Aug 31

Merdeka! Happy 53rd Merdeka to all Malaysians!

53 years of freedom, obtained by the extremely hard work of our forefathers and we continue to live in a growing nation with a diverse community.

If you happen to stumble on some other cool blogs which talk about how great it was to obtain freedom and independence 53 years ago and comparing with now, it seems like we are free from colonisation, but still kept from the freedom of speech, and all these other stuff. You know what I’m talking about la.. But I’m not so much of that type of a person who looks into all these stuff, so I’m gonna talk about something different.

Textbook knowledge. 53 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman and his gang did some cool stuff which ultimately in the end fought and won the right to freedom and independence for Tanah Melayu. In 1963, with the addition of Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore (which dropped out after that of course), then only Malaysia was formed.

Ya la, probably not as dramatic as some other countries who had rebels, guns and war with violence and all just to obtain freedom. But for a country to gain independence, that is really something. Any country celebrates independence day with joy, isn’t it? I mean, being under oppression and bondage by another country, not given the freedom to make our own decisions, and being under the control of someone not-of-this-land. Isn’t it wonderful to finally be set free?

Its like chains that tie you, round and round, and you just can’t get out of it until the person who tied you, comes and untie the knot, and pulls the chains off, and sets you free.

I know of a dramatic story of a person, probably the greatest philosophical person that existed 2000 years ago, who came as an advocate to set people free. Just like Tunku Abdul Rahman, a “tokoh” of our nation, this guy was a “tokoh” for the people too.

Well, you see, he went all out to help people and show great compassion for the sick, lost and lonely when he was 30. He did this for 3 years. Sadly, and also quite funny, he was arrested by jealous people, people who needed attention, quite LOA (lack of attention) and so wanted the fame and these fellas were people of position. You see, this guy was helping people and all, people started following him and not the LOA ones. So these jealous people went and captured him, pleaded with the ruler of that nation to sentence this guy to the most cruel death sentence on earth.

Innocent man, said nothing to defend himself, but those who knew him, knew that all the accusations were false. But he knew that in order to set the people free, he just had to go through the pain. Death sentence wasn’t enough, they had to whip him until some of his flesh came out. Innocent, yet suffered. People mocked him, put a crown of thorns on him, and finally, killed him. What on earth? Indeed, innocent yet killed.

Was buried, and surprisingly though, on the 3rd day, his body was where he was buried. People searched but couldn’t find, until he himself appeared to them, Alive. Now that was really freaky. But then on, it made all the sense of why He went through all the suffering to set his people free. Set his people free from? From death from sin. He could only do this because he himself, suffered and died, but conquered death, defeated it and rose from the dead. Logically speaking la, if someone hasn’t rose from the dead, how can he safe others? Death isn’t physical death, the death meant here is spiritual. So a couple of people who had witness all these, wrote it in a book. Many years down the road, still, some jealous people, some insecure dudes couldn’t stand it, rose up with a motive to burn every single one of them. To their disappointment, they failed, and this book lasted and still survives 2000 years later.

This guy’s name, this “tokoh” is Jesus. Some way or another, we all some sin in our lives that holds us like a chain. Frankly speaking, this chains will bind us round and round and round. The difference is, unlike the invaders that willingly set the country free, sin will not. Satan will not even want you to be set free from the chains that bind you. God saw it and was sad. So he sent his one and only son, Jesus, to die on the cross, so that Jesus will use a chainsaw or whatever equipment and cut the chains, break it apart, setting us free. And because of this, you are free! But the thing is, you have to CHOOSE to be free, cause sometimes the bad stuff that we do, seems more comforting, right? Some term pleasure, long term suffer.

Someone came, innocent yet suffered, to this for you and I, are we letting go of this chance?

In the book of John, chapter 8 verse 36, it says “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” So clear, so true, it is as transparent as it is.

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Aug 25

Darn it..

It just had to happen yesterday, when I picked up my brother and was driving the car back into the porch.

I turned just a bit too early, then I heard THE SOUND, “eeeeiiikkkk” and I knew that was it.

My very first accident, though small, but still. HAIZ…

Now I’m no longer an accident virgin.

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Aug 21

I thought of something while eating cereal for LUNCH (how sad is that), and it had to do with the Prefects’ Installation Day, where I was de-installed, retired.

Well, I said in the earlier 2 post that being a prefect despite all the hoo-ha, it still was very worth it, and I’m proud to be one. Just that did I mention the response I got when I went upstage to collect my certificate? It was truly a blessing from God that so many students supported me. =D

Well, frankly speaking, I had the loudest clap after Tarvin’s and at least I knew that mine was more sincere, not because of colour. But I’m really not proud or showing off, in fact, while eating lunch, I realized something else.

