Dec 31

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, that “2010 has been an amazing/awesome/wonderful year” And it really was!

Well, let’s see, this year started with my past year’s result like crap, though having a great success in my co-curricular. And being the CF president, already messed up my position in the board of prefects and purple house was still a mystery then. I went into class still not that familiar with many classmates and all, but my aim this year was to get to know all of them better, fair enough.

The first 6 months were just going crazy la, but thank God my results shot up too! Let’s see..

In CF, I was kinda struggling, trying to go by every week, trying to push them and do greater stuff. Not to mention, we had easter rally and CF camp coming up and all, wow, tough times. And running CF every week was getting tiring as we start running out of ideas, it started to really get tough. But a new shot of life came when recess revolution started, though it was hard for me to participate, but with JoFan’s help, it survived and did extremely well and somehow brought some life back to preparing CF and all. Thank you Jo Fan, so many people have been blessed, CF has been blessed, I have been blessed.

Nothing much on the prefect side. Camp came and past, was a good one, better than all the other years. And it was fun la, whether anyone really learnt anything or not is the matter. But more or less, the rest of my time was just focusing on my duties, I left all the politics aside by then already.

Then was rumah ungu, purple house! I so wanted to be captain, but God seemed to have another plan. I was secretary! Not entirely an exciting job, but it was a position of service and I took every opportunity to help. Because of that, I was so busy, and stressed out as it got nearer to sports day, making sure everything was at its right place at the right time and everything went well. Some fail la, but most succeeded and we won! A great success indeed, to win 2 years in a row, and for purple house to win 3 years in my lifetime in CHS out of 5 years, that’s awesomely wonderful! But those were really stressed out times.

Also participated in a intra-school drama competition, and won! But the planning, training and all, though wasn’t much and nothing compared to last year, but nonetheless, it was a bit stressful, because we didn’t want to do it just for fun, we still wanted to win! Thank God we did!

Studies was going great! Top 10! My first in CHS, finally! But then second term dropped a bit, but still was quite steady. *phew* Then things like Petaling Jaya Child Council started, which I will talk a bit more about it in another post later. Yeap, that’s about it for the first half of the year, simple to say, but the process, the joy, the stress, the nervousness, the tension, the excitement, it was just so overwhelming, yet at the same time, it was so fun and something worth remembering.

Then came second half. But this time, it consisted of mainly 2 things. Passing over of jobs and intensive studying!

In CF, we were having interviews and all, meetings upon meetings just to get things done and decided. I wasn’t very much involved in prefect, so I don’t know much on that part la. But yea, after that, just studying and studying as trials came nearer and nearer. This part was also stressful, but just the total different type of stress.

From before the first term till this time, there were a lot of going to library and going to starbucks. Non-stop going out to study and stay away from all the distractions. Of course going with friends which was able to kill a lot of boredom and all. So trials came and gone, I didn’t do as well, but nonetheless, after trials my class got party! whee! Good stuff! and then back to intensive studying for the real thing, SPM. But that time, library became less conducive as more and more people flooded in. So a couple of us gave that up and just went our own ways, occasionally going to starbucks. Well for me, I started the skype journey, and that was amazing too!

Oh throughout the time after 2nd term, I was also busy getting scholarship applications done and going for interviews and all, and praise the LORD, didn’t get any except for ONE, and it was like a sign for me la, I kinda drop the idea of Form 6 and I think I shall pursue A-Levels, then move on to medicine. Nonetheless, I had to still continuously focus on SPM because I still need my As for JPA scholarship.

Hmm.. what else? SPM came lo and every exam day slow past and finally after Chinese, it was such a relieve. My SPM experience can be read in my blog earlier on a bit.

