Oct 17

I realized many ask, but I myself never really wrote it down before.

So I’ve ALWAYS said that I want to become a doctor, but WHY doctor?

1) Ever since young, I’ve always been amazed at what doctors do. I used to love to get sick not because I can skip school, but because I wanted to see the doctor for 2 reasons, the liquid medicine tasted good! and of course, I observed what doctors do every time, all the little and big equipments on their tables, I’ve always been amazed.

2) A big part is because of a doctor I always meet when I get sick, and he was working in a GH in Kuching. He was also one of my church members, and he was like a REALLY good paediatrician. He treats the kids very well and tells us what’s wrong and what should we do. I must really say, he was an inspiration, partly also because I hear of many other doctors, who are terrible when they deal with kids, the question that comes to mind is “why can’t they just be like my doctor?”

3) I want to be a doctor also, because of all those !@#$%^&* doctors. Just recently, my grandma went to a specialist for check up through a friend who was working there. What I hear from my mum is that the doctor was really really harsh, I was so pissed. Clearly, money for him was above helping people.

4) I love helping people. Of course there are just SO MANY ways to help people, and when I mean helping people, I mean those who are financially on the low side, and those socially discriminated and people just¬†underprivileged. Despite the many ways, I see health as one of the ways that I’m very much more interested to pursue and help people in. I just simple prefer the science aspect of it, rather than law and fighting for their rights, for example.

5) Last but not least, if God calls me, I wanna go into the mission field. What better way to do it than to go in as a doctor. Doctors are a NEED EVERYWHERE, and it will be easier to get into places and do God’s awesome work.

Why paediatrician then? Oh that’s simple, cause I LOVE kids and my inspiration came from a paediatrician. Neither am I annoyed by kids, so yea, no other¬†specialization would interest me more than helping KIDS! <3

So, there it is.

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Oct 13

Hallelujah means praise the Lord!

And really, Praise the Lord!

A couple of post back, I talked about how I will just leave my future studies and education into God’s hands, having applied for 3 but only got through 1.

Well, today, another one called and asked me to go for the interview! Praise the Lord!

Now it doesn’t mean that I since I got it, I now don’t leave it in God’s hands, rather I continue to look to Jesus to bring me through.

Once again, PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you Jesus!

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Oct 07

End of last year, my class very first class trip! They went to Genting Highlands to have joyous fun. Sadly I didn’t make it, but surely, I know it was fun.

Then early this year, during Chinese New Year, we had a CNY party at Dalila’s place which was cool! 20+ turned up and it was fun!

From there, we planned a year end, after SPM, 2nd class trip! This time, to Penang! Sadly, my mum just wouldn’t let me go. =( oh well.. I’m sure more fun again.

So whilst trials ended and everyone breathing a short sigh of relieve before getting back to the books and preparing for SPM, my class just couldn’t help but take notice of the fact that we only have 10++ schooling days before graduation and then its SPM. So a group of them organised a pre-graduation party! This time at Timothy Goh’s place.

Whether all these parties and trips was a success of not, it was and will be all awesome, why? Because its just, my class.

Me class, 5S3, me proud.

We all came from different backgrounds, different societies and different races. Yes, of course we have cliques that happen, but somehow la, we are able to stick together as a class.

Yea, some classes also got class trip, some even got class dinner, and guess what, since most of our classmates didn’t want to go for prom, we even wanted to do our own formal dinner! Its just amazing la, the things we do.

But its not just the parties and trips, even the jokes are so unanimous.

I really don’t know how it happens, but I just know that my class is so awe some, and I really thank God for that. I believe also that He placed me and all the rest for a purpose, and its just cool!

I mean, my class has its bad parts also la, I’m sure every class also does, but when we see past it, and when we intentionally want to just be together and have fun, its just, amazing.

So hard to describe, you have to experience it, to know it.

I *heart* 5S3

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