Sep 29

I’ve always wanted to speak about this.

Lesson 32#:

Ever since young, I was cautious of the things around me. And one thing is, generally, as normal people, we smile when we are happy, and frown when we are sad, and look angry when we, well, are angry. And its perfectly NORMAL.

But for me, I grew up normal, then I changed, somehow, I learnt to smile, and smile at all times.

I realize that smiling can be quite enlightening when you look at a stranger and when he/she looks back at you, and during that “awkward” moment, you smile and they surprisingly smile back at you, oh the joy! I don’t know, but I’ve always found it so amazing when we people smile whenever they are, it makes it so peaceful. I mean, if everyone looks at each other with that ‘stranger’ look and with that eye glance, its just, not so cool.

So I grew up like these, I love to smile to random people. Then I started to smile in every circumstance. Bad times? Smile. Angry times? Smile. Oddly enough, but yea, that was me. I actually never realized this until Chun Yeen said that he has never seen me angry. I have been angry before, surely, but then it came to my senses that the only thing I do when I don’t know what to do, is, smile.

Smiling is very refreshing. It really can brighten up your day, no matter whether you’re going through tough times or not. At times, I don’t feel happy or what, then the stranger scenario occurs when I’m out of the house, and when a stranger does surprisingly smile back, amazing, I just somehow feel so much better.

Did you know that it takes LESS facial muscle to smile than it is to frown? That means you actually look much older if you frown more, and younger if you smile more. Not that I’m advocating young beauty looks, but instead of all the products, a change lifestyle can have a big effect on our complexity even!

Some may not agree with smiling randomly to people, I perfectly understand, because my mum scolds me even for that. But to me, I LOVE doing it, and you’d never know, since smiling can brighten someone’s day, a smile to a random person might lighten he/she or even give he/she some sort of hope, all because of a smile, what more from a stranger.

Try la, just try. You might like it very much too. =D

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Sep 16

Besides all those Facebook email notifications, they particularly sent me one which says that I’ve not been on Facebook for a long time, and there are stuff that are waiting for me.

I’ve been fasting Facebook since 40 days ago and today is my LAST! So it was quite interesting, because as of 13 September 2010, I have:

a) 8 messages
b) 364 photo tags
c) 5 group invitations
d) 3 event invitations
e) 45 friend’s requests!

At 12am, I shall go on a Facebook rush.

Await my return!

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Sep 15

Well, finally!

I started off applying for 3 separate scholarships, first was Taylor’s, then was Sunway and finally HELP.

And about a month later, right now, I have received notifications from all 3! And yea, all a bit late, from the date specified.

Unfortunately, unlike fortunate people *duh*, I passed HELP’s SASA scholarship. And the rest? fail.

At least Taylor’s had the courtesy to send an email, I heard nothing from Sunway. Now, I have doubts on how SASA receive their applicants.

But I’m writing this as a declaration that I will do my BEST, and leave the rest in someone else’s hands, someone who is on a higher plane, someone whom I can thrust my future to, because He says, “If a man remains in me and I in him, He will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”.

Of course sad la, not getting the scholarship, but there are many upcoming opportunities that I will have, and if all else fails, He Will Not, cause I’ve experienced it.

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Sep 13

Back from the dinner I contemplated on whether should I sleep? watch a movie? or write this post? I chose ALL 3!

Well, I must say that every year, the dinner is more or less the same la, even the one my team and I organised last year. Though I still feel that last year was a bit better :P, but okay la, they did a certain amount of preparation that they do deserve a big round of applause for their hard work, and thanks for the coffee mugs!

There is little that I can say, you can see it in PAD, where I was just another prefect joining the dinner, mainly as a spectator, as the junior. Then you can read my 3 post in one day here, here and here, about the dinner last year where my team and I organised it, the ups and downs and hoo ha and bla bla bla, and the only way I can see myself writing this post, is from the perspective of me, being the senior.

Yes, I mean, I’m likewise the spectator, joined the shouts, the big claps, the jokes, the photos and all, but being a senior, is just a bit different.