What made this year amazing was really the experience that I went through. The experiences in CF, the amount of stress everyday, every week. The fun and yet the nervousness for purple house before sports day and to finally see success, splendid. The time training for cross country, where my stamina level peaked, great time of my life too, and made, got to know a great friend better then too. The little efforts that I tried to get to know my classmates and schoolmates. Doing recess revolution without any fear. And of course, striving hard for good results. Imagine all this combined, don’t look at it with a scared look, that’ll just destroy the view, but embrace it and go along with it with joy, that really made my year la. So filled with enthusiasm, excitement, the rush of blood from head to toe, hard to explain, but its really an amazing experience, which lead to an amazing year.

But the thing is, I also kept on saying this, that as much as I love 2010 more than any other year before this, as much as this year was just so filled with awesome stuff and great classmates which really made my year, I know that I have no choice but to move on. Given another chance, would I relive the memory? I don’t know actually, but I do know what I’ll do. Learn from all my mistakes, and never repeat it again and make even more effort to know new people, new friends and make another set of great long lasting friendship with these friends, then I won’t just dwell on the past, but use the past to create a present, a present that could be better than the past, yet at the same time not forgetting one bit of the past, because well, it is, and will always be a great memory.

“oh, I just realized, today it the last day of 2010. Wow, such fast pls, and thank you LORD for a wonderful year!” – Au Yong Wai Leem

I wish everyone a great year ahead. Take this last few moments to reflect the whole year and cry if you need to, but as you look on to 2011, continue to hold on to the past but use it to create a better tomorrow.

And before I end this year, I also want to apologize for everything that I have done that I have wronged you, forgive me. I sincerely with all my heart, say sorry for all my wrongs, and I forgive everyone that has wronged me. Let’s enter 2011 with renewed hope and love and let’s enter 2011 great. I love you all!

God bless you! Jesus Loves YOU!

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Dec 24

I did 2 previous post on being “in…” something, which was “In Christian Fellowship” and “In CHS”, this time, its about being in my class, my awesome class, a class which was truly the best amongst my five years in CHS, class 5S3.

I have dedicated one post to my class before, which is entitled, Me Class Me Proud (click to view post), and I talked about how much I loved my class, how much in the midst of differences and diversity we were able to stick together as one, and likewise I mentioned all the activities that we did together and had fun in the process. One particular thing I mentioned then was that I couldn’t make it for the Penang class trip, but as time passed, thank GOD! He provided a way, somehow, so that my parents allowed me to go! Thank you LORD!

Life in S3 started off very slow and probably not the best for me. During Form 4, in 4S3, I walked into class knowing that I know around half of them and not knowing the other half as well. To get working well with the class, I knew it would take a bit more effort than Form 3, as I already knew so many of them. Slowly building relationships and slowly getting to know people, I was halted by the fact that I was so busy going in and out of class because of drama rehearsals and all. To come and think of it now, its quite sad really, because imagine me wanting to know people, but just can’t! This happened almost everyday and the days when it didn’t, I was just busy rushing up my homework and studies.

So after a refreshing Kidzone teachers retreat in 2009, which the thing that spoke to me most was about relationship, I realized that whatever happens this year, I need to get to know my friends better, and those which I have yet to consider friends, I need to at least get to know them. So thus I made it a mission, and changed my blog name to “Building a ship” and that kind of ship is a relationship, relationship not just with classmates, but also others, those around me.

So I entered 5S3 with hope and determination. I wanted to get to know my classmates.

To cut a long story short, I tried my best, and I’ve got to know more, especially when opportunity arises, I grab hold of it. Times in the library, class, events, parties, etc etc, it was all superbly amazing to extents that I would have never imagined. These people were really worth getting to know, and I’m glad that at least I did my very best to know them.

So I just came back from a once-in-a-lifetime class trip, biggest class trip in our batch of From 5s and I bet the most awesome one. I told my mum that going for it wasn’t about the place or distance, it was about the people, and these people are my friends, special friends.