Beginning with the commonly used phrase, ‘Great power comes great responsibility”. Likewise, the fact that I had so many people clapping for me, meant that I had more opportunity than anyone else to make a difference in each of the lives I met each and everyday. Great ‘popularity’ so to speak, also comes with its responsibility. As I was thinking about it, I kept asking myself, in every clap of each person, how much of impact or influence (for the better) have I done in them? Cause if all there were, were just claps because I knew them, they knew me, its just mere popularity. I’d probably succeeded in man’s eyes, failed in God’s eyes.

Then, I’d rather have few claps but at least I know that those claps were because I somehow at some point meant something to them and lead them closer to the Truth and showed them love they can show to others.

There should be like a clapping system, where people clap based on how much one has changed their lives for the better. Its more than just mere popularity, its about loving people to the point that we want our friends to turn from bad ways and look for the truth, stay on course and not sway off the highway.

It really keeps me thinking right now, have I really really shown impacted those who clapped? Have I?

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Aug 20

Today, I would have really wanted all the committee to share something they have caught as a committee in Catholic High School’s Christian Fellowship. Really, it is a club unlike any other, because we have the ONE who sustains us and upholds us, indeed, He is truly faithful and amazing.

So first up to share was Jo Fan, and he shared his life in CF, which was a mere 2 years. I thought it would be great to leave a lasting memory on my blog, about my life in CF.

Somewhere in January 2006, I walked into the hall, hundreds of students flooding the place, all kinds of cool, boring, weird, attractive and what not stalls were set up all around the hall. It was Gerko Day. I walked around, look see here, look see there, went straight away to sign up for table tennis cause I loved that sport. So what about my club and uniform body? I tried the interview for a librarian, was quite hopeful of it, but a week later was notified that I failed, oh well, God had better plans.

I still walking around the hall, it never came across my mind, as I turned around and saw a stall with a sign “Heaven or Hell, You Choose”. And yes, that was Christian Fellowship. My brothers were all in Christian Fellowship in their own schools last time, so I had no doubts of it. Just that till this day, I believe that, that sign they put up, was not very good, quite bad in fact. But anyway, joined CF and the next week, my life in CF started.

I can’t really remember all those details of old, whether I was the cool or quiet kid. But I do know that the very first day, I got a bookmark that I have kept and used for my bible till this very day. Can’t really remember also what cool stuff was going on every week, but somehow, at the end of the year, I was selected to be the afternoon representative. Also, during my Form 1 year, Aaron, Laine and Callie also joined in Form 1, and lasted till this day. Except for Callie who switched school. =(

As a afternoon representative, not to even say barely, probably DIDN’T even do anything. It was like having a title just for fun. Really! But in the beginning of the year till early middle, I wasn’t present very much because of my position also as assistant head prefect. But soon, stuff in the prefect board got boring, so I didn’t care, headed for CF without fail every Friday, and very importantly, mend relationships that was thinning due to my ‘business’ as a prefect.

Form 3 was exciting! Every morning, its surely morning watch in the CF room! Prefect morning meeting was always scolding and bla bla bla that time, so if anyone wanted to feel belonged, CF was the place to go! CF meeting every week was surely a must, and it always came BEFORE prefect meetings. So much so that some seniors believed that I was just another prefect who doesn’t care. But the matter wasn’t that I didn’t care, was in which I cared more for. Even how lame or repetitive the CF program was, I’m sure there was no other club that could have beat it. Even Mr Tee says that every time he passes our meeting class, he sees the most joy here than any other club he inspects. Amazing! That’s really how CF is and should always be! PMR year, got to become pastoral care but couldn’t do much, and sadly, didn’t do much also, mainly didn’t really know what to do and had that gut feeling that randomly talking to people will fail.

Oh anyway, Form 4! So many things that I was now involved in. CF camp, Easter Rally and getting more detailed and involved in the weekly schedule. Later part of the year started having LCDs, used amps for worship, doing whatever we can do make every week feel awesome! Middle of the year, jeng jeng jeng, a switch of committee, so who will be the next president? It was very tough okay?! Yes I know I probably didn’t do as much as you’ll (committee) did, but it still wasn’t as easy okay!?

And so, here I am, President of Christian Fellowship. Before this, had all the ideas and wonderful projects and awesome things to change and do. But suddenly, when I stepped in, blank, clueless of what to do. Thank God for awesome committee members to be with me every single step of the way, they were indeed GREAT and EXCELLENT, and there is no other group to be with cause not only were they filled with the Holy Spirit, they were all crazy fellas, doing crazy stuff, and at times, made me go CRAZY. But it was fun =)

Its really hard to go into every detail of it all, there were of course frustrating and stressful times, but God really sustained us and helped us persevere through it all.

