Nov 02

Yes, I owe everyone this post.

Check out how I got into Christian Fellowship and how I went on all the way until now! HERE

My very awesome assistant class monitor did a video, a compilation of pictures of my class. And though simple, it was very heart warming. But what I want to stress here is about her song choice. The first song (or is it second..?) was a song by Miley Cyrus, ‘Its the climb’.

Simple song, and very obvious lyrics, but it really depicts about what I really felt about CF.

Coming in in Form 1, it was cool la, cause my brothers used to go for CF in their own schools last time and my bro used to be the pres and I also didn’t go for youth in my own church, so I thought that going to CF would be okay la, being in fellowship with Christian people my age and all..

Then there were all those cool and friendly CF-ers who welcomed us very well, I was still shy a bit that time, but as time grew, ah.. enjoyable. The thing about this song, is that we really don’t know what lies in front of us, but its not about anticipating the future or guessing what it might be, that makes all these fun and cool, but it is really about the journey that we will remember.

You see, a lot of things, at least that I know, we do it HOPEFULLY to achieve our goal, vision and mission. Now I really hope we did and I would honestly and gladly say that yes! We were actually quite on our way there, but what was really cool is that the journey which all the CF-ers traveled, its just amazing.

I thank God for all the opportunities I had to share and all, and that God has really spoken and taught me new values in the process, and I thank God for a great committee that ran alongside me throughout, and did what they were suppose to and supported me in every way. But more than just these 2 years of being in authority, it was really about the friendship built and the fellowship gained just being with one another.

The more I got involved in CF, since Form 1, the more I internalize the fact that really, people matter. CF is all about Jesus and the people. In fact, when Jesus came, it was to serve, serve who? The people! No political agenda, nor economic one, but simply, to exemplify unconditional love and His grace and mercy for all. Likewise, CF was about the people. There was an incident once in prefect camp, where we had to sacrifice something to ‘save’ a fellow team member, and a must mention is that my fellow team member made his own mistake and therefore punished. Being the group leader, I thought hard and deep and decided that he needed to learn a lesson, so I didn’t save him until later. Come to think of it, all our sins, were our fault, yet Jesus came to die, but yet, he also disciplines people for their sins, so I was torn between 2 choices. And I believe, now, that in all circumstances, it comes back to the point that people matter.

All those who serve have given so much time, talent and treasure to make what CF is today, and why do we do all these? Because we know that power of the Holy Spirit that can transform lives and impact lives. We want to bring forth that amazing love to everyone! Thus recess revolution started.

It really needs radical people to do radical movements. The thing is, its not easy at first, but it gets easier, at least for me. And as I write this, I just remembered about a sharing that relates to this, but oh well, for another day. Nonetheless, like fire that spreads and not quenched, people put in time and showing 3 main aspects, to show up, stand up and speak up, and yes, though we haven’t seen any BIG or GREAT things happening like friends coming to accept Jesus, but I tell you, that doesn’t seem to be the aim in the first place, rather the whole objective, is that we want to give everyone a taste, a taste of something so sweet, that whether they come back for more is another matter, but we want to give them a taste of God’s love and I believe that we have done great! Though of course we could have done more, but its an experience, a really amazing one, its just so WOW.

2 main entities made up my whole high school life, CF and the prefect board. You would realize that I don’t talk that much about CF because well, everything is just so awesome and cool that I tend to forget to blog it because well, it seems like a lifestyle on its own. Whereas for the prefect board, there is just so much to vent that, well, its easier to write when we are venting.

Well, since CF made up so much of it, I just want to say here to all my awesome, spectacular and superduperliciously amazing friends, ‘Thank you for being part of my life, its just amazing! Continue to live for God and love Him because without Him, you might as well just cancel the club. He is and should be the center of attraction, how? Love, show his love to other, exemplify it to others.”

I gonna miss CF so very much, but I’ll never forget the times..

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