The trip was honestly not the most perfect trip ever, but it was great and amazing. It was interesting that there were fights and arguments, yet something told me to expect this to happen. Some asked why others say we are united and yet have such emotions towards each other (not everyone, just some), and I do agree, but I told them that well, in the midst of unity, surely an ideal one is without any emotional strive, but no one is perfect, things like these will somehow, sadly, happen. Yet if it does and we still somehow stick together, isn’t it a more perfect unity? The fact that we know what destroys and what builds. Now I’m not saying that having arguments leads to unity, no, but what I’m saying is that we have to learn from it, and overcome it, and of course, not repeat it ever again, share with others this experience and mistakes wouldn’t happen again.

The trip for me was all about being in the company of great friends, that matters more than anything. I said this before and I’ll say it again, that this group of friends, is worth being in company with. We shared many things together, both good and bad, but putting the bad aside, its just so awesome that we’re together.

Spending 2 years with these bunch of people, I have not one regret, probably even if I did, it would be that I didn’t get to know them even better. But nonetheless, it was worth every piece of effort, worth the fellowship, worth the time, worth the friendship, worth the money.

I *heart*^infinity you, 5S3!!

I <3 my classmates, I <3 5S3

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Dec 16

CHS in short, has played a big part in my life. It is my high school, my high school which I still love and appreciate.

5 years past so freaking fast. And I still remember the times when I was still a little Form 1 and all, its pretty amazing actually. When I was in Puay Chai and all, even in Chung Hua No. 4, it didn’t feel like how I do, cause splitting my primary school life half-half, I didn’t really have such strong feelings towards my school, but this is different.

Form 1 – I still remember my first day, knowing almost no one, sat beside a stranger and immediately got chased off by a tall ‘bully’, Ooi Joshua. Cool part was as the year past, I got to know him more and we became good friends actually, how ironic, but cool! This year was like a year of exposure. Just getting to know so many schoolmates, remembering ton load of names, and starting to join Christian Fellowship and other clubs. Also, I became a prefect probationer in Form 1, and because of that, got to know even more people. It was an interesting year indeed.

Form 2 – The thing was, my results in Form 1 was like crap. I needed to improve. First 2 terms in Form 2 was what I thought a zaman kegemilangan for me, cause I had pretty good results, beating some people I didn’t expect to beat at all. Also, this was a busy busy year, being assistant head prefect and all, scary. Yet in the midst of all these, this year particularly, I learnt about friendship vs priorities. So caught up in work that I neglected some friends, so ever since, in everything that I did, I’ve always tried to find balance. If I wouldn’t call Form 4 as a honeymoon year, I would call Form 2 as one, caused I was well, pretty much relaxing, chilling and doing work I liked to do.

Form 3 – PMR year! and also first time moving into morning session. From a prefect point of view, it got way harder and it was obvious then that many are starting to lose out of the enthusiasm. From a CF point of view, we knew somehow that there is more in store, God has something in store, though at that time I didn’t know what was that. And of course, getting to know a lot of new faces and names, because of all the morning session teachers. Pn Phang was the hit teacher for the year in my class. Besides enthusiastically teaching us BM, she promoted Young Enterprise also, which we helped out a bit and had much fun actually. PMR came nearer, of course a lot of my activities were cut, but it wasn’t as bad la, and in one week, PMR is over! so fast.. so very fast.

Form 4 – This year was like a year of blessing and successes. Not that everything I did achieved success, but where I failed, I succeed in learning something of greater value. Successes include being the champion of 2009 English Drama Competition, 3rd place in BM debate. Failures that taught me great values were like failing to be the head prefect. It was also a more happy year, so to speak, because I didn’t need to do calligraphy anymore, and of all things, no more ART! furthermore, sciences were finally broken into 3 parts, physics, chemistry and biology, which I anticipated so much, not to mention additional mathematics where I see my brothers do and I so want to do it too! But speaking of loving the subjects, my results were like super sucky, I suppose because I wasn’t in class a lot because of rehearsals for the drama competition. But nevertheless, still a great year.