But this post is just too brief to describe the times I had, it just merely scrap through the moments of it all. But what have I learnt after all these years?

Stay tuned for “In Christian Fellowship (2)” !

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Aug 17

Whoever believes what this video says, please post this on Facebook! I can’t, I’m fasting!

The Skit Guys is amazing! The videos that they do is simple so impactful, hope that you will be bless with this video and always remember guys and gals, you are God’s ORIGINAL masterpiece. Listen carefully to it, I can almost cry just hearing it once.

Knowing that you are God’s masterpiece, let God mould you and chisel off the bad stuff!

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Aug 16

All those cars that one way or another, drove me somewhere to get home.

I guess it started in Kidzone, when at times, my mum would be just too tired to fetch me or my parents not free to do so, I had to take the first step, ASK, and a couple of the Kidzone teachers will be always willing to fetch me home. So there’s people like koko Andy, che che Alice, che che Fay Cheng, Uncle Kim Soon and Aunty Karen, these would be the more regular ones. Then of course, once in awhile, koko Veng Lye, koko Vincent, Uncle Nick and Aunty Noelle. ( I hope I didn’t leave anyone out)
*koko and che che as a sign of respect, just like uncle and aunty*

Each one of them, of course different car, brings a whole different feel, topics that are talked about also a bit different. But all in all, always had a great time on the way back home. Or even sometimes they pick me up for church or some other event, but they are always there.

But church and Kidzone is all on weekends, besides sometimes Kidzone praise and worship practices on Thursday which is very rare that I go, but the question is, what about weekdays?

There, I have other friends, but you see, it ain’t the friends who sent me, rather my friend’s parents/siblings, I mean, obvious right? So there is people like Aaron’s parents, Laine’s mum, Amy’s dad, Jia Yee’s mum, Tian Yoon’s brother, Shu-Li’s dad, Ley Kuan’s mum, Timothy Hong’s mum and I hope I didn’t miss out anyone. Some of these, sent me back countless of times, some once, some a few, but nevertheless, they sent me somewhere to make my life easier to go back home.

And then today, one more new member! One of my school’s discipline teacher, Pn Hoon! Since she also stays near SS2, so she passes the bus stop, so she could drop me there, and once again it was great! Of course there were other teachers like Pn Salwana who also dropped me at the bus stop last year, and Pn Chee who sent me all the way home. Some teachers like these, are just simply amazing!

And these are all wonderful and exceptional people that have come into my life and somehow in some way or another sent me back home or to the bus stop. Now I really hope I didn’t miss out anyone.

But before I end,



But what does this mean? Its about paying it forward. Because of all these awesome people, I have no choice, but so inspired to sacrifice my time for anyone who will need transport back home or transport somewhere. I mean, probably not so soon cause my mum still wouldn’t allow, but when I can, I WILL.

I have been blessed, now its time to bless others.

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Aug 15

Once again, another one of my last events before I leave school.

The SPM Bible Knowledge Quiz has been going on for years and years, and ever since I entered CHS, my school has been the national competition host for the event for 4 years, last year was in Assunta. I guess mainly its because my school’s hall is like big, and got air-cons, so yea, more comfortable and cooler.

So like any other time we had hosted the quiz, about a month before, it would have been quite hectic, finding people to help duty, this plan that plan, and especially the day before, to arrange all the chairs and tables, set up the score sheet and so on.

This year, I didn’t want to join the quiz, but teacher apparently said that all those who help out need to also join, so no choice lo! I only studied the day before, but not even studied it, just read through and hopefully remember what I read. All I can say is HALLELUJAH! PRAISE YOU JESUS!

Why? Cause at my last year, I could never have expected the Lord to bless me with being the top scorer for the form 5 category. 47/50 was my score, and though I was not the only top scorer, another 2 from another school was also the same, but still, I could not have imagined it. I mean, I really did want and hope to get top 10 at least la, get a trophy and add some more stuff into my CV, but to get top scorer? Blown me away.

So I really thank God like A LOT not because I have  more achievements, but really that God answered my prayer and dream, and its truly a blessing for me. Some more, got someone belanja me lunch, awesome.

But besides the hype I had, the rest of the day was pretty tiring, had to clear up the chairs and tables and took down some banners and all, but okay la, still survived and made it to church and a movie with friends after that. Surprisingly my mum actually let me go! AMAZING! Thank God AGAIN!