We all walked in with people clapping, our juniors in standing ovation, and cool la, okay la, but it was copied from LAST YEAR! But its okay la, better than nothing. The speeches and food was all the same, really nothing much about that there. The performances, well, some were really good, some probably not as good, but anyway, everything filled up the time well, though it ended a bit late, but it was all in all fun la.

So I kept thinking, what should I write about today’s event? An annual event that will ultimately be my last. Hmmm..

To be honest, unlike other times, I didn’t get any inspiration. I had no idea what to write, so I asked myself, why?

Last year, I said at the end of my third and last post for the dinner, was that through the ups and downs we are one family, and family sticks together. Though I have no problem to be a part of this family, yet I have one regret. That families are suppose to grow and know each other more and deeper, well, I didn’t, and to me, it was a great regret. So many things has transpired, whether I didn’t care, they didn’t care, or just the work that came between us, somehow, something along the way hindered that growth of relationship, and though in the dinner, we shouted people’s names in unison for fun, and we all knew why, yet I did not feel that we were one. We still weren’t like a family.

Now I don’t know whether its ever possible, because I personally failed to do it, but since Tze Gee and the team seems to like the idea also very much, I have yet to see. But as for me, I have no regrets being a prefect, but now, even as I leave, even as I step down, even as my time and term is up, I will have to leave with a regret, that I spent 4/5 years with the same group of people, of friends, but I didn’t get to know them better as I wanted to.

I also wouldn’t know whether I’ll keep in touch with some, those which I do, yea I probably will know them better, but those whom I did not, I knew that once could, just that I failed some way or another.

And of course I don’t mean everyone of the prefects, there are some which have been close to me, surely, but of course not all that I managed to build a deeper relationship with.

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Sep 08

In All Those Cars (1), I wrote about awesome and such wonderful parents, from various walks of life, that in one way or another, sent me home, or sent me to the bus stop, or somehow, made my life better and easier through the area of transport, these people, are truly AWESOME!

Sadly, there are also all those cars, who are sadly, not-that-awesome.

I hear news of friends, close friends and some not-so-close friends that follow their friend’s parents back home, because their house is like very nearby and on the way. All this starts with the oh-so-common question, “So how are you going back home?” Mostly, asked in school, after school. So naturally for me, I would think that since its ON THE WAY, might as well just help la right? Aren’t we all caring people?

Then, to my very scary and freakish surprise, sometimes they also add on that extra information about their friend’s parent’s transportation. THE FEE. Yes, that is right, the fee, the price you have to pay just like any transporter.

Every time, I am shocked, as these fellas stay sometimes just a lorong or just a few blocks away! And asking for fees? I am stunned. And its not like the fees are like 20,30,40 ringgit, which is already expensive, these fees soar up to RM180! even some more than RM 200!

Back when I was in primary school, I sent 3 friends back. 2 of them are sisters, so its basically 2 houses. Now these friends don’t stay just a road away, though near, but its not like THAT THAT near. And its a daily routine for about 2 years? If I’m not mistaken. And my mum has NEVER EVER asked for any money, to a point that they feel so bad that they insists to give, 20 if I’m not mistaken, again. And its just the joy of assisting fellow children’s friend’s parents, to help others when in need, and that’s it! Is money really so enticing?

Even now, though its not me la, cause my mum is most of the time not around to fetch me, so its hard, but yet I know of a friend whose mum does likewise. Sends people who are on the way, back home without demanding anything, only to be on time and not let her wait. Money? no where near!

That’s why I look up to all those cars in All Those Cars (1), because they just want to help, even if sometimes out of the way a bit, or sometimes a lot, if they are willing, they help without demand, sometimes even going through traffic jams and not complain, inspires me to be likewise.

Its just purely the attitude to help. If I can pick you up and its on the way, I SURELY WOULD, let me know!

p/s: but of course since I just started, there will be a supervisor, either parents or brothers, who might ‘yak nag ngek’ when I drive, so if you’re okay with that, then yea, notify me. =)

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