts to get a bit harder and all, especially so much more work and school work last year, wah.. tough. Nonetheless, I made it a point that I will read every morning before I go school, but if I don’t make it, I’ll just read it when I come back from school, after taking bath and eating lunch, before do any other homework.

So I really thank God that this year was like no other. Even with SPM going on and all, everyday consistently I was reading. Well, okay, there were some days which I missed, but because I was following a reading plan, the days I missed I ‘replaced’ but reading it the next day or the day after, and the piling never went more than 3 days. It was actually because of this, procrastination, that caused me to slack and give up, but not this time. With a bit more discipline and self control and of course with God’s perseverance and help, I DID it!

Yes, I may have been a bit late and older than many who have done this in their early ages, but it doesn’t matter, what matters was that I did it! hhaha! Thank you Jesus!

In the course of reading the bible, their history was really pretty amazing and the way God worked among them and I really gained a lot more insight into understanding the bible and its amazing to see how things happen and work out. Such awesome pls.

And so, its a dream goal done, and my next! Well let’s see, I’m sure God wanted me to study Chinese for a reason, so yea! I’m gonna read the Chinese bible, not from cover to cover yet, but mainly the new testament, for me to learn to spread the good news, this time, in Chinese.

Thank you God! Help me once more! Love ya!

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