Form 5 – Fine, I’ve had my time winning and got my certificates, now I need to make my parents proud and actually get good grades. Going to library, starbucks and all with Amy and Chun Yeen, my grades shot up so much, I actually got top 10 for my first term! Once finally in my life in CHS, it was a joyous moment, never expected it. Then after that I went back and back la, but my grades were very much still very steady, and when trials came, we were all going crazy already. Being the CF president was also quite hard, learnt loads of stuff and gaining loads of confidence and just being able to stand out for Jesus this year during Recess Revolution is just simply amazing. Also, first time applying for these scholarships and all, I prayed that God’s will be done and prayed over the application every time before I handed it in. Failing to get 2 out of 3, and some more getting a full on the other one, which is HELP UC, I felt God was calling me there, well, perhaps it wasn’t Form 6 after all. Why He calls me there? I’m not exactly sure yet, but whatever it is, I’m excited for whatever He has for me!

5 years. Blink my eye in Form 1, I open my eyes now to already see myself in Form 5, not just Form 5, but even finishing SPM. Imagine, it was 7 years ago and 9 years ago since my brothers did their SPM, and I still remember being a little kid watching them stressed out and watching my mummy take care of them so well, and getting the same treatment this year, just proves that time really passes by so fast. And all the more knowing that, we have to appreciate every moment, every person you meet, every single lesson you learn, every experience you gain.

Catholic High School, CHS was like a home to me. I had great times and great encounters there, and I will forever remember my high school, and unlike Puay Chai, I will actually recommend people to CHS, because well, its good!

Love ya, my beloved Catholic High School.

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Dec 15

Oh this part is fun!

So what’s in store after SPM? Besides the beginning of college in another 2 weeks or so, and all the awesome parties and outings that I just can’t wait to go for, I’ll look into a more ‘into-the-future’ aspect.

This marks the end of another chapter of my life, well, a significantly big chapter. If you read Hardy Boys, every chapter is just so-so, but once you get to the end, closing of each chapter, there is always something that SUDDENLY happens. It just, well, “poof!” something happens and creates such a powerful suspense for the reader that they have to continue reading just to find out what happens next.

I don’t exactly know what that big and shocking suspense will be, that makes me wanna just go all out to enter the next chapter, but somehow, for some reason,  I’m all set to enter my life’s new chapter.

People say its because high school life is boring, some people say that because there is more freedom, and others say its because we will start experiencing new stuff that we wouldn’t have in high school. I ask myself, is it so?

All of the above is very true, but its not really the main thing. And what is? haha.. Honestly, I don’t know.

But one thing I do know clearly, is that whatever said and done in the past, is like a stepping stone for me now, even as I progress on to more different pastures, I know that God wants me to use my experience to either improve on it or change from it, so that I will be able to adapt even better to constantly changing environments. Adapt for what? Adapt to glorify HIS name all the more, and to lift Him high.

Well, yea, moving on probably means more freedom and easier for me to get involved in more awesome stuff, but I’m starting to worry too, cause like I seem to have a very packed out schedule and all just based on affiliations, not even considering college work and all, I have a feeling that prioritizing might pose an issue for me to overcome and hopefully won’t be too affected by it. Yet, I need to get my first things first, second things second and third things third.

I’m just excited for the future la, and what it holds. And this also means that I am a step closer to becoming a doctor, my dreams are slowly but surely, being fulfilled step by step.

Its interesting to see life run by like that, but as long as we keep onto the right track and don’t sway off the road, we’ll get there, wherever that goal/destination it is, we will get there.

This “Post-SPM post” ain’t really about what I’m going to do, but more of a post that will never end. Because its about what the future holds for us, and what’s in store in every chapter. Post-SPM 2010, is well, a life long journey basically.

Do you know your journey? your post-SPM journey?

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Dec 15

I’m gonna go day by day, altogether 10 days cause I had 10 different subjects, each subject each day.

So here goes, I hope I can remember most of it.