So yea, SPM BK Quiz 10 is over, its my last and what a wonderful ending for me. Congratulations to June and Hong Ken too, you guys did excellently too!

Christians, I encourage you to read the word of God, its awesome. 😀

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Aug 13

Today’s PJPK didn’t get to play football, again, so sad la. Furthermore, a group of them wanted basketball, another wanted football, and teacher made a good point. “Every time its always what you’ll want, never what I want. Today, I say HANDBALL!” A mix of both basketball and football, how interesting.

But knowing my teacher, we ended up playing dodgeball but the main rule was that we can’t run with 2 legs, we can only hop, and to switch leg, we have to hop 3 times consecutively only then can switch. For this game, the results were:
First Round: 5S4
Second Round: 5S3 =)
Third Round: 5S3 =)
After that, we played 2 more rounds but just normal dodgeball, no hard rule, can run or walk and the rest is the same la. In those 2 rounds, 5S3 kena massacre.. =(

Lesson 31#:
People matter

Anyway, what I didn’t mention, was that the last 2 rounds of the hoping rule, the 2 rounds which 5S3 won, I WAS THE HERO! YEA!! The second round closing was a 2 on 2, then my friend easily took one out, now 2 on 1, I went in for the shot, but my opponent also had one ball and shot at me! I took the opportunity and quickly shot back, HIT! 5S3 wins!

Okay okay, third round, even more ‘chi gek’. Closing part was a 3 on 2, then suddenly, it turned the other way round, now 1 on 2! I didn’t really know what happened, just started hearing people shouting, “Wai Leem! You’re on your own!!” “Serious ah? wah.. stress stress!” Tension man, thankfully my opponents were sporting enough to let me rest for awhile cause it was really tiring. They too also rested for that short moment. Okay, so back I was, 1 against 2. Both started closing in on me, from the left and right, and the left one had one ball, the right had 2, I had one. The left side shot first, missed! I shot back immediately, HIT! Thankfully the ball rolled back to me just in time for me to pick it up, and the other opponent saw me undefended, he quickly shot at me, back because I got back the ball in time, I blocked! Then he shot his second ball, blocked again! I quickly shot him since he was out of ammo, but missed! NO! We both quickly ran for the nearest ball, once again, he shot, missed! I shot, and missed too! Such tension please.. Again ran for another ball, he shot first again, missed again! I threw it at him, and it just slightly clipped his shoe, 5s3 WINS!!

After that game, I was practically dead, couldn’t breathe, legs giving way and abdomen was so painful. But nevertheless, it was fun! Some more, was called HERO! wah.. happy happy, very happy =D. At that moment actually, honestly, the old CF committee, weren’t prepared on what to do for today’s installation, so as I was resting in great pain, I was also thinking, then I knew what I wanted to share.

Take the third round for example, I’m the hero cause I survived and took out 2 opponents and ended the game with victory. Supposing 5S4 has about 24 guys la, or whatever number it is, but just using 24 as an example, does taking out 2 guys, which is only 8%, make me a hero? What about the other 22 guys, who took them out? Someone could have very well took out 6 guys, but was counter attacked, still, he technically did better than me right?

I truly believe that we must all understand this statement which I learnt in a camp last year, that “Not everyone is prominent, but everyone is significant” Indeed, not many become heroes, but everyone plays a part to achieve a goal and therefore, everyone is very very significant. Could I have took out all the other 24 guys on my own? NO! I needed my teammates, the other 18, to work together in achieving our common goal, and it just SO HAPPENS that I was one of the last few, reflexes a bit more faster today, and thus managed to bring my class to victory. Everyone played a part in this victory, everyone is significant, though only some are prominent.

So no matter where you are, what you do, people matter. That’s why I entitled this lesson ‘people matter’ because some of us might know by mind that everyone is significant, but never really give appreciation or just sadly brush over them. They know that it is those people who form a group, but sadly, for some reason or another, because perhaps not prominent, those quiet ones all end up left out, looked over. If everyone plays a part in achieving something, and that makes everyone significant, don’t people matter?

Or perhaps if so and so never existed, we wouldn’t have experienced so and so’s character and type of personality that we can learn from. Our friends would probably be the prominent ones, but so and so could very well have taught you a great lesson by just looking at so and so’s life. Doesn’t that make so and so significant? So it doesn’t matter whether in a society, uniform body, or even in life, people matter, and people matter a lot.

So the greatest question now to ask, if people matter, what are YOU doing to care for them?

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Aug 11

To add on the previous post.

Today was installation as I mentioned, and it was okay la, nothing special, except the free breakfast!