Day 1 – Bahasa Malaysia. Everyone was like super hyped up about it. “woohoo! come let’s do this!” So yea, BM paper 1 was okay la. After paper 1, people all got back to spotting the literature piece and guess what, the spotted questions almost came to ZERO! so much for spotting right? haha! But still very much doable, and thankfully I still kinda studied it some way or another. So yea, *phew*, first day, got pass it quite well I must say. Oh oh! and the summary was about CHOCOLATES! YUMMMM!!!

Day 2 – English. This was probably the most interesting and the most eventful day! The typical stress and rush to get information into our heads was just so not there. Everyone was like chilling and talking, laughing and all.. Anyway, started off with paper 1 and it was well, as expected, for those English fluent people, easy. I particularly loved it cause one question was the word ‘Home’, and if you know me well enough, I didn’t even read the other questions, I straight away went digging into that question number 5. Paper 2 was even more cooler! During the summary part, it was talking about a show called “Pay It Forward”! Man! I was SUPER OVERJOYED! I’ve watched that show since I was much younger, and it is one of those a bit relatively talking type, but I loved it. Loved it to a point that I’ve always wanted to advocate for that kind of movement till this day! And the fact that it came out and the type of questions they asked, it was just so WOW! furthermore, one character in the article was about a guy named Au YEONG, darn, so close yet so far, was giggling while exam was going on.

Day 3 – Sejarah. One step into school, the air of panic and fear was very much gripping. Everyone’s eyes was glued to their books, forcing every single word and fact that they can remember. Intense, extremely intense, everyone was like freaking out. But anyway, paper 1 and 2 were very much okay la, was able to do most of it not with full 100% confidence, but hopefully just enough to get an A+, yes, I believe with God’s help I can, but it wasn’t as easy either la.

Day 4 – Modern Mathematics. Well, this was another light and easy day. Nothing much here, but it was surprisingly harder than previous years, nonetheless, still can la, can do most of it quite steadily. *phew*

Day 5 – Pendidikan Moral. No real stress la.. As long as you got the nilai’s and maksud nilai’s all somehow stuck into your brain, plus memorizing the agencies and NGOs and what not involved in maintaining world peace and harmony, then more or less you got it la. And those who didn’t and have not touched any of these, well, then you DO have something to worry!

Day 6 – Additional Mathematics. For me personally, it was a bit scary at first. Cause I was preparing all my other subjects, and I totally kinda left this subject out. I was okay in it la, wasn’t that bad, neither was I that good, some more it was a subject that I loved, so I focused more on the others. When it came to exam, I freaked out at first, but after getting some past year done up, I was very much more confident in it, I did my best, though wasn’t the easiest of papers that it could be, but oh well, it was likewise, doable and no great toughness in it.

Day 7 – Physics. This is one subject I was afraid of. I never really understood it all that well, but after weeks of drilling and all, I was hopefully ready. Thank God that it didn’t come out like some crazy thing la, so in the end, *phew* once again, I cruised past physics relatively well!

Day 8 – Chemistry. Well, if physics wasn’t something to worry, then this should be one. I’ve always thought that though I kinda screwed up my chemistry in trials, I thought I was still quite okay la, until I started taking out my workbooks and started doing them all over again, oh how wrong I was! Thank goodness for that few days break, I managed to kick in and revive some memories of chemistry and did my best to make sure what needs to stay in, stays in, really. Well exam was also another okay la, cause once again, can do, not too hard, neither was it that easy.

Day 9 – Biology. Of all subjects, I loved this the MOST! so I didn’t really have much to worry about it here, since you know, I’ve been doing well in my exams this year. But if I were to compare standard and level of difficulty compared to the other sciences, biology was surprisingly the hardest! Especially paper 3, when I thought paper 2 was already quite challenging. Of all sciences, I really pray that I can get good results in this paper.

Day 10 – Chinese. Firstly, I didn’t really want to care about this subject, because well, very unpredictable and I’ve tried so hard in the past, improvement yes, but no great results, or something I can be proud of. Secondly, its a language subject! So I didn’t really have much heart to study it. Well, but I nonetheless decided that well, its probably going to be my last studying it, and after all my effort and teachers’ effort, and tuition fees, I will give my one great push and end SPM with it. And as expected! Paper 2 was well, quite like horror, cause I couldn’t really understand a substantial amount of it. Thankfully paper 1 came out the very doable essay questions which helped me so much and my memory hopefully served me enough to remember all those vocabulary that are cool! you know what I mean.. So yea, all I can do now is PRAY!

Well, during this whole time, once I come back from school, and during days when we don’t have exams, it was Skype once again, no stopping at all, having fellowship and studying with one another, over the internet. And I must say that it has been very much beneficial to me, really by a lot, because I understood things I didn’t before and remembered important key points which I’ve long forgotten.

Also, every morning and every time before any single paper, all those gathering at the CF room will  pray and we make it a habit to. We started of by taking turns and it was really great to start our exams with JESUS!

And I also want to personally thank all my awesome friends and family who have been praying for me throughout this time and even before SPM started.

Well, this was my 10 days of SPM.

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Dec 14

And I’m back! ta-da!

I REALLY wanted to blog during SPM but I just really couldn’t. Oh well, here’s the 3 part SPM series!

I take pre-SPM as the whole time after Form 4, before SPM.

Well, starting off, I started my intense studying with 2 wonderful friends, Amy and Chun Yeen when I first followed them to the library to study. I tell you, it is a great place to study and the environment was at that time, very very good besides the part that we have to endure the other school fellas who make a lot of noise. But yea, I actually was able to test out study environments and what is the most suitable for me, interesting indeed..

Since then, studying at home got even harder, because I tend to realize the slight little details of every little thing that distracts me. Darn.. library was the only place I ran to to really focus on my studies. Then, it started to get a bit boring, same environment, freezing cold. So suddenly that one fateful day, I can’t remember whether it was chun yeen or amy which asked me to go starbucks, so I was like ‘really? okay la! let’s go!’ So then started my studying days in starbucks. Not as cold, equally noisy or quiet for that matter but it hurts the wallet even more. The good part was, it is very accessible by public transport from my place, so for me to go somewhere to study when I have no transport, starbucks at amcorp was one awesome place.

Tried MacD, failed terribly, ever since they started blaring the music.

Library was starting to get a bit more famous. With Yi Xian having a car and driving all the girls around :P, many other classmates started coming to the library, because well, it was still a nice and good place. But then, as time slowly passed, it started flooding with schoolmates by the loads. Everywhere you turn your head is a 100% hit to recognise someone from our school. Then it got noisier, then, I couldn’t take it. That one day, library was the end for me, so I started staying at home and going to starbucks on occasions.

So staying at home was distracting right? I found the way out, to USE the computer itself but purely for the fact for studying. How? SKYPE! Here, pioneers of this great exam skype group, Timothy Goh and Tian Yoon, I joined them every day, from morning until night,  not stop having the speakers loud and clear, and speaking through the mic. Occasionally we had people like Nicholas and Kuen Yee, and we studied together, all equally stressed. Yet in the midst of all those, we had great time laughing at so many things, to a point of stomach pain once every day, almost. But those were great times.

Also, the whole time before SPM, my Saturdays were VERY DIFFERENT. Why the caps? cause really, it was that different, hah. Yeap, I had to actually stop Kidzone, something I really dreaded to happen and I was so hoping my mum would let me go still, but no! It just had to happen. So anyways, fine then, I obeyed lo, what to do, but I spent as much as I could of all those time studying! Surprisingly though, but interestingly true enough.

What more? Can’t think of anything more, but all I can remember is that very much everything was slowly cut down, all my activities and all, as SPM came nearer and nearer.

Well, so that was about it. (Will add on if I can remember) and now, on to SPM!

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