But once again, the question, was being a prefect all worth it? Once again, YES.

I said at the end, that I experienced things in the board of prefects which I would have probably not experienced it elsewhere. Today, a short conversation with one of my teachers confirmed it.

She just came up to me and said that after the whole year, from the beginning of my term as a senior until now, I have changed, to what? I have changed and become more humble.

Haha! It seems very funny using that word, especially with Mr WongKK’s legacy, but when that teacher said it, it meant so much to me, and it made being a prefect so worth it. If you kept with me on FB or my blog since last year, during the time of election, and after it, I was pretty disappointed and very down, because I really wanted to become the head prefect. Spent so much time and effort in various ways, only to amount to this? So yea, pretty bad time of my life.

I’ve had a problem with power, some of you might know that. I need to be in a leadership position to drive me. So indeed, this whole year and being a president in CF, taught me to humble myself, in fact, forced me to humble myself to learn that really being a leader starts from being a servant. I knew and heard of this phrase countless of times, but this year made it sink deep and was really relevant to me.

Its a really bad attitude, to be proud, to believe that “I own you”, to want power. I said to my teacher, that nevertheless, at least I learnt the lesson now, a lesson which I will never forget for the rest of my life. She agreed and yea, if I wasn’t a prefect, wouldn’t I still have learnt that lesson? Being a prefect was worth it, even if I spent my whole entire life doing the same thing over and over again, and if God took me so far, He really did end it with a lesson, a life lesson that everyone like me should grasp.

And that’s why I’m writing this, not to boast that I learnt something and others didn’t, but to remember and leave a mark that I’ve learnt such a great lesson, a lesson that took a year to digest, and to tell the world out there that power is not everything. If one really wanted to be a leader, just like building a sculpture, it starts from bricks, piece by piece, through humility and perseverance, then one is truly qualified, I wasn’t all that, that’s why I wasn’t chosen, but thank God I learnt a lesson!

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Aug 10

Tomorrow, on the 11th of August 2010, Wednesday, I shall officially step down as a prefect.

I thought I should just take a glance of my previous posts which had anything to do with the board of prefects. So on my blog page, I just searched “prefect”. The amount of stuff was WOW! There was so many post which had in some way or another, whether big or small, had prefects involved. So I clicked all of them, glanced through them.

It was truly amazing, to read about my life as a prefect from the time I started blogging until now. All the ups the downs, the happy times and sad ones, the irritating times and frustrating moments, the joyful and playful moments. Sadly, nothing but memories now.

It is a too obvious lie to say that becoming a prefect has never played a big part in my life. After 5 years? Not played a huge role? JOKE. But what matters more is, was all this 5 years really worth it?

During the early years, yea, we had more fun than trouble. More drama and action took place within just the past year of becoming the ultimate “seniors”. Drama for me which turned out to be on other’s side, probably never was on my side, I had encountered all the bad effects. Its hard to say that I still loved to become a prefect, but I must say that if I was asked to stay on, I would have agreed without question.

Being a prefect and after all that I went through, is really really hard to explain. On one hand its not that I’m totally passionate and totally all out to catch those naughty ones, but neither am I like those, who desperately was waiting for this day, to officially step down and get out of the perhaps “horror”.

I realized this just today, when a few of them wanted to just wear normal student uniforms just because they want to, to just get out of it. For me, it really made wonder for myself, where on earth was my stand. And I actually wrote this in my blog, “once a prefect, always a prefect”. To think of it now, and to have read that post again, somehow la, my energy for the prefect board is not and has not depleted.

Then it saddened me to see everyone so eagerly wanting to get their rights to get out of this job. And I thought about things that I could have possibly done to have made the prefect board more exciting and things I would have done to change, all those dreams and visions that I once use to have. It also saddens me to realize the reality of men, who wants others to gain that passion for the board when they themselves don’t have it. And I still remember Hong Ken asking us to get back that once “love” for the board. If everyone did, who would be willing to leave? Its just like God’s love, you experienced it, you ain’t never gonna want to leave it. Likewise, its clear to me, that they lack that ‘love’, worse still even when they have a post, I wonder whether they really did what they did to improve the board or just as a responsibility.

But oh well, this marks the end. I will officially lay down my badge and tie, and those past moments, a mere memory, and some probably gone with the wind. So was becoming a prefect worth it? Yes. I saw and learnt numerous things, and gone through times which I probably wouldn’t have experienced elsewhere.

Prefect (2006-2010)
Wai Leem
p/s: There is no particular person that I’m directing those harsh words at. But siapa makan cili terasa pedas. If you feel that pain that I feel, or even if you didn’t, so be it